Microsoft has released WGA Notifications application which effectively turned Microsoft Windows operating system into a ‘nagware’, with a “This copy of Windows is not genuine” warning. What the Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications application does what it will check your Microsoft Windows XP validity. If it found that the copy of Windows XP is not validated, not genuine, counterfeit, unlicensed, pirated, illegal, unauthorised or simply failed the Windows Genuine Advantage validation process, then the notification messages will appear at various places and time.

When you log on to a non-genuine copy of Windows XP, the following notification error message “This copy of Windows is not genuine” will pop-up on the logon process:

Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications

And the nicely said “You may be a victim of software counterfeiting” message on the bottom right corner of log-in screen:

Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications

Microsoft allows Windows faithfuls to have 2 options: Get Genuine or Resolve Later. Click on Resolve Later will temporarily bypass the notification and let you login into and use Windows nagged with notification icon and messages, which will randomly appear as balloon notification message with an icon in the notification area (system tray).

Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications

Clicking on the balloon notification or the notification area icon will lead you to the Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Failure Web page that contains the specifics of the validation failure and the steps that you can take to make the operating system genuine.

To get rid of the WGA notifications that intends to remind you that your Windows is not validated, you can buy a validly licensed copy of genuine Microsoft Windows.

Update: Bypass WGA Validation with Crack or Hack and Disable WGA Notifications Warning Message Workarounds

Latest Version: 1.5.554.0 on October 2006 (distribute to some computers with no known roll-out pattern), 1.5.708.0 on September 2006 (distribute to whoever wants to download from Microsoft Download Center), 1.5.540.0 on 28th June 2006, 1.5.532.2 on 6th June 2006, 1.5.532.0 on 30th May 2006, 1.5.530.0 on 23rd May 2006, 1.5.526.0 on 26th April 2006.

More information on WGA Validation Tool (KB892130) and WGA Notifications (KB905474) which install LegitCheckControl.dll, WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe.

With new release of WGA, some methods no longer works, and some has been updated. Several methods that has certain success on certain people, you may try until you success.

Official Method by Microsoft – more information here.

First Method

  1. Lauch Windows Task Manager.
  2. End wgatray.exe process in Task Manager.
  3. Restart Windows XP in Safe Mode.
  4. Delete WgaTray.exe from c:\Windows\System32.
  5. Delete WgaTray.exe from c:\Windows\System32\dllcache.
  6. Lauch RegEdit.
  7. Browse to the following location:
    Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify
  8. Delete the folder ‘WgaLogon’ and all its contents
  9. Reboot Windows XP.

Note: With this method, you may be prompted to install WGA Notifications again which can still be unselected.

Second Method

Another alternative suggested by dman is by using System Restore to restore the PC to a previous restore point that WGA Notifications hasn’t kicked in, and then carefully stop KB905474 from been applied to the system. To use System Restore, go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore.

Note: Again, you may be prompted again to install WGA Notification, so it must be bypassed.

Third Method updated

This method involves using a cracked version of LegitCheckControl.dll to replace the original copy of LegitCheckControl.dll, and thus bypass the WGA validation and make Microsoft believes that your copy of Windows is genuine. To get rid of WGA Notifications warning messages, the patched version of WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe to replace the existing files.

To apply the patch by replacing the files manually, try to end the respective processes in the Task Manager before deleting the existing files. Most likely is you will have to restart your PC in Safe Mode in order to replacing the original copy of LegitCheckControl.dll and related files. However, there has been automatic updater and even cracked WGA installer that automatically apply the patched version of WGA files.

Latest Update for WGA version 1.5.708.0 latest

Download cracked and patched version of LegitCheckControl.dll with thanks to Danny.

Latest Update for WGA version 1.5.554.0 latest

Download cracked and patched version of LegitCheckControl.dll, WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe for v1.5.554.0 of Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool and WGA Notifications.

John suggested that it may be rolled out to reduce the frequency of ‘phone home’ feature. BetaNews has confirmed this and says Microsoft has completed the pilot phase for WGA Notifications, officially rolling out the anti-piracy reminders to Windows XP users worldwide. Anyway if Notifications Tools is patched, it won’t callbacks at all. Swissboy found that now there are 15 languages supported for KB905474 and offers solution.

General release version of Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications also has updated EULA which says installing of this update is optional. However, once installed, the update will become a permanent part of your Windows XP software, means you can’t uninstall it. The EULA also confirms that information about your system will be sent to Microsoft. You can just skip installing the KB905474 by clicking “I Decline” when shown the EULA. If you don’t want the Automatic Updates or Windows Updates to try install WGA Notifications again, click Don’t ask me to install these updates again at Decline EULA window.

Latest Update for WGA version 1.5.532.2

Version 1.5.532.2 of WGA Validation Tool and WGA Notifications is NOT YET mass released to all Windows system, so your system may not have this version.

WindowsXP-KB905474-ENU-x86-1.5.532.2-noWGA.exe (as suggested by swissboy) is the original setup of KB905474, but with the 3 files as mentioned above replaced with patched version and re-packed. You can view the contents with WinRAR or 7-Zip. Download WindowsXP-KB905474-ENU-x86-1.5. (Removed due to compliant from Microsoft) (as suggested by swissboy) contains hacked version of LegitCheckControl.dll which you have to replace manually over the existing dll in \Windows\System32 folder. Download LegitCheckControl.dll-v1.5.532. (Deleted due to complaint from Microsoft)

New: More automated WGA removal tool: RemoveWGA

Latest Update for WGA version 1.5.532.0

LegitCheckControl1.5.532.0.muiz.fixed.rar (suggested by Picard) is the patched LegitCheckControl.dll and can be download LegitCheckControl1.5.532.0.mui (removed due to complaint from Microsoft).

If LegitCheckControl.dll alone doesn’t work, try to patch the other two WGA files too, namely WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe. Download the the patches for 3 files WGA_Patch_3files.rar (Removed due to complaint from Microsoft). Overwrite the original files with these hacked version in \Windows\System32 folder. The patch should remove notifications nag screen and allows Windows Update.

There are also several automated tools that save the dirty works of have to manually overwrites and replaces the WGA applications.

WGAPatch905474 (suggested by SilverBullet) contains 905474.exe that will patch Windows to allow access to full (custom) Windows Update and get rid of nag screen. Download 905474.exe (removed due to complaint from Microsoft).

There are also several patched WGANotify KB905474 installation setup which will install KB905474 WGAnotify with the 3 patched WGA files namely LegitCheckControl.dll, WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe. One of them is HotFix windowsxp-kb905474-enu-x86.exe suggested by DeaDMan Walking, which will after install, disable notifications nag screen and allows update. Download Cracked_KB905474_Hotfix.rar or Cracked_KB905474_Hotfix.rar (removed coz of Microsoft complaint).

WindowsXP-KB905474-ENU-x86-v1.5.532.0-noWGA.exe (suggested by Swissboy) is also the patched KB905474 setup file which is actually the original setup of KB905474, but with the 3 files replaced. Download it WindowsXP-KB905474-ENU-x86-v1 (removed due to Microsoft compliant).

Old Updates

Version 1.5.530.0 of cracked LegitCheckControl.dll (suggested by chucko), can also be downloaded WGAFixer1.5.526.0.exe or (obsolete links, visit here for updates).

Use the latest cracked LegitCheckControl.dll by searching for “Windows.Genuine.Advantage.Validation.v1.5.526.0.CRACKED-ETH0”. Can also be downloaded here (obsolete link, update here). Cracked LegitCheckControl.dll also available – LegitCheckControl.dll or (obsolete links, updates available here). Once download the cracked dll, replace the LegitCheckControl.dll in \Windows\System32 folder with the cracked version. You may need to restart your PC in safe mode to replace the files.

Forth Method

Jules found that by disabling and renaming the files ‘WgaLogon.dll’ and ‘WgaTray.exe’ in C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder by using the program Unlocker seems to get rid of all the nags/popups.

Fifth Method

Clear the contents or create a new empty data.dat for WGA, and make data.dat Read-Only and Hidden as detailed here.

The following step basically is the same with the above data.dat method, only different is that you no need to create any file in the WGA data folder:

  1. Launch Windows Explorer and go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Windows Genuine Advantage\data
  2. Go to Tools -> Folder Option -> View.
  3. Select (click) Show Hidden Files and Folders option.
  4. Unselect (uncheck) Hide Protected Operating System Files option.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Delete everything in the data folder.
  7. Right click on data folder, and select Properties.
  8. Select (Check) Read-Only as the folder’s atributes.
  9. Click OK or Apply.

Update: After 30 May 2006 with the release of WGA 1.5.532.0, this method no longer works. If the data.dat is set to “Read-Only”, WGA may complains that the serial key from the file could not be read, making the WGA validation failed even with the cracked dll files. So just delete the file (and make sure the folder is not set to “Read-Only”), WGA will then automatically regenerate the file and create the key, so you will pass the validation if you have the correct patched dll installed.

Sixth Method

Another alternative suggest that three files are installed Windows XP System Folder for WGA:


The wgatray.exe process makes the check for genuine windows software. If WgaLogon.dll is denied execution right, that WinLogon is unable to call it to check on Windows validity and display notification package at boot, and since WgaLogon is also responsible for running and maintaining WgaTray.exe, no more tray popups either.

To change and disable the execute bit of WgaLogon.dll:

  1. Turn off Simple File Sharing in Tools -> Folder Options -> View tab.
  2. Right click WgaLogon.dll in Windows Explorer and open the Security Tab.
  3. Click Advanced button.
  4. Uncheck the Inherit box at the bottom.
  5. Click the Copy button.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Go through each listed user/group and remove the “Read & Execute” permission for WgaLogon.dll, leaving the “Read” permission as-is.
  8. Click OK to apply the permission changes.
  9. Close the file properties dialog.
  10. Restart the computer.
  11. Turn “Use simple file sharing” on (optional).

Optionally, steps suggested by PSNet which has the same effect – disabling WgaLogon.dll.

Seventh Method

This method doesn’t remove WGA notification tool, instead just disable the annoying pop-ups and nags screen. Currently, you can opt out of receiving all the pop ups on start up and be left with just the star.

Right click on the WGA star in the system tray and choose ‘change notification settings’. When the web page loaded, click the + next to the “Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Options”. Then untick (unselect) the “Display Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications messages” box and click “Save Settings”.

The page will now refresh with a new option “I understand that I am disabling the display of messages in this version of Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications”. Select by ticking the box and click “Yes, Im Sure”. After that, reboot the PC and all the nags will be gone although the Blue Star WGA icon stays in the taskbar but it doesnt pop up any warning messages.

Best of all, this is the legal way of getting rid of the annoying warning messages, although Microsoft said this resolution to be around for temporary only.

Eight Method

Install ZoneAlarm firewall, and configure to kill or disallow “WGA” in the allowed programs section.

Ninth Method

Download and install Autoruns from Run the program, go to the WinLogon tab and uncheck (disable) the WgaLogon, as suggested by PSnet.

Tenth Method

Steve suggested the following:

1. Go to \windows\system32 in explorer
2. Rename WgaLogon.dll to WgaLogon.dll.bak
3. Create a new empty WgaLogon.dll in notepad and save to the same location
4. Right click on the task bar, and open Task Manager at the Processes tab
5. (Quickly) delete WgaTray.exe, then it will give you approx 5 seconds to click on WgaTray.exe in Task Manager and click End Task, and confirm
6. Restart your computer and the login and nag messages should be gone

Again, this method will help to disable the WGA warning notifications only.

Eleventh Method

Dhillip wrote an utility Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Remover which can help to remove the warning messages.

Melhacker also wrote WGARemover tool to remove WGA.

Note: The file WGANotify Remover has been deleted and all assumed no longer works for new version of WGA.

Twelveth Method

WGA Notifications Patch is a series of steps to disable notifications message suggested by Tekken.

Thirteenth Method

Download WGAFixer (WGAFixer1.5.530.0.exe) which replaces the LegitCheckControl.dll version 1.5.530.0 and modifies the WGA related registry.

Fourteenth Method

If you have installed KB905474 (Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications) which is currently an optional component although it’s grouped as High Priority Update, there is no official and proper way of uninstalling KB905474 (according to EULA, you can’t uninstall it). However, there seems a way of uninstall or at least way to partly remove KB905474 WGA Notifications suggested by TechTics:

  1. Click on Start -> Run.
  2. In the Open text box, key in %windir%\system32\wgatray.exe /u
  3. Press OK or Enter to execute it.
  4. Click on Start -> Run again.
  5. Launch Registry Editor by key in regedit in the Open text box.
  6. Navigate to the following key and delete the key and its branch.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify\WgaLogon

  7. Reboot the PC and WGA Notifications should be removed.
  8. Optionally, you may delete the WgaTray.exe and WgaLogon.dll installed by KB905474 and its software distribution folder by using the following commands at Run function:

    cmd /c “del %windir%\system32\wgatray.exe”
    cmd /c “del %windir%\system32\WGAlogon.dll”
    cmd /c “rmdir /s /q %windir%\SoftwareDistribution\Download\6c4788c9549d437e76e1773a7639582a”

However, this method just removed the warning message notifications of WGA about pirated Windows, and you will be almost immediately be asked to install KB905474 again. So be sure to unselect the KB905474 when asked to install updates in Automatic Updates or Microsoft/Windows Updates.

Fifteenth Method

A registry hack for WGA suggested by PBLee. Copy the text below into notepad (including the ‘Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00’ heading), then save the file as a .reg file. Alternatively, download the wga.reg fix. Double click on the file to apply the registry patch.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify\WgaLogon] "Logon"="WLEventLogon"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify\WgaLogon\Settings] "Data"=hex:01,00,00,00,d0,8c,9d,df,01,15,d1,11,8c,7a,00,c0,4f,c2,97,eb,01,00,\

There is another similar registry hack which patch WPA related registry entries to let Windows assumes itself is a genuine copy of Windows and has been activated. To apply the registry modification, copy and paste the following code into a text file, and save it as a file with .reg extension. Then simply double click on the .reg file created to apply it to Windows registry. Or to save your work, simply download the zip file named wpa_registry.rar that contains wpa_registry.reg. Double click on wpa_registry.reg to apply the patch. Once applied, the hack should allows users to access and download updates from Microsoft Windows Update and install certain WGA-protected software such as IE7.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents] "OOBETimer"=hex:ff,d5,71,d6,8b,6a,8d,6f,d5,33,93,fd

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion] "CurrentBuild"="1.511.1 () (Obsolete data - do not use)"

The “Windows Genuine Advantage Notification” (KB905474) cannot be uninstalled by Add/Remove Program in Control Panel by default, contrary to the claim in the knowledge base article. To enable the removal of KB905474 WGA Notification tool, follow the below steps:

Note: It seems like it’s not possible to uninstall WGA Notifications from Add/Remove Program. Cobolhacker has details on why KB905474 cannot be uninstalled. Suggested steps to “uninstall” are search and delete all WgaTray.exe and WgaLogon.dll files in your boot drive (if you using search, check the “Search system folders”, “Search hidden files and folders” and “Search subfolders” checkboxes), delete all the register keys in the following tree: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify\WgaLogon, and to remove the entry from Add/Remove Programs list, delete the registry key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Uninstall\WgaNotify. With uninstallation, WGA Notifications will try to install again next time.

  1. Click on Start.
  2. Click on Run.
  3. Type in regedit in the Run text box.
  4. Click OK or press Enter.
  5. In Registry Editor, browse the the following registry key branch:


  6. On the right panel, modify the value of NoRemove (by right clicking on the key and choose Modify) to 0.
  7. Exit the Registry Editor.
  8. Re-launch the Add/Remove Program, and Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications (KB905474) is now removable.

Prevention is always better than cure. So the best to avoid the the KB905474 Windows Genuine Advantage Notification application to be automatically downloaded and applied by Automatic Updates is to disable Automatic Updates. Go to Automatic Updates in Control Panel and disable it by selecting Turn off Automatic Updates, or if you still want to receive the critical patches from Microsoft, select Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them or Notify me but don’t automatically download or install them. Remember to uncheck (deselect) Windows Genuine Advantage Notification (KB905474) when prompted to install any updates.

If you have already install the WGA update, you can use the old hacked/cracked version of LegitCheckControl.dll to remove the annoying nagging message. But Windows Update will still ask you to install it since it’s a newer version which is 1.5.526, unless there is newer version of cracked LegitCheckControl.dll available. You may however try to “up” the version of hacked LegitCheckControl.dll yourself by using the following method:

  1. Get the patched/hacked “LegitCheckControl.dll” from the internet (e.g from link above or any file sharing service)
  2. Install Resource Hacker if you still don’t.
  3. Open both (original in Windows/System32 and hacked version) “LegitCheckControl.dll” files with Resource Hacker.
    Go to “Version Info”, replace the version info of the patched File with the version information from new original LegitCheckControl.dll.

    FILEVERSION 1,5,526,0
    PRODUCTVERSION 1,5,526,0
    FILEOS 0×4
    FILETYPE 0×1
    BLOCK “StringFileInfo”
    BLOCK “040904B0”
    VALUE “CompanyName”, “Microsoft Corp.”
    VALUE “FileDescription”, “Windows Genuine Advantage Validation”
    VALUE “InternalName”, “LegitCheckControl”
    VALUE “LegalCopyright”, “Copyright © 1995-2004 Microsoft Corp.”
    VALUE “LegalTrademarks”, “Microsoft® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.”
    VALUE “OriginalFilename”, “LegitCheckControl.dll”
    VALUE “ProductName”, “Microsoft® CoReXT”
    VALUE “FileVersion”, “1.5.0526.0?
    VALUE “ProductVersion”, “1.5.0526.0”
    VALUE “PrivateBuild”, “Built by gacald on WGA-FILE-SVR.”

    BLOCK “VarFileInfo”
    VALUE “Translation”, 0×0409 0×04B0

  4. Save File.
  5. Put the modified version of hacked LegitCheckControl.dll in Windows/System32 folder, replacing the original from Microsoft.

Beside, WGA Notifications tool is also reported to be able to be bypassed by emptying (deleting the contents of) the data.dat in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Windows Genuine Advantage\data as detailed here.

If you disable Automatic Updates, you can always download any updates from Windows Update or Microsoft Update using the hacks and tips from here and here. If you are prompted to mandatory must install KB905474, the above tricks should disable the checking of existence of KB905474 notification application. Again, remember to deselect the Windows Genuine Advantage Notification (KB905474) which will listed in High Priority section and selected for you by default.

Update: The page has been updated as how to bypass and disable the WGA and how to make Windows genuine permanently.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational and educational purpose only, as most information is found on various part of Internet. Readers should contacts Microsoft if their licensed or OEM software cannot be validated or purchase genuine software.

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  • appreciate for sharing this kind of ideas. recently, my laptop automatically update my XP pro os. after that i am prompted with those msg.

    because of your guide. i solved my problem. what i did is just rename those 3 files.

  • swaminathan

    thanks for your guide.thru your guide i am solved my genuine check every time while windows starts.

    thanks once again

  • nik

    ok, its work 🙂

    Thank u for the post……………………!

  • Snowy

    Here is the easiest, fastest fix I have seen posted. Paste into Run and hit enter:

    MsiExec.exe /X{B2544A03-10D0-4E5E-BA69-0362FFC20D18}

    I don't know about anybody else but we have a legal version of Office and this notification was persecuting us because we bought new computers and re-installed the software.

  • I'd suggest to get a legit version of Windows.

  • Aon Encarnado

    thanks.. the forth one is the easiest way..tnx!

  • open this files

    double click or click right >extract here

    find Installer.Bat (double click)

    for key space

    read information

    AND restart u pC

    Download HERE ¤_ChuyZ¤

  • maleall99

    thank u very much 🙂

  • The fourth one the easy one,u just rename their names and thats it it wont be shown anymore it rocks i hate wga.tray!

  • carly

    Thank you soooo much! Method 1 worked for me, although after step 3, I first renamed 'WgaTray.exe' and ended the process in the task manager before step 4. Thanks again!

  • BV

    Hi Helper,

    It look like it was susses with other user but for me it can not make end process from Task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del)

    When delete then it come up automatically.

    If there is any way to disenable please let we know !!!

  • cindy

    Thank you so much! This worked for me<3

  • batkhaan

    thanks, from Mongolia,.,

  • Goffrey

    GREAT! Fourth is really easy and WORKED! Thank you buddy!

  • Armond

    The fix is at

    It just works.

  • igotnodukes

    can i use this for Windows XP SP3



  • thnx a lot it worked

  • sandeep

    Sixth is really good!!! Ir did the work for me!!!

  • john

    I get an annoying nag to install WGA.

    Windows automatically downloaded the update, but it keeps asking me to install it. How do I get rid of that?

  • Pasan Indeewara

    Good work… 🙂 to get rid of Microsoft viruses like WGA… 🙂

  • Bala

    All the steps above are right.. But remember you cannot delete any of the wga files unless you remove the WgaLogon file from the registry.. Delete the same from the registry first after that you can see deleting the wga files from c:WindowsSystem32 will become easy…


    when i start my p.c. it will shows amessage saying you may be a victim software counterfeiting this copy of windows did not pass geniune windows can overcome from this problem…….plz help me

  • gautham

    A simple step of renaming Wgalogon.dll to something else worked for me!!

  • abi.

    The 4th method worked for me,

    and apparently, it is the easiest way.

    Thanks for this. [:

  • Ippel

    Hello everybody!

    Can i quest a question? ^^

    1: How to make the Windows XP Genuine so thy can download things from Microsoft Update dot com?

    I dont just want to get rid of the message box before logon and the thing in the field to the lower right.

    Anyway, how to make the XP genuine for the moment?

    2: How to know what version i have on my WGA-program?

  • Lina

    I was able to remove the reminders by the following:

    Restarted in safe mode

    Opened My Computer and when to Windows/System32

    renamed WgaTray.exe by right clicking on it

    started task manager and stopped wgatray.exe

    then deleted the renamed WgaTray.exe

    Renamed Wgalogon.dll to anything (just remember what it is) by right clicking on it

    right click on the new file name and select Unlocker

    change the action to delete and it was gone

    I rebooted again in safe mode with cmd prompt

    went to the windows/system32 directory

    type "del legitcheckcontrol.dll/f/q" but no quotes and it was gone

    …no more pop ups

  • Ashu

    It will be easier to remove the WGA notification in a dual boot system.If you are having a dual boot system then go to that os where there is no notification for windows validation.Go to that drive where you have installed the other os which shows the WGA notification.Then follow the path

    windowssystem32.delete the file named

    legitcheckcontrol.dll,WGAlogon.dll and WGAtray.

    restart the system in your original os.

    i'm sure it will work.

    thank u…

  • jose

    I succeeded using this steps.

    1. Restart to Safe Mode.

    2. Browse to the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogonNotify

    3. Delete the folder ‘WgaLogon’ and all its contents

    4. Search for WGA related files in drive C:

    5. Go to command promt.

    6. Delete those files manually using /f (force remove) and /q (quiet without prompt. Like this del ?.? /f/q.

    7. Two files left, WgaTray.exe and WgaLogon.dll found in c:WindowsSystem32, are very difficult to remove. Yet delete only WgaTray.exe.

    9. This is tricky. Prepare at the command prompt – C:WindowsSystem32>del wgatray.exe /f/q. Do not yet hit the Enter.

    10. Open Task Manager. In the Processes tab look for wgatray.exe. End Task it.

    11. Quickly as fast as you can switch to command prompt window then hit Enter. The trick is if deletion is delayed the wgatray.exe restarts.

    12. If deletion is succesful restart pc.

    Hope it helps!

  • Work with the SIXTH METHOD.

    Thanks ^_^

  • JoMan222


    OGA C***K


    kaspersky said noting!


    WGA C***K


    again kaspersky said noting! Only stupid clamwin!

    Trust you you want. THIS RELEASES HAVE NO VIRUS. Stop lying !! PLEASE!!


  • Pankaj

    it really worked for me the SIXTH METHOD…


  • Kropok

    Thanks persi and prasenjeet. great idea. simple and worked.




  • kenny

    persi and prasenjeet metod really works.

  • gatesF*cker

    mike bbo said

    > Could not log on after deleting wglogon

    > folder contentfrom registry.

    Are you insane? You cannot delete that!!!

    Reinstall Windows…

    Then aplly the WGA Cr*ck:


  • Could not log on after deleting wglogon folder contentfrom registry.

  • eam



  • dekevin

    tanx a lot salamalam

  • Siddharth

    Thanks to salamalam . The coounterfeiting message was removed.

  • Danny_Swytec

    When I tried to delete WGA in system32, it stated the disk was write protected or currently inuse. When I tried to close WGA in task manager, it would come right back up immediately. Changing the name was brilliant and worked perfectly. Thanks

  • Kev

    The way I did it was I took the "windows genuine advantage" folder from a legit and validated machine and copied it to a thumbstick. Used the file to overwrite the same file on the dirty machine. That killed the wallpaper blackout and the logon nag. The file I used was from a fully updated XP home machine and I used it on a XP Pro machine so versions and OS type doesn't seem to matter at least on XP.

    Next I used the "autoruns" app from Sysinternals (freely available from MS Technet) to kill the WGAlogon process and rebooted. The autoruns app is like MSCONFIG on steriods. It is really good at controlling processes and such.


    DOS Equis

  • Never mind all these labour intensive steps!! All i did was proceed through the steps but selected "I do not agree" (instead of "I agree") when prompted and the nagging start-up WGA screen went away.


  • salamalam

    try to use this..very simple and easy..

  • Private


    Persi and Prasenjeet's method worked!

  • Jai

    Thank you so much, the sixth method worked like a charm

  • let me try…

  • Matt L

    Yeah, Option 1 works, but now I no longer have wireless network/internet and I can't get it back.

    Hopefully Windows 7 is better.

  • Sidney

    well guys i finally removed it. The problem was that i could delete the program cuz it was still runing and when i tryed to end it through task manager, it would just automactly restart itself. So, what i did ( and it worked perfectly) is i i went and try to removed it and when the "Are you sure you want to remove" windows poped out i went back to task manager, i pressed "End it" the window "Are you sure u want to end" poped out so the i put the "are you sure u want to end " window on top of the "are you sure u want to delete", i pressed "yes" on the first window and then immediately i pressed "yes" on the delete window AND IT WORKED!!!!!!! then just do steps 5-9 from method 1

  • Eoin

    Thank you! Method 1 is easy and works perfectly.

  • LeoKitty

    You're the best… 🙂

  • prasenjeet


    Theres a even simple trick to the above just go to system32 folder find wg…tray.dll and wg…tray.exe , try renaming it when done delete wgtray process from task bar and then delete the files, make sure u have changed its name first

  • persi

    Theres a even simple trick to the above just go to system32 folder find wg…tray.dll and wg…tray.exe , try renaming it when done delete wgtray process from task bar and then delete the files, make sure u have changed its name first

  • One minute solution, no restart required:

    It's based on the first method, it always worked for me:

    – open windows explorer, click tools – folder options; there select View and uncheck the last option, Use simple file sharing.

    – go to Windows folder/system32, locate wgatray.exe, right click, properties

    – locate Security, click advanced; deselect Inheriting the permissions, confirm.

    – back on Security, add user Everyone (you have to type "Everyone"), and select DENY to all options.

    Then do points 1, 2, 6, 7 and 8 on the first method on the page, and you're done. You might or might not restart windows, it's your choice. You'll never see that message again.


  • i can solve it easily the microsoft is no my challenger

    i solve it by using a patch .it can solve it immediately the genuine advantage logo has disappear immediately.very useful.if you want the patch contact my hotmail. [email protected]

    i will give you the patch.


    The simplest method for removing the WGA notification:

    1) Search WGA in c:WindowsSystem32 (you can directly open it by putting above link in "RUN" in startup ICON.)

    2) After locating just change the extension of WgaTray.exe to any other extension e.g WgaTray.xls or WgaTray.txt orWgaTray.ppt ,whatver the extension other than ".exe"

    3) come out of the folder c:WindowsSystem32

    4) Just restart the windows

    5) Now relocate the wgatray.(with the changed extension)

    6) Shift + delete this file.

    7) even this does not work just cut paste the wgatray.(with the changed extension) to different location and then shift +delete this.

    8) restart the PC.

    9) SEE THE FUN.

    This is tried methodology on my PC.


  • Umm

    Or you could buy a LEGIT copy of windows

  • Datzz really gud !!! keep it up

  • Samppa

    The easiest way to disable wga is to

    1. download autoruns.exe (jgi) and open it

    2. find wgalogon.dll and disable it

    Works on pretty much everything annoying in xp etc. auto-updaters and stuff like that.

  • secu

    One click solution here :

    It´s works fine to me.

  • Jean Franco

    First method works perfectly thanks!!!!

  • Robert

    What really bothers and insults e is that my XP is totally legit, I paid for it and have been using it for 3 years now and all of a sudden I am getting this stupid spyware from Microsoft..


    Isn't getting my money enough for Bill Gates!!

    Next Time it's a MAC!!

  • hyun


    May 3rd, 2009 13:50 971

    Hey if you want to remove WGA Notification and never allow it to popup again then you may try the following steps:

    1. Download Reshack(freeware)

    2. Restart your computer in safe mode

    3. Open reshack and from it open

    LegitCheckControl.dll(located in the system 32 folder.

    4.Delete all the resources(Strings, Dialog, etc) from the file and then save it.

    5. Repeat the same process for WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe.

    6. Open task manager and from the process tab end the proces named– wgatray.exe

    7. open regedit

    8.Browse to the following location:


    Windows NTCurrentVersionWinlogonNotify

    9.Delete the folder ‘WgaLogon’ and all its contents

    10. Browse to the following location:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsWindows Genuine Advantage

    11. Delete the folder ‘Windows Genuine Advantage’ and all its contents

    12.Reboot Windows XP.

    WGA Notification is removed from your computer and it will never popup again!


  • thanks dude

    it helps me a lot

  • Nabila

    Can anyone help me, what is my WGA version? I looked everywhere… Plz help me…

  • Thanks, this is really helpful

  • Danngoow


    When your starting your computer plug in your external harddrive and let the computer read it. restart your computer if u cant get in after the computer have reading it. Hopefully you will get in. It might take a little while before windows opens but to be sure, it will probably say before it starts "Windows starts"

    My external harddrive is a LaCie (not a laptop harddrive) I don't know if laptops external hardrives works to start your computer.

  • jihad

    come on guys, not everyone is a computer genius

    simplest way to get rid of this notification nag screen is

    go to scheduled task then delete all tasks there (even if you have your own, you can always make them again) and start the system and Voila ,no more nag

  • Vidya


    Thank u so much…

    Tc and keep helping people…

    doing a noble cause…

    God Bless U All 🙂

  • S.O.M.E.O.N.E.

    Thank First methon has a lot of work but it works.

  • susie

    We DO have genuine software, purchased from a reputable local computer store when we bought our Dell computer. This is total bullshit. I can't even program my Ipod let alone pirate software. Why should I have to go through the bother of contacting Microsoft!? It's not like they provide a 1-800 number. It's like cellphone companies and internet providers, airline companies and so on. When they screw up, good luck getting any justice! We are switching to Mac/Linux when we eventually get a new computer, which may come sooner than intended due to this latest irritation from Microsoft.

  • AUK

    Thanks a lot freinds I am able to solve this problem. Thanks once again for such a kind help.

  • ric

    hi..i have tried the fourth method, and it seems work apart, I mean the genuine windows validation on the screen have removed. But, when I try to starting up, the resolving window(resolve now or later) still appear.Can you help me?

  • tmuldoon


    I am getting this error – since April 2009.

    These files are on my computer:

    Folder: C:WindowsPrefetch:

    RemoveWGA.exe-{long list of characters}

    WGASETUP.EXE{long list of chars}


    Folder c:windows asks


    Folder c:WindowsTemp



    Folder c:Windowssystem32KB905474



    Folder c:Windowssystem32catroot{big hex}


    I have not been able to find a fixer for it…




  • phil

    use system restore. thats it

  • wow…

    It's so cool..

    You helped me…

    Thx so much!

  • hahaha.. it help me much!


  • jan

    me again, removed wgalogon with unlocker, now no more sign of wga on my pc, sorry for this posts, i was in kind of panic and didnt even read everything^^ thx again c ya

  • jan

    hey, did first method, had problems on begining cos on task manager i turned off the program and it poped up again, i had few seconds so i prepeared all nicely just to click ok to shut down on task manager/delete from system in same moment and it worked, the background is back and no more messeges while running on pc, just when i turn pc on it asks "solve now" / "solve later", how do i get rid of that? 🙂

    thx in advance

  • Sam

    Like magic. System restore is the best method.

  • Great post! thx

  • Tatiana

    thanks to everybody! first method worked perfectly!

    Angela make normal search " wgatray " there will be 2 which u cant delete (because its currently in use)and second one. delete second file. then u can close wgatray process in Windows task manager. After if finally closed, u can delete it in system32.

  • Abhijeet

    Hey if you want to remove WGA Notification and never allow it to popup again then you may try the following steps:

    1. Download Reshack(freeware)

    2. Restart your computer in safe mode

    3. Open reshack and from it open

    LegitCheckControl.dll(located in the system 32 folder.

    4.Delete all the resources(Strings, Dialog, etc) from the file and then save it.

    5. Repeat the same process for WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe.

    6. Open task manager and from the process tab end the proces named– wgatray.exe

    7. open regedit

    8.Browse to the following location:


    Windows NTCurrentVersionWinlogonNotify

    9.Delete the folder ‘WgaLogon’ and all its contents

    10. Browse to the following location:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsWindows Genuine Advantage

    11. Delete the folder ‘Windows Genuine Advantage’ and all its contents

    12.Reboot Windows XP.

    WGA Notification is removed from your computer and it will never popup again!

  • David

    For the ultimate vindication, install Linux!

    For beginners:

    For the brave:

    Both fantastic distributions. openSuSE is more like a Cadillac – all the bells and whistles, easy installer, etc… Archlinux is more like the Ferrari, but you got to know how to work on what's under the hood;-)

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  • phil

    use the system restore

  • phil

    just use your system restore process. go to prevoius days the genuine advantage sofware not installed. thats it

  • Minnie

    Awesome – no more evil notices from the Microsoft Gods telling me that i'm about to be sent to the ever lasting firey hell.

    You guys rock.

  • Binu Kumar

    First method works better for me.During the process of deleting wga tray.exe .Please end the process from task manager at the same time in safe mode.

  • Kålmorden

    However, within XPSP3 arraival, it has become more harder to get a XP genuine.

    How to do? And what patches works?

  • H

    Go to Control Panel > Scheduled Tasks, and delete WGASetup task.

  • Margo

    Just two clicks and your OS is genuine

    Download here : Genuine Maker.rar.html

  • I delete files in one XP partition via another XP partition, piece of cake with partition magic, just enable all partitions to be visable to other partitions. Browse the inactive partition for files you wish to delete from the active partition, delete files, no argument from the inactive OS.

  • microsoft

    I pay for this software 149$ and I give it to you for free Make your OS Genuine Genuine Maker.rar.html

  • Much abliged

    Method one worked like a charm people having problems with it make sure when your in safe mode to end process wgatrey.exe and delete it at the same time easiest way start the process of delete dont hit yes yet and start the process to end the process wgatrey.exe now hit yes to end it and quickly hit yes to delete.

    Hope this helps as it did for me *)

  • pops

    Anyone trying to delete the 2 files from the system32 folder should just load up a live cd of some sort and delete them through that.

    If your quick though you can disable the wgatray process in the task manager immediately prior to deleting the wgatray.exe from the system32 folder.

    You have to click to stop the process in task manager but leave the "are you sure" dialouge open for now.Then delete the wgatray.exe from the system32 folder but leave it`s "are you sure" dialouge open too.

    Next bring both dialouge boxes as close together as you can and hit the button to confirm killing the process…then as quick as you can hit the delete confirmation button.

    If you have been quick enough the wgatray process will be killed and the .exe deleted before it can restart again.

    The Live cd is the easiest way but i`d go one step further than just using one to kill of wga…..ahem.

  • S7N

    Hi guys,
    Rather than mucking around in the registry etc, use… Works a charm belive me 🙂

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  • Joe

    thanks a million!

    didn't need to open safe mode at all.

    just followed method two, but used a little quick mouse initiative and closed the program in task manager, and then deleted it from the System folder before it could boot up again.

    then followed the rest of the steps.

    non the less, you saved the day my friend! =)

  • Mehraab

    or u can rename wgalogon.dll delete wgatray using task manager

  • Raj

    Mr Santiago,

    Awesome step, Worked great for me. Thanks a Million 🙂

  • madhu

    how can i remove genuine windows settings from my task manager

  • Angela

    I still can't delete the two files in c:WindowsSystem32. Help. they are write protected I've tried every thing.

  • Rich

    I followed method 1 but had to change a few things so try this instead.

    1-Launch Task manager

    2-End process WGAtray.exe

    3-Quickly restart in safe mode.

    4-Click start, then Run. Type regedit and click ok.


    6-Click Software, microsoft, windowsNT, currentversion, winlogon, notify.

    7-On the right hand side find folder WGAlogon and delete it and all of its components.

    8-Restart in normal mode.

    9-Go to c:windowssystem32 and delete WGAtray.exe file.

    10-Next to it should be WGAlogon.dll, delete this too.

    11-Delete from recycling bin and reboot.

    This should have solved the problem but i advise switching your automatic updates to

    "Notify me but dont automatically download or install them". This should advise you if your computer tries to download WGA again.

    Good luck.

  • Jimmydex

    1st mothed worked for me but iw as not able to delete the WGATray.exe from system32 but i was able to do delete it from dllcache and also from ther registeries,


  • John Fernandez

    where can i find the windows task manager?

  • METHOD 1 Really WORKS! Thank you all SO much. No more annoying pop ups or that thing that appears when I try to log on my own computer!

  • thank you man.. really, thank you.. nice info you got here

  • Hi, I tried a couple of the links you posted here and I was really keen to use some of them, I just wanted to let you know that those files have been somehow infected with backdoor viruses and trojan horses. Please check the links as you have a great tutorial here.

    Thank you!

  • David Harms

    to be honest i found it was easiest to do this to get rid of it… it seems to have worked…

    1. click start>search

    2. click search all files and folders and type in wga

    3. delete the files that are used in notepad.

    4. bring up task manage and find the WgaTray thing and endprocess then asap end the one that looks like a star… [NOTE::: u must do fast or it will pop its self back up]

    after that only the WgaLogon.dll is left and it has nothing to run for pop-ups

    after all that its taken care of… the logon is still on your computer but no mroe popups! … u can probably remove it through safe mode with no networking. just search for it and delete it… should work… not forsure havent tried it

  • bw5234us

    Option 1 worked for me. I was not able to delete the wga files they are write protected. I didn't have one of the kill process programs installed on my machine so I figured Id try just deleting the registry key and go back in and download a program to kill the process. Well when I rebooted to normal windows to my pleasant surprise I was back to a perfectly (as good as Windows can possibly be) good version of XP Pro SP3 So really all that I did was delete the following key

    1 Lauch RegEdit.

    2 Browse to the following location:


    Windows NTCurrentVersionWinlogonNotify

    3 Delete the folder ‘WgaLogon’ and all its contents

    4 Reboot Windows XP.

    Thanks again

  • GEM

    in method 1 i cant Delete WgaTray.exe from c:WindowsSystem32.

    Delete WgaTray.exe from c:WindowsSystem32dllcache.

    so try the other mehtod it's not working..any other way to get rid of this WGE POPPING???

  • Joana Pereira

    Option 1 works fine with XP Professional SP3.

    The darn warnings are gone thanks.


  • I tried this simple move and worked so far : cut the 2 files from system32 : wgatray and wgalogon and move them elsewhere. You can do it even though they are active processes.Restart the computer and…that's it. After that you can delete the 2 files.

  • Ekscel

    The Sixth Method worked excelently for me 🙂 Thanks for help!

  • zar

    cool guide ! method 6 works for me.


  • Gooie-T

    Method #1 did not work- kept popping up immediately after end process. Just completed Method 6. It had worked for me; no more popups or reminders. I dont know at this time if I can Window update from now on or not

  • this is a very useful post… thank you very much…

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  • adey

    wow!!! it is amazing… method no 1 is really worked.. thank you for the guide!!

  • Wuwu

    wow… tried method 6… it worked! 😀

  • manu

    the first method help me, if you can't disable wgatray.exe in the task manager in safe mode, run regedit first delete the "wgalogon folder" and restart your pc with a cdlive of linux and delete the wgatray.exe in windows folders and….ENJOYS

  • Aurizi0

    4th method Helped me 🙂

  • Ian

    Thank you!!! First 1 worked best for me

  • brian sazo

    the forth step really helped thans ill keep unblocker just in case

  • eugen

    Sorry,i meant method 1 with the taskmanager that cannot stop wgtray…But i tried method 5 also and still got no results.

  • eugen

    I tried method 5 but everytime i end wgatray.exe from the task manager it appears again a few seconds later.And after entering in safe mode i cannot delete the files from system32 because the process is still running…Did anyone tried method 5 and worked?

  • you super thanks çok iyi oldu

  • steph

    Thanks Jake, it worked like a charm.

    No more nasty nag screens. [email protected]#$ microsoft!!!

  • Signe

    Please help

    (please read former mail below)

    … I have now deleted 'wgaLogon.dll'. Is that the same as C:WindowsSystem32dllcache? It was placed in C:WindowsSystem32, Or should I restore it (its in my recycle bin)

    Thanks 🙂

  • Signe

    Please help.

    I removed genuine by use of method 1, but I could not find ":WindowsSystem32dllcache" and delete as point 5 in method 1 requires me to do. I completed all other points and the 'star' is gone, but is this good enough or what should I do?

    Method 1 – point 5. Delete WgaTray.exe from c:WindowsSystem32dllcache


  • Signe

    Never mind. Just figured it out 🙂

  • Signe


    Trying to use method 1, but what does it mean to "Lauch RegEdit."? Please help. Not really that computersmart… thanks 🙂

  • phil

    each time I closed the wgaTray.exe in the Task Manager as per method #1 it kept re-starting itself

    I tried method #4 and it seem to have worked


  • Dhiren

    I say that the most simplest method to remove WGA from your computer is to follow the very first method given and then just adding to that also….


    your done removing it completely.. and it ain't coming back.

  • hudunit?

    in version i couldn't delete the file in safe mode so I deleted the reg file in safe and rebooted. it has worked so far………….until the next fix.

  • Goumze

    Dear hasit

    Just click on start menu

    In run command type regedit

    then follow the same procedure which is mention in first solution.

    First Method

    1. Lauch Windows Task Manager.

    2. End wgatray.exe process in Task Manager.

    3. Restart Windows XP in Safe Mode.

    4. Delete WgaTray.exe from c:WindowsSystem32.

    5. Delete WgaTray.exe from c:WindowsSystem32dllcache.

    6. Lauch RegEdit.

    7. Browse to the following location:


    Windows NTCurrentVersionWinlogonNotify

    8. Delete the folder ‘WgaLogon’ and all its contents

    9. Reboot

    Windows XP.

  • Goumze

    Thank you very much dude i got solution becoz of ur site……….

  • Jake

    Hi, I just deleted the blue star icon in the system tray that had the text "Get Genuine Office." highlighted when the cursor goes over the top.

    Even in safe mode I couldn't delete the file in system32. Here's what you do:

    1. Open up C:WINDOWSSystem 32

    2. Open up the task manager, click the processes tab.

    3. In the windows folder you opened in step 1, find the WgaTray.exe file and click it ONCE to highlight it.

    4. Find the same process in the Task Manager, again clicking once to highlight it.

    5. Now, you have to do this kinda quick (within a couple seconds anyway). Go back the the windows folder, delete the file. It will ask for confirmation to send it to the Recycle Bin.

    6. Click "OK" then immediately switch to the Task Manager and click "End Process".

    7. It will end process and then delete the file. Then the blue star icon will disappear from your system tray.

    Thanks for all the tips, that was actually really easy!!

  • ranjit

    Dear my guys its no need to delete WgaTray.exe in safemode as I have faced this issue over three years ago by performing the windows update we all got this file to our pc I have simply deleted directly from system32 folder no need to worry anymore as it is nothing harmful just an nagging messages appears its simply we have simply untick the file named windows genuine or something like I dont remember as it was happened to me three years so simple it is

  • Joe Mama

    It wouldn't let me delete the WgaTray.exe file when I rebooted in safe mode, so I rebooted again in safe mode but this time asked for the command prompt. Then I relied on my rusty old MSDOS skills to delete the file with no problem. Rebooted and no more nagging messages! Thanks for the tips!

  • Eric Winkelmann

    The file wgaTray.exe would not delete. Instead I renamed the file to wga.exe and the file wga.ini seemed to disappear. I turned off my computer and rebooted and all was once again beautiful. I had a similar problem with Media Player 11. In add/remove programs, I deleted anything that said Windows Media Player 11, and it rolled me back to my previous version which is 10 and works just fine. Microsoft has no right to install spyware like they did. To hell with them. My next computer will be a Mac.

  • Peera

    Thanks So Much, 1st Method It's work for me, pls careful when u end wgatray.exe process in task manager.It very quickly new wgatray.exe.

  • nabeel

    email me at [email protected]

    i will tell u…bye

  • rahul prashad

    you can also manually delete the files namely…WgaLogon(2)(2).dll and WgaLogon.dll by going to the system 32 folder in C:WINDOWS folder.

    i did that for mine and it worked….happy mending

  • hasit

    where is regedit.?


    i cant find it

    nid some help here

  • abajan

    Just FYI, "Forth" in "Forth Method" should be spelled "Fourth". That "forth" means something totally different. Example: "Lazarus, come forth!"

    Nevertheless, thanks so much for the information regarding WGA notification removal. Thankfully, I decided NOT to install the WGA update in the first place. So I don't have to remove anything. Still, it's good to know there's a place (here) I can get information on how to remove it, if I ever need to.

  • angel

    Hey tanx crystal it worked foe me too :))

    Cheers !!

  • iam satisfied for ur suggestion.i sloved "microsoft geniune software counterfiting" problem. thanking you for support.



  • artikel yang sangat bagus sekali dan sangat membantu.maturnuwun………

  • Crystal

    A very quick solution is to restore your system to an earlier date by going to

    STart, All programs


    System Tools

    System restore

    and just pick a date that you know that warning wasn't on there. You will not lose anything.

    Then go in and change your windows update settings in the control panel, so that it doesn't do it automatically, it let's you know what it wants to download and install updates.

    Never choose the Microsoft Genuine Software notification and it will never re-appear. Hopefully.

    It worked for me!

  • I have some solutions to your problems too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know that if you end the process in the task manager you will have some troubles in using ur computer……

    there are two main problems:

    no.1=your desktop background turns black right???

    no.2=the audio device does not function properly even if you already have it…

    but theres one more;to others there audio device controls went gray…..i know all the solutions there hahaha!

    EMAIL ME AT [email protected] when u want answers…..

  • Rudi

    Here is my Metod: No.15 + Write Protect for the User "System" only for this entries:

    1.Write this in regedit:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWPAEvents]



    2.Right klick on "WPAEvents" and set there Write Protect for the User "System"

    The Aktivation is then forever!

    The other Entries (Digital Product ID…)You can copy and paste from Your Original and aktivatet OEM PC (e.g.Notebook) and so You have copy your Legal OEM System to a second PC.

    Thanks all, who help me!

    The Rudi

  • WGAtray removal, Windows Genuine Advantage Removal.

    To end the nagging from the microsoft genuine advantage follow the steps and be fast beetween the 6th and 7th:

    1. Write on the notepad these three lines following the spacing:

    taskkill -IM wgatray.exe

    del wgatray.exe

    del wgalogon.dll

    2. Save the file changing the .txt (root) of the filename into a .bat;

    3. Save or move the new file in the “c:windowssystem32” directory;

    JUST DO IT…..

    we all know that most of the WINDOWS O.S USERS

    were not licensed..

  • IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!




  • Help me with this email me

    [email protected]


  • lostterror

    many thanks to Jorge Santiago post number #887 – use this method if unable to end WGA process in task manager (keeps restarting).

  • kyo

    this is really gud..thanx for everyone…

  • Zuzu

    Method 6 is very simple and works perfectly, thx a billion dude!

  • spy

    he guys jules method really workes ..thanks

  • F

    I tried the first method and to my dismay, the notification keep on popping again. Even in Safe Mode wgatray.exe replicates as soon as you click "end process" button. The best method I used to kill this annoying notification is to read Windows from memory without actually loading the OS.In this method, it is easy to delete wgatray.exe and from the Windows folder and deleting wgalogon from registry.

  • Lolboy lol

    Lol this really helps. My friend taught me to move wgatray.exe must be moved to other folders to delete it easily. If not, you will find it run again 1 second after ending the process. Thx anyway!!

  • Jordan Hudson

    how do you get the windows genuine advantage tool off as well get updates on windows visa.

    this is my e-mail [email protected]

  • SlackWX

    Change NTFS permissions of WgaTray.exe , clear all the permissions. then it wont work again and you will not see any fu*k nagscreen and you dont need to get cracked.

    after clearing permission just restart the machine!

    Have a nice day:) you can also use this method to get rid of viruses and trojans , etc.

  • phils

    i tried the first method, but after ending the wgatray.exe it keeps on coming up. What I did, i opened up task manager (to end process wgatray.exe) and opened up c:windowssystem32 to delete the wgatray.exe. I did the timing on how to delete the wgatray.exe after ending the process. then, followed the succeeding steps. it worked! thanks!

  • d'mrey

    i'm just trow this tool…with system restore point..

    try it & free your computer…thanx for the information'

  • WGAtray removal, Windows Genuine Advantage Removal.

    To end the nagging from the microsoft genuine advantage follow the steps and be fast beetween the 6th and 7th:

    1. Write on the notepad these three lines following the spacing:

    taskkill -IM wgatray.exe

    del wgatray.exe

    del wgalogon.dll

    2. Save the file changing the .txt (root) of the filename into a .bat;

    3. Save or move the new file in the "c:windowssystem32" directory;

    4. In the start menu open the run tab and write c:windowssystem32filename.bat , wait for step 7 to press enter;

    5. On the desktop press ctrl-alt-delete (press the three keys on the keyboard together) to make the taskmanager appear;

    6. Go to the process tab and double click on the wgatray.exe process to end the process, say yes to the confirmation that will appear;

    7. Before the process reappears in the taskmanager you need to press enter on the already prepared run window (the nagging will stop istantly);

    8. Now write the word regedit on the run tab in the start menu to enter the registry.

    9. Press ctrl+F, this will open the search tab, write wgalogon.dll and press enter.

    10. When the .dll file has been found delete the folder on the left side of the screen that contains the line the value that you found.

    11. Restart the computer and repeat step 4 (pressing enter right away) to completely remove the wgatray nags forever! Be sure to never install them again when the updates come knocking!

    taken from (

  • siuki

    who can teach me…pls…

    my emial address is [email protected] know can leave email tl me..pls alot…

  • siuki

    hihi..everybody how can removal window genuine..who can hlp me..

  • chuck

    Thanks a lot first and it work great. Thanks a lot for sharing.


  • harkalabe


    just follow the first method. It worked !!

    thanks again

  • I tried the first method, and it worked perfectly!

    Greetings from the Netherlands,


  • Phillip

    I didn't make it.. it still appear in the desktop the "you may be a victim of software counterfeiting".. its not working for me.. when i go to the task manager i end it the process then its going back again when i end it.. back and back again.. why is it that happen ?? pls email me.. its really annoy with me.. pls help me.. [email protected]

  • mariux

    The first method was the simplest way to do that.But I had some troubles disabling wgatre.exe in windows task manager the genuine stars just doubles every time you disabling them 🙂 so I just started with steps:

    6,7,8, and 9 of first method, then did rest of them. Thanks again!

  • Naguib

    He you guys are the best thank you method no.1 worked and now that stupid message 'You may be a victim of software counterfeiting' is no more in my PC.Thanks a million.

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  • phil

    hey, i took jules advice. worked perfectly. i'm so glad i got rid of those damn warnings. thanks jules!

  • freezoo

    The fifth method is work at the moment perfectly!

    Great thanks!

  • Majd

    Fourth Method worked thank god 😀 but cant i delete the files!?

  • darshan


    i short out this problem bcoz yr suggestion is good & perfact

    once again thanks dear

  • saya dah cuba cara manual ini, memang berkesan disamping menggunakan software yang disediakan untuk menghapuskan masalah Windows not Genuine.


  • mzmzmz

    RE: dinh thanh

    your method worked jst fine. I am not sure how long it's gona keep but it's fine for now.


  • dinh thanh

    you just open the regedit and delete WgaLogon following location:


    Windows NTCurrentVersionWinlogonNotify

    the notify ưill disappear

  • rbmaverick

    The following method worked

    thanx jules

    keep it up 🙂

    Forth Method

    Jules found that by disabling and renaming the files ‘WgaLogon.dll’ and ‘WgaTray.exe’ in C:WINDOWSsystem32 folder by using the program Unlocker seems to get rid of all the nags/popups.

  • vijeth

    sixth method worked great.thanx.


  • Ahmad shakeb

    hello everyone …

    i did the first method it worked fine for me…

    thanks alot

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  • papatom

    I tried all these fixes with no luck. Then I found XP_Vista_One_Click_Copy. With one click of my mouse the black window was fixed.

  • kulsius

    i just do this (and its worked): program "unlocker"

    2.go to c://windows/system32

    3.delete WgaTray.exe with unlocker program

    4.Lauch RegEdit

    5.Browse to the following location:


    Windows NTCurrentVersionWinlogonNotify

    6.Delete the folder ‘WgaLogon’ and all its contents

    7.Reboot Windows XP.

  • tom

    This is so great!!! I tried the first version. With the following course, it worked for me:

    – boot in safe mode

    – choose "show hidden folders" AND "show system files" (windows explorer folder options)

    – open 'windowssystem32dllcache'

    – select(!) 'wgatray.exe', press 'delete' BUT DO NOT CONFIRM YET, leave box open

    – open task manager, select 'wgatray.exe'

    – arrange both windows (boxes) next to each other!

    –> now I had to be quick, because the task manager only stops the process for 1 second!!!

    – stop the 'WgaTray.exe' from TaskManager

    and instantly delete the wgatray.exe from windowssystem32dllcache

    – then delete the WgaTray.exe from windowssystem32

    – then delete the software registries from regedit as described above!


  • Rehan Anis

    I used the first method, worked fine for me.

    But the flow is as follows.

    Boot in safe mode.

    Delete the wgatray.exe from windowssystem32dllcache

    Stop the even WgaTray.exe from TaskManager

    Delete the WgaTray.exe from windowssystem32

    then delete the software registries from regedit.

    The flow mentioned in the post does not work, as the file WgaTray.exe executes no matter how many times to quit it.

  • william childs

    hi there i was wondering after your copy of windows xp is registered where does windows keep this info?can someone em me with a way of doing this thanks

    [email protected]

  • william childs

    hello to the person that rewrites these progs

    i have a question i would like to know how to

    make my windows xp thats already installed an registered..i would like to know witch files

    to copy and save so next time i reinstall windows i dont have to call MS with all them numbers is there another way to do this?

    please email me [email protected]

    ps i know ms has back doors on our machines

    thats what wpa is i think but if you could thanks

  • Thx for sharing.

  • that's great man keep it up.

    you have to work in microsoft

  • Phenomator

    Dude awesome and so simple thanks

  • iRfan


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  • I used the sixth method. And it seems back to normal. Anyway thanks. The nag started after I unwittingly and greedily clicked Update Windows.

  • kanth

    thats wonderful .. especially the fifth one… i finally kicked of that nagger from my pc…

    thank u

  • Danny

    this works great thanks man

  • Daniele

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  • Frank the tank

    Thanks a lot! it worked with the first method… only it did something to the license of the AVG antivirus but its free so no problem!! thanks again

  • thankyou

  • quellle aisance, je suis sous le charmde 😉

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  • erikk

    The First Method really was easy and effective( as I wasn't able to try the others and thanx for that thou); I even thought I needn't have to undergo steps 3,4, and 5. Well, anyways t'was like a thorn was pulled out of my throat when this WGA balloon popouts pops out no more. My deepest gratitude..more thanx..

  • Skribbla

    well i'll tell you one thing.. all you guys are doing is removing the annoying message that xp is not valid.. the xp wil still not be valid wot u do is download the product key update tool from microsoft.. when you run it, it'll ask you to enter a product key.. enter a legit one.. (i'm sure you guys can get those easily) and it will changeyour product key and validate your copy of xp and then u can start installing wmp11 and all those other s/wares

  • i honed right in on the Do it yourself one

    i renamed that bastard wgalogon.dll.bak !! haha then i kept ending the wgalogon process and deleteing it it took me about 14 tries but i got the fckn BASATARD HAHA Billy boy you don't deserve another $127 for Genuine XP crap hahahaha

    (although it isn't genuine yet windows is activated and i got IE7 and Win Med Player 11) so screw those lil "updates")

  • jonel

    Thanks jules. It works in my computer. I get rid of the popup for wga. should i delete the renamed dll files?

  • 360

    Thanks a lot! I have been looking around for something like this for days!

  • Hammer6400

    First method worked for me. Thx a lot friend.

    very thankful 2 u.

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  • Agent Cracker

    The easiest way to Disable Windows Genuine Advantage from your PC. No Need to reboot…


  • lone forest

    method 1 worked just fine – well done.

  • shani

    Thanks i used first method and gotrid of that crap notice .

  • khanna

    hello friend

    thank you very much for this

    the first method worked

    once again thank you

  • dario


    no me funciona el tema de DESINSTALAR WGA NOTIFY

    increiblemente todavía sigue……..

  • freki

    thanks! this really helped to remove annoying "reminder".

  • panda

    Download Software for remove WGA for Windows Xp Here:

    its so easy,great help!tnx a lot

  • Kushal

    Hi whn i did these "RUN in the star bar.

    %systemroot%system32oobemsoobe.exe /a"

    it shows that the product is activated but when i validate the WMP11 and IE7 its shows the product is not original… what should i do now…. pls help

  • Crab

    When i install windows media player 11, it still says that my windows is not geniue but the nagging is gone.. please help…?

  • Pascal

    Easier way to do it.

    Write this on RUN in the star bar.

    %systemroot%system32oobemsoobe.exe /a

    If the window says not Activated.

    You do this..

    Go to run… write regedit and open the folders in this order..






    -WP AEvents

    -OBBtimer –> When you get to this.. you open it.. and erase the number on the right. Close and do what says on top..


    Thanks a lot Man my Windows XP is now Genuine

  • mushfique


    cool…the last method really works…thanks a lot…the crap is gone…

  • pk


  • LGM

    I found an easy way of getting rid of that crap. I used a program known as procexp.exe. It can replace task manager. So I executed the file, saw all the programs that were running, right-clicked on the lovely star and I went to the threads tab and killed them all. Then, I was able to erase the dlls and the program itself.




    I killed the dog, no more rabies. I kissed that program goodbye. Haven´t heard of ever since. I also disabled microsoft updates. I downloaded the program some time ago from Hope it works for U. Good luck.

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  • Thank you for the sharing guys.. I was so happy now..

  • Nikhar

    How do i know which version of wga do i have?

  • Thanks for your update

  • Lara S

    Thank you SO SO SOOOO much! I FINALLY got rid of that annoying windows genuine log and notify!!

  • ip-pel


    Somone who know a good WGA Fixer WiTHOUT VIRUS?

    Or whitch is harmless?

  • vasanth

    microsoft windows warning

    you are using a pirated (illegal) version of microsoft.some applivations could not be launched.

    am receiving this error and the message box with the above content appears in 3 seconds once k button is clicked.

  • Boogyman

    how the fuck do i dl it?



    Somone who know a thing thats remove WGA notify without problems?

    There is so many and i dont know with is the best and without virus.

  • Davo

    I used this one and it was quick and easy. Just open up the patch and bt bt annoying pop ups..


    February 12th, 2008 22:16 806# Regg

    October 21st, 2007 12:01


    Download Software for remove WGA for Windows Xp Here:

    Thx dude, it works for me!

  • Max

    thank you

  • lex

    No 4 is the best, rest is all too confusing, maybe i am not that smart.

    Thanks a lot guys.

    What i di was installed the software. and in start search, searched for both the files and renamed, i didint worked the first time, and my pc shut down. Then i did the ‘WgaTray.exe’ first and renamed it, then i did the WgaLogon.dll’ and then unblock and restarted it myself, it didnt ask. and VOILA it works. thank you

  • End of tyranny in relation to the Microsoft Windows, free softwares now

    thanks for tihs article.

  • tom

    ok the easyest way to get ri of it is to go to add or remove in the control panel the tick the box SHOW UPDATES un install the last update on the list of updates not the genuine notification cus u cant remove the one above it it will say it might make these programs not work properly it wont do anything except get rid of the genuine advantage notification tool, after you have un installed then restart or urn off

  • Mr.x

    Thanks very very very very very very very very very very very very mutch

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  • # Regg

    October 21st, 2007 12:01


    Download Software for remove WGA for Windows Xp Here:

    Thx dude, it works for me!

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  • Dave

    I've discovered a workaround for genuine advantage without the need for a "crack" of any sorts.

    Step 1: Create system restore point.

    Step 2: Run windows auto-update.

    Step 3: Install windows genuine advantage validation.

    Step 4: Upon seeing "This copy of windows failed validation", continue until a cancel button appears (then hit cancel).

    Step 5: Cancel any windows updates still attempting to complete.

    Step 6: Restore system to point prior to installing windows genuine advantage.

    Step 7: Resume auto-update and finish patching windows.


  • u did it for me .thannx

  • IeBlinder is a best instrument for bypass WGA/OGA.
    Has IeBlinder module, setup command file, and HTML page for test WGA/OGA in english.
    Sorry, in russian only

  • Tu

    Thanks for sharing !!!

  • Grad

    A 13kb patch in (Just Great)

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  • gregc

    thank you for this… by

  • dennis

    thx to all i hav done it with method 2 so easy

  • bob

    or can some one at least tell me how to restore my comp on startup??? please? any help will be apprichiated (bad spelling i know since im in a hurry)

    so please help me.

  • bob

    hey i did all the things in the first step,,,,but now when i try to log in the accounts startup then right off its logs off even before i see the screen……

  • IndianDude

    Great Site!

    Method four: Jules method just worked fine for me. I downloaded the Unlocker software.And used it to rename the 2 files mentioned.I restarted my laptop; it gave me a fatal error screen so I did a hard shutdown. I restarted my system, No window for resolve late or get genuine now. Also no baloon on the task bar.

    Wow what a relief…..saved lots of Embarrassment. I restarted the laptop with no problem(no fatal error screen).

    Now that this problem is over, I wonder if now I can do the updates on the windows product without the validation problem.

  • stevo_os

    THX a lot man this works but 2 things:

    I can't end WgaTray.exe process it just keep appearing.

    and i couldn't find dllcache in system 32…

    But it still works.. rep

  • Ippel

    BUT gow do we know that isnt a virus that infects our computer?

    Please!! Where can i get a GenuineWindowsXP-Patch?

  • Download Software for remove WGA for Windows Xp Here:

  • Ippel

    WICH of these "Genuine WinXP"-patch:es is the best and the working thing? Could somebody tell me plase?

  • Dan

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  • admin

    Please send the email from Contact. Try to retrieve lost password before this. Thanks.

  • Hello! Help solve the problem.

    Very often try to enter the forum, but says that the password is not correct.

    Regrettably use of remembering. Give like to be?

    Thank you!

  • paul

    What is with you fuckwits all saying "how do I remove the WGA notifications?", do you know how to fucking read you dickheads? Biju Jacob you are guilty of this you dickhead, and solo use your fucking eyes, the location is revealed in many of the methods.

  • jui

    Make ur windows xp genuine and download all updates from microsoft website…..!

    Bypass windows genuine validation!

    Try this one..i tried it now my windows xp is genuine..i hope u will get can make ur window genuine and by pass genuine validation..just visit it and do stepss..

    it 100% works…………

    just open it and follow steps in it..


  • AleVen

    it really works (genuineWindowsPatcher)thanks a lot, updating the windows is getting harder each time

  • Biju Jacob


    I have downloaded Windows Media Player 11 in my laptop at my office and wanted to install the file in my home PC( no internet connection at home).How do i bypass validation and do the full installation.

    Any suggestions

  • Biju Jacob


    I have downloaded Windows Media Player 11 in my laptop at my office and wanted to install the file in my home PC( no internet connection at home).How do i bypass validation and do the full installation.

    Any suggestions…

  • Biju Jacob


    I have downloaded Windows Media Player in my laptop at my office and wanted to install the file in my home PC( no internet connection at home).How do i bypass validation and do the full installation.

    Any suggestions…

  • unknown245

    Download NOW the best crack to make your Windows XP GENUINE. Everything you need and more! Remove the “This version of Windows XP isn’t Genuine” alert too! Don’t wait to have the Windows XP Genuine! And there is the best “Office XP Activator”! Download version light if you wanna have your Win XP quickly!



  • Jgc

    if you want to get rid of the taskbar wgatray.exe icon, all you have to do is do a search on it. you will get the exe file and the prefetch. with the search window open still and the task manager open next to it. end the process in the task manager and with lightning speed delete the prefetch. then repeat that process with the .exe

    you need to delete it before it starts up again.

    SPEED is essential here, lol.

    that wont delete the nag screen. only the taskbar icon.

  • solo

    dear -8-DEAMON-8-,

    i have downloaded the genuine XP patch, where do i install that patch?

  • solo

    dear podx,

    i have downloaded the genuine XP patch. so where do i install that patch?

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  • aleem

    dear podx,

    i am not able to download IE7 b cuz ,y window is not genuine and i read all of these complicated method and i couldn't able to got them so give me the path of genuine window where i just download and it'll be my window genuine, one thing more i want to ask give me the best antivirus?

    i m still waiting

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  • Eden

    The Wgatray.exe cannot be ended, it starts another instance as soon as you ended one. Any other work around?

  • frankie

    i have some master keys which you guys can try

    Office 97 – All Versions 01297-OEM-0123456-01234

    Works Suite 1999 11299-OEM-0041801-51793

    Works Suite 2000 WV8VH-92Q9B-BWYX7-9V9YM-T3YKY

    Works Suite 2001 GC4TW-BR8XW-T8DCH-W8R2G-KWT2D

    Works Suite 2002 Microsoft Restricted – Not available

    Office 2000 Academic CC9H7-PGC9D-GXYGW-H6FVQ-94BHY

    Office 2000 – Pro Version WV8VH-92Q9B-BWYX7-9V9YM-T3YKY

    Windows 95 – All Versions 01297 – OEM – 0123456 – 01234

    Windows 98 KR9PM-B68H2-DJHDY-VK643-7F986

    Windows 98 Second Edition KR9PM-B68H2-DJHDY-VK643-7F986

    Windows Millennium F7VRG-439C6-3GG34-BVJG2-B3FBJ

    Windows NT 4.0 11195 – OEM – 0310021 – 80354

    Windows 2000 – Professional F2T26-BMK6H-69QX8-FYV8D-TY4CM

    Windows 2000 – Small Business Server CMG26-JXKR6-3QYYB-CR6FD-MQ2VP

    Windows 2000 Server/Advanced Server M8XG8-2QGQ6-TX78G-R4JDV-49RYY

    or F2T26-BMK6H-69QX8-FYV8D-TY4CM

    WinDVD Software DVD Player 00JT95YUVSK1A83

    WordPerfect Productivity Pack WA12WRX-0000002-HMD

    WordPerfect Office 12 WO12WRX-0000002-HBU

  • frankie

    this site is just awsome, thanks guys, I installed

    xp 3 times in the last three months, i had have no interest of getting a genuine one, just because my

    friend purchased a genuine cd, and the support from MS informed saying that the copy is pirated which he bought from a branded outlet, GREAT I dont want to take chances, I really Happy with the

    support of u guys

  • o/

    podx`s method worked great on my pc!

    I suggest you to try it!

  • thank you for your group

  • Ippel

    So, Wich of these hundreds of things should i do to get accsess to Microsoft Updates for Windows XP?

    The simplest and the best?

    can someone tell me?

    I want to download Windows Updates!!

  • Ardalan

    Does anyone know about how to make genuine Office?

  • Ardalan

    Dear podx

    It Worked GREAT!

    I am installing IE7 and I am genuine

    Thank you so much

  • emil

    thank u dinzao i did it.burn in hell microsoft

  • Dinzao

    Dude, I tried the first method, but it didn't work out, but I could get rid of the shit by just opening the system32 folder, locating the file WgaLogon.dll, then properties and I changed WgaLogon.dll to WgaLogon.old. No more of this shit on my computer. I hope I could help you

  • BoyWonder

    After this, what about downloading updates? How is this affected?

  • greek_lover

    Thanks for the tip. I works great!!!

  • THe windows hunter

    burn in hell windows…you just meet your maker

  • Bobby

    I just want to thank you for giving a step by step on how to get rid of this. its so nice not seeing that big message in your face, and getting that pop up every 30 mins

  • Ivan

    I did it…

    Fuck you Microsoft

  • Emad


    How I can to Remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications 1.5.540.0

    Thank you & best Regards

  • cali

    my father in law was given a computer by one of his sons. from a licenced dealer of microsoft's products. (go figure) that they downloaded this program onto his computer and it tells him he has a pirated copy of xp. shocking that they would say that….. anyway i found a site that has an auto-program to remove this little annoyance if you care to look into it to more easily help our fellow internet junkies.

  • Stranger

    The simplest way of disabling this feature is to disable automatic updates.

  • David


    I had installed MS Office 2007 on my machine, but it's been block, I mean the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) has been installed on my computer, and the MS Office 2007 is not working anymore.

    Could you please let us know, that how to remove either the registry key or the (WGA) software.

    I had formatted my hard drive / uninstalled the software then reinstalled it, but still the software features are restricted, and can‘t open my files. I’m very desperate got loads of work to do.

    I’ve ran out of options, could anyone please suggest anything, that I could up and running the MS Office 2007 software again my computer.

    Your suggestions will be very appreciated.

    Kind Regards.

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    Have someone a link to download the new version of

    LegitCheckContol.dll. I've tried whith the ones suggested by swissboy, but don't work anymore.

  • search for IE 7 at:

    Download using torrent client like utorrent

  • justiniani

    solution #1 really works! thnks a lot, but you might wanna include some explanation on how to run "regedit". i knew but some of this site visitors probably do not.

    thanks again.

  • Shinta

    what manu posted on "April 6th, 2007 09:04" really

    works ^^ u r0x /o/

  • Manu

    TESTED and WORK ….

    It's so easy to make windows 100% licensed (Windows Genuine):

    1 – Download the file “Instrutions.txt”, they have the easy instruction for the next 4 files:

    2 – Download and Open "Generate Windows XPVLK Genuine Serial" ( ) from :

    Then select "Windows Xp Pro. VLK" from Product Family section, press "generate"

    to generate a brand new Windows XP VLK serial, note it to somewhere to use on the next step.

    3 – Download and open "Change Your Windows XP Key" ( from :

    Select "Change Windows Key" from the options, then enter the serial you previously noted

    in the previous step.

    4 – Download and open "Windows Genuine Advantage Fix" ( ) from :

    Select "Yes" in the dialog to apply genuine fix, now your windows must be licensed.

    5 – Download and open "Genuine Advantage Checker" ( ) from :

    "Genuine validation status" must be changed from "Blocked VLK" to "Genuine"

    After that you can :

    – download all Windows and Office updates,

    – play all the media with "Windows Media Player 11",

    – Surf the web with "Internet Explorer 7",

    – and much more..

    just enjoy…

  • syc

    I tried first method, worked for me. Thanks! 🙂

  • cochee

    New wersion of our beloved toool since yesterday (April 3rd, 2007)…

  • Rickus

    That magical jelly bean tip from Reverend Rave works great, no more message at login screen. You just gotta get a keygen > check out I still get a system tray pop-up when I'm logged in every now and then though.

  • Goncalo

    Thanks Manu.. it works just fine!

  • bob

    Ely's post worked fine for me. Thanks a lot! This one would serve as a birthday present for me. Yay! again thanks a lot! 🙂

  • Reverend Rave

    I simply downloaded a free programme called Magic Jellybean and then used it to change the key number. Now my pirated XP is 100 genuine. Afterwards I downloaded Explorer 7 and Mediaplayer 11, plus I now get all the updates.

  • Gazza

    Method 2 no longer works as windows will not allow a restore to before the advantage was loaded. Method 1 works great.

  • manu

    It's so easy to make windows 100% licensed:

    1 – Download and open "GenerateWindowsXPVLKGenuineSerial.exe" from :
    then select "Windows Xp Pro. VLK" from Product Family section, press "generate" to generate a brand new Windows XP VLK serial, note it to somewhere to use on the next step.

    2 – Download and open "ChangeYourWindowsXPKey.exe" from :
    select "Change Windows Key" from the options, then enter the serial you previously noted in the previous step.

    3 – Download and open "WindowsGenuineAdvantageFix.exe" from :
    select "Yes" in the dialog to apply genuine fix, now your windows must be licensed.

    4 – Download and open "GenuineAdvantageChecker.exe" from :
    "Genuine validation status" must be changed from "Blocked VLK" to "Genuine".

    After that you can :

    -download all windows updates from Microsoft's website,

    -play all the media with "Windows Media Player 11",

    -surf the web with "Internet Explorer 7",

    -and much more.. just enjoy…

  • Ely

    I tried the First method – and windows dos not allow me to log in!

    in normal or safe mode. nothing!

    i'm afraid i must format my PC!

  • ila_mihai

    Use "unlocker" (the magic wand thing – freeware) to delete WgaTray.exe (it will delete the file only after a reboot). It worked for me.

  • Zeues_la www

    fuck u all

    son of a bitch

    it is not working

    kutti kay bachy teri maa ki choooooooooot

  • jenniwren

    So BlOOdStaINeDbULLet, did you find that the solution in this article did not work?

    We don't see any annoying prompts (don't know why not – we don't use IE)

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  • BlOOdStaINeDbULLet

    I experimented with something and found away around the moronic wga prompt. This will not allow any updates but will resolve the prompting every start up. Run your computer in safe mode and delete the two wga files in C:/Windows/System32/

    I've just deleted mine so I forgot the names but they are something along the lines of WGA.exe and WGA.dll. If your reading this forum you're a samrt cat so you'll get it. Good luck and Cheers!

  • jenniwren

    My understanding is that the new version of WGA (I guess it was released at the end of Feb '07), if inadvertently installed, will prevent the user from accessing windows updates. This seems incredibly dangerous to M$ to me!

    My questions are:

    1. Does removing the tool as suggested in the article above allow such a user to access updates again?

    2. And do you HAVE to have the tool in order to access updates?

    I have a legit copy of windows (as far as I know) but I don't really want to risk the hassle of a false positive. Also a friend installed the WGA and now cannot access updates.

    Anyone know the answers for me?

  • Mariann

    Hello! I do have a geuine version of XP but I don't feel comfotrtable installing an Windows update that spies my computer system and so I refused to install the update. Will I have any disadvantages from this and should I install it anyhow? My windows version is genuine but I may have some other programs which aren't (e.g. MS Office). Will the Windows Genuine Advantage check also check this?


  • Coca Cola

    Hey everyone – First method works!!! genuine crup is gone and internet is working again.

  • John

    To Simon.

    The following should deal with your problem.

    BEFORE going to MS do the following:

    Re-install your OS from scratch again using the slipstreamed XP-SP1 disk, and then put SP2 on using the full version from MS. (That version does not have wga in it.) Then run the crack for 1.5.540.0. If you haven't got that, it should be easy enough to find on the net.

    THEN go to MS Windows Update. You will not need to install wga validation as you already have a working crack. So once you get to the list of software to install, you will be able to deselect the 1.7.0017.0 wga notifications, and tell it not to offer it again.

  • I haven't tested it yet, but try this for 1.7:

  • simon

    I've recently got the latest update for WGA (did a reinstall to my OS today), version and it seems that I can't find a way on how to crack this. I've tried finding the crack for this version, but I only found those for the versions 1.5.

    Anyone have a crack for 1.7? If you do, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

  • cloud79

    A new version of Windows Genuine Advantage check has been released on February 21th 2007.

    Before installing the new version and obtaining the error I'm wondering if it is alredy out any way to bypass the notification.

    Thanks in advance.

  • chgkigshg

    To disable or remove WGA manually, just follow the step-by-step below from microsoft:

    1) Log on to the computer by using an account that has administrative permissions.

    2) Make sure that the WGA Notifications version that exists on the computer is a pilot version. The version format for the pilot version is 1.5.0532.x. In this case, you can uninstall versions 527-532 only. For example, you can uninstall versions that range from 1.5.0527.0 to 1.5.0532.2. To find the WGA Notifications version, follow these steps:

    (a) Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

    (b) Double-click Add or Remove Programs, click Windows XP – Software, click Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications, and then click Click here for support information.

    Note If Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications does not appear, the release version is installed. You cannot uninstall the release version of WGA Notifications.

    (c) In the Support Info dialog box, verify the version number, and then click Close.

    3) Rename the following files by changing the extension to .old:

    •Rename %Windir%system32WgaLogon.dll to %Windir%system32WgaLogon.old

    •Rename %Windir%system32WgaTray.exe to %Windir%system32WgaTray.old

    4) Restart the computer.

    5) Unregister LegitCheckControl.dll by using Regsvr32. To do this, follow these steps:

    (a) Click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK.

    (b) At the command prompt, type the following, and then press ENTER:

    Regsvr32%Windir%system32LegitCheckControl.dll /u

    6) Restart the computer.

    7) Click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK.

    8) At the command prompt, delete the following files by typing the Del command. Press ENTER after you type each command.

    • Del %Windir%system32wgalogon.old

    • Del %Windir%system32WgaTray.old

    • Del %Windir%system32LegitCheckControl.dll

    9) At the command prompt, type regedit.

    10) Locate and then right-click the following registry subkeys. Click Delete after you locate each subkey.

    •HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsNT CurrentVersionWinlogonNotifyWgaLogon

    •HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows CurrentVersionUninstallWgaNotify

    I had used the above method to remove the latest version & it WORK!!!

    But in order to download or install software that requires validation, you have to crack/patch the LegitCheckControl.dll

  • Anonymous46

    Here is the easiest way I have found to finally disable these warnings,note this is great method for newbies to computers like myself,lol.Here goes,anyone can do this simple method!

    1. Click on Start -> Control Panel ->User Accounts

    2. Click on "Change the way users log on or off"

    3. Uncheck "Use the Welcome Screen" – Choose Apply,and, Uncheck the box below this one.

    4. Close the User Accounts window and the Control Panel

    5. The next time you reboot your computer, the classic login prompt might be used,one last time.

    6.O.k.,now right click the warning(cog wheel icon) in your system tray,click on disable updates at the microsoft site.7.NOW,go back to user accounts window,and put a checkmark back in "use the welcome screen".BUT,leave the 2nd box unchecked..You should not get anymore warnings,as I didn't! goodluck.

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  • admin

    Check out this post to make your Windows genuine, or check out registry hack.

  • hari

    plz send me a link for download ie7 free download withaout validation windows xp sp2

  • Ion

    Hi ,thanks very much for your advise how to remove WGA message! Thanks a lot!

  • Israel

    Please ignore my previous post(#718. I got about 3 updates before the validator nags came back… 🙁

  • Israel

    How I got around the WGA Notifications was almost too easy. I got all those nag's while trying to download some of the initial SP1 updates and I remembered that I had SP2 on a disc that Microsoft had mailed me when it first came out. I popped it in my machine and installed SP2. It ran through my head that SP2 broke a lot of stuff (like nmap) and that maybe it WGA Validator was set to only check for an unpatched version of Windoze. Not a patched, or half patched. I ran Microsoft updates after SP2 was installed and guess what… no nag screen! The updates are running fine now. I know there are some old security sites that offered Service Pack2 besides Microsoft.(used to anyway) So this is another work around. At least today 1/11/07 – Israel

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  • Widow

    22. swissboy

    @Admin: You can take may Patch as “Seventeenth Method” please? It have posted them original at comment #205 already.

    Download at:

    Since it has been removed, just between us, where can I download this file? Thnks.

  • de

    new version of Windows Genuine Advantage Validation v1.5.723.1 – ETH0


    admin's note: link removed due to Microsoft complaints

    No thanks

  • Sunny

    make windows genuine 100% gauranteed

    admin's note: link removed due to Microsoft complaint.

  • tray

    i have windows media operating system how can i disable the protection s i can get all updates

  • kobe

    after hours of tearing my hair out and trying all the patches and deleting files, i found a simple prgram that automatically deletes that infamous wgatray and others, and gets rid of the WGA notifications and pop-up messages, it worked for me so ill pass on the link:


  • and oso

    change auto-update setting to select and install myself mode, and skip the window genuine advantage install if auto update dl it agn

  • i dun hink we nid to do so much stuff juz to get rid of it.

    delete the WGA file directly from system32

    if it says it's in use, end process in task manager!

    simple, fast and effective…

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  • Styx

    Don't try anything of this.

    It is all malware or worms

  • Adam

    Legend!!!!!! The wpa patch works!!!

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  • tray

    i have windows media operating system how can i disable the protection s i can get updates and download media player 11

  • saber

    gandu, i tried that program (rock xp), but it doesn't work. i did everything that said in the read-me, but it doesn't do anything…pls help

  • amit maitra

    dear sir,my window is genune.I can submit purchase bill,I cant activate window over internet,they are saying my key ward is old and requers new key ward.thanking you,yours truly,amit maitra

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  • John

    To NoTechie – you need to get someone to actually look at your computer. Solving the problems you describe is outside the scope of this thread.

    My understanding at the moment is that unless a computer has had wga versions 1.5.554.0 or 1.5.708.0 installed, then the 1.5.540.0 modified program will work with the Windows update centre, and you will not have validation or notification problems.

    As stated elsewhere, the 1.5.540.0 patch does not resolve issues where later wga versions have been installed, does not facilitate access to the download centre, and does not address the wga built into some individual programs such as IE7 etc.


    On 1st November, MS are due to start rolling out IE7 as a critical update through Windows Updates (including automatic updates), and as far as I am aware, that will have its own wga built in. I would suggest that users do not install it until they are sure that it is not going to cause further problems.

  • secra4
  • Hello,

    Thank you for contacting Microsoft Online Customer Service.

    I apologize for the delay in our response to your issue. Due to an increase in requests, our response time is longer than usual. We appreciate your patience.

    From your message that it appears that you are experiencing issues with system crash. I realize the importance of the issue and look forward to assisting you today.

    As a Customer Service Representative, I can assist you with the support options available for your Microsoft product. However, the information you have provided in not clear to understand your issue completely. I request you to provide the following information to understand the issue better and to assist you further:

    – Clear description of the issue:

    – Exact text of error message:

    – Problem product (e.g. Internet Explorer 6):

    – Are you experiencing issues with Microsoft Mouse (e.g. Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000):

    – Version of your Microsoft Windows (Example: Windows XP Home Edition):

    – Any other information related to the issue:

    Once I have the above information, I will be able to provide the support options available for your product.

    We appreciate your patience and look forward to your reply with the above information.

    Thank you for using Microsoft products and services.


    Microsoft Online Customer Service Representative.

    If you have any feedback about your Online Customer Service experience, please e-mail my manager, Shirley Oommen Mookodil, at [email protected]

    —–Original Message—–

    From: Martin Larsen)

    Date: Monday, October 23, 2006 12:52 PM

    To: [email protected] ([email protected])

    Subject: I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to reboot any more

    Dear Microsoft,

    Your mice are great. Rodents are far less annoying than your reboot reminders. Please let me determine how long I want to wait between reminders when a patch has been installed

    that requires a reboot, or else please let me know which model Macintosh I should purchase.

    Thank you.

    P.S. Please re-read this email every 10 minutes until you have fixed the annoying popup box.

    P.S. Please re-read this email every 10 minutes until you have fixed the annoying popup box.

    P.S. Please re-read this email every 10 minutes until you have fixed the annoying popup box.

    P.S. Please re-read this email every 10 minutes until you have fixed the annoying popup box.

    P.S. Please re-read this email every 10 minutes until you have fixed the annoying popup box.

    P.S. Please re-read this email every 10 minutes until you have fixed the annoying popup box.

    P.S. Please re-read this email every 10 minutes until you have fixed the annoying popup box.

    P.S. Please re-read this email every 10 minutes until you have fixed the annoying popup box.

    P.S. Please re-read this email every 10 minutes until you have fixed the annoying popup box.

    P.S. Please re-read this email every 10 minutes until you have fixed the annoying popup box.

    P.S. Please re-read this email every 10 minutes until you have fixed the annoying popup box.

  • Windows Defender release v 1592 at 10/23/2006

    Cracked installer:

  • hello John,

    here's where things stand as of now.

    Have use of mouse finally! Had to move it to a usb… thankfully, that fixed that issue for now.

    now, to my horror, I can not use system restore as I was unaware until now that it had been shut off! I don't know who did it, or when either.

    Also, for what ever reason, under configs/ services tab a pile of service's are stopped, one of which is the MS Software Shadow copy provider… performance logs & alerts, an many others as well. I don't know why either. Plus, for what ever reason my taskbars Quick access to programs, has changed; plus taskbar by the clock has icons I don't normally have. I'm soooooooooo confusedddddddd!

    I hope you've got some idea's…

    I'm so :frustrated !

    thanx again for your time.

  • John

    No Techie – one other thought. If you have a USB mouse that will not work, then try connecting a serial or ps2 mouse. If the USB mouse has become disabled for some reason, a serial/ps2 mouse might still work OK.

    To the administrator of this site – sorry about this, but I am trying to help.

  • John

    No Techie – this is really outside the scope of this thread.

    Press the Window Key (usually in between the Ctrl and Alt keys in the bottom left hand corner on most keyboards) which opens the start menu. Use the up/down arrow keys to get to "run" and then press enter. In the box that opens, type msconfig . You then use the arrow keys and the tab key to navigate through the pages and options. The tab key has two horizontal arrows and is normally above the caps lock key.

  • Please I'm hoping and praying that you're here now as I'm in serious trouble here… 🙁 I'm about ready to pull my hair out to be honest!

    Since I rebooted, but prior to attempting to follow your instructions, I know longer have control over my mouse… nor do I know that keyboard keys to use to go into the startup tab at configs under run, and alter my startup file… for some reason, things I don't want to start, are now starting, and others that I want to work won't… I'm so unhappy right now and I can't get into the computer tech place as I've got no moola… 🙁 (*disability check won't be here for a few days yet!) I need my system!! 🙁 Even if you could walk me through, (as much as I hate to do it) a restore to a couple days ago, that should fix what ever it didn't like me doing… I hope!

    I'm going to sit here at the screen until I see your answer… I've yet to get any sleep since saturday night attempting to fix this new issue.

    For some reason, things that I don't usually have start up, (I'd unticked them) in config, startup tab, are now back to being started. I can't get to the items in the area beside the clock on the task bar due to no mouse… otherwise I'd shut them down at that spot…

    Why oh why and poor me.. excuse me while I whine a little more.. in fact, you got any cheese to go with … 🙁

    *(Oh lord, it's hard to be positive when so much goes wrong… please at least hear my prayer that John is monitoring this site…)

    Ps. it seems pnp has been stopped as well as far as service's go that is.. got that when looking at the startup tab in configs… in fact a number of service's I don't normally use have been restarted, while others stopped. without that silly mouse, I can't figure out how to reset them…

    hope you're here at this ungodly hour, 6:47am – John…

  • John

    To "NoTechie"

    The only reason I said use Firefox is that the site at the link I posted to will only download to a request from Firefox. There will be other sites on the net where you can download it using IE.

    If you have trouble with wga on a genuine windows install, then that is a different matter. People with proper licensed Windows installations have been complaining that they are having trouble with wga not installing properly, and in other cases wher it installs and then wrongly flags the OS as non-genuine.

    Initially, MS denied that there were any problems like this, but evidence has been emerging that it is quite widespread.

    If you are absolutely certain that it is a genuine windows install, then I'd be inclined to go to MS for support for it. They will supposedly sort it out free of charge.

    In theory, installing that file I linked to the download for should solve your problem – even though you have removed bits of what was already there – but without knowing the full problem with your computer it is difficult to say.

    In my opinion it is absurd that people with genuine copies of windows should have to resort to sites like this to solve problems like that. The other irony is that whilst people have had trouble with the genuine wga not working properly on a genuine Windows installation, I have yet to hear of a patched wga failing to work properly on a pirated Windoews system, (except for the issues I have mentioned which are outside of that patched wga to address).

  • To "John", NoTechie here…

    Would it not be feasable to just delete the file downloaded to the C:WINDOWSSoftwareDistributionDownloadc268348752498f57ff1128ae6a23c4f1 if this is the exact file where the WGAlogon.dll & WGAtray.exe exist in folder on system?

    Just a question and thought…

    Thanks again for your time.. 🙂

    Seems to me those tech support people that charged me to remove the friggin thing didn't do anything other than remove the nags… I wonder if I'd be able to shame them into returning my money… hmmm…


  • To John, Thanx for your time and comments on my O/S issues… the only thing is… I've NOT been back to MS for ANY reason since this problem began; simply because I have a valid license, but was failed at time f "accidental" WGA install. Dumb me,I wasn't paying attention at time of MS updates so didn't realize until too late that I'd installed the stupid thing. To my horror, after being told my O/S failed validation.

    I've still got the WGA version # 1.5.0540.0 until about 60 minutes ago that is… I'd followed the advice in step 5 I think… where told to delete the files in the data folder of the WGA folder. This was prior to seeing your reply to me, which I appologise for. Now I just hope I didn't mess things up.

    Seems to me it's the story of my life, to jump the gun and shoot myself in the foot… in this case I shot the computer O/S instead?? Gosh, I sure hope not as I don't have any way to repair O/S as the computer was a private purchase, and came with NO O/S CD. Another long story 🙁

    (*Note: I was no longer getting nagged by MS since tech people did what ever they did, to the tune of $80.00 and 3 days in clinic… friggin robbery! Especially since I'd told them I didn't want to use restore points for any reason! Besides the fact, I coulda done that myself!!! They assured me they NEVER use them, EVER!! Why then, could I not get passed the P/w screen at boot when I got system home again…? I ended up having to take it to another tech place to regain access to my system!)

    Also, the version of IE I'm using is 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519

    Should I still go ahead with your advise John?

    I'd have to install firefox first…



  • John

    To "No Techie"

    To deal with 1.5.540.0:- Using Firefox browser, go to

    where you can download the fix you need.

    Uncompress the file using WinRaR and just run it.

    As at 23:00 BST 21st October, I downloaded it and it is the correct file – but always check for viruses.

    BUT can I just add the following.

    That patch will not work if you have already installed a later wga version. If you have 1.5.554.0 or 1.5.708.0, then you need to follow the links in the text on this page for the relevant remedies.

    ALSO – That patch will not allow access to the MS download center – only the Windows Update site. if you go to the download center and try and access it, you will end up infected with the 1.5.708.0 wga.

    ALSO – that patch does not address the wga that is built in to some MS downloads like IE7 and WMP11. There are individual solutions for these – again look in the text above.

    NOW – just watch idiots who have not read the page above, or this post, continue to post messages comaplaining that this patch does not remedy those issues.

  • a few months ago, I ended up with WGA and its insestant nags. Since I was terrified to remove it myself, I took it in to tech support and they removed it. They said they didn't use restore points to do it, yet when I got my system back my logon p/w no longer worked, plus the startup screen was different as well. It wasn't until much later I realised they used a restore point, which was prior to Windows XP Pro install. The original OS from store was Windows Media Edition.

    Now, I'm not sure what difference there is between the two OS, but I do know I still have some files that make me nervous about WGA; especially when it was supposed to be removed. It's called "legitCheckControl.dll" and under discription it states "Windows Genuine Advantage Validation" and the version 1.5.0540.0, found in WINDOWS/system 32

    I hate what Microsoft has done, and since I don't wish to be dictated to by them, I've removed the Windows Updates from Add/Remove programs until there's a work-a-round to the WGA plug-in being downloaded with updates.

    My problem is rather complex and I'm more than willing to talk with someone on the phone, at my expense.

  • John

    To Georg

    If you just get a blank background when booting your computer – with no toolbar or icons, then it is not booting up properly. Sorting that out is beyond the scope of this site, and you will have to get someone who knows what they are doing to sit down and look at your computer. You could try reverting to an earlier restore point, but that is all that can be suggested.

    To "help me"

    If you read the page above, you will see that some software from MS ships with its own built in wga. Dealing with that is a separate issue from the wga which gets installed at the windows update site, and links are above which lead to pages that deal with that.

    Quite honestly, dealing with wga successfully is gradually involving a level of computer literacy and understanding that a lot of people just do not have. Increasingly, if you lack that level of understanding you will have to either (a) get someone who does know what they are doing to actually sit at you computer and sort it out, or (b) buy genuine software.

  • Matt

    Hey if you are looking for other genuine crcaks such as IE7, WMP11 and defender genuine crack go here:

    Deleted for spam. Please stop spamming.

    Also the OFFICIAL IE7(nonBETA) is on that site

    or for its the Main headqurter news site go here:

  • Georg

    Hi evryone, I’m having proublems with microsoft, and it kept saying i don’t have the righte version.See above pictures.

    I don’t have alot of expreiece in this, so i wish someone could help me…

    Now when i start my pc , it doesn’t show the taskbar,all icons,only my wallpaper. and i tried method 1 up here, and now i don’t get the signs no more , but i still have the problem with my taskbar. It doesn’t show Anything.. Hope someone understands,couse i don’t know what i have to do next to get my pc in correct order. 15 year old georg.Sorry for my bad english. I'm still waiting, and hoping someone could help me ….

  • yes

    Protect your Computer by Windows Defender beta2

  • Georg

    Hi evryone, I'm having proublems with microsoft, and it kept saying i don't have the righte version.See above pictures.

    I don't have alot of expreiece in this, so i wish someone could help me…

    Now when i start my pc , it doesn't show the taskbar,all icons,only my wallpaper. and i tried method 1 up here, and now i don't get the signs no more , but i still have the problem with my taskbar. It doesn't show Anything.. Hope someone understands,couse i don't know what i have to do next to get my pc in correct order. 15 year old georg.Sorry for my bad english.

  • help me

    hello every one im asking u guys for a problem i have … the new windows media player is avilible at microsoft web side but when i start to download it and when i install it its asking for windows genuine and its shows that im a victim is there any way to solve this plz guys i need help…thx

  • alexis

    just wondering howcome "muBlinder" which is the only tool that can bypass validation on microsoft update AND download center, can bypass validation when installing IE7 and others, and is the most famous and popular tool to use for so long is never mentioned in any of your methods? I mean I find it very weird that the ONLY tool that can bypass the Download Center problems and allow you to download is the only one that is never mentioned? LOL

    And swissboy, if you are going to use other peoples cracked DLL's then atleast give credit instead of pretending that you cracked it, you fake wannabe cunt.

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  • CokeFreak

    Hey Guys, the NEW muBlider 3.2 BETA is out which allow you to bypass both Download center and windows update 100%!!!! Go here:

    then go to Post: #1033

  • VLK Druid


    Install XP with no slipstreamed stuffs

    THEN: Install SP2

    UPDATES : Allow only download with custom installation.

    ALLOW initial update of Win Installer 3.1 and KB898641

    NO OTHER UPDATES UNTIL you install the goodies you want like defender, media player 10 or 11, IE7. YOU BYPASS VALIDATION BY DOWNLOADING THEM DIRECT VIA:

    AFTER ALL THIS you fully update with autopatcher or by carefully choosing updates with no embedded WGA


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  • jim

    another way, try to use the RemoveWGA software. you can get it from here:

  • JaCu

    I have a problem. I have a good cd-key prom windows xp pro from my work but when i want to change my cd key windows sey that i write a wrong key… what should i do?

  • Just wanted to mention that the first method works pretty good on all systems I have worked with, but you might have to look in the WinNT directory rather than the Windows directory. Some installations I have found create both directories, and then have most everything goint to the WinNT directory. I think this is to keep you on your toes. 😀

  • Lisa Lee


    The nagging that it's not a real copy is an annoyance, but to me is nothing crucial. I would like to know, after applying the patch in the Third Method, will I be able to continue running the Windows Update? To me that's more important. Thanks in advance

  • Jap


    Latest download to fic this prob.

  • KR

    Hi, I am having a problem with WGA the newst version is just really terrible. (1.5.554.0.) Can you please suggest a way to go around this thing, I would realy apreciate it. Also really easy steps

    to progress with the removal will be helpful, I tend to loose myself throughtout. TNS so much! :3

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  • ghost168
  • Wujek Samo Zlo

    For Disable and Remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Nag Screen you must download and run this file:
    This is "updates" 892130 and 905474 with patched libraries legitcheckcontrol.dll and wgalogon.dll and patched file wgatray.exe.

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  • pitty

    Steven i tried your script, is not good. it said me some files is missed end it has'n finished the work..

  • ColeFreak

    Everyone don't download the AntiWGA it dosen't work for bypassing the WGA Validtaion on download center. its the same junk as any other crack. It only works on Windows update

  • master

    U can use this program to download validation reqired files.

    Automatic baypass valitation.

  • Steven

    You don’t need to download a program to auto uninstall WgaNotify. With some help from some friends (Marcus Red) at alt.msdos.batch.nt we created this automated batch script that uninstalls Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Version 1.5.554.0. Simply copy the following text into a text file and save the file as uninstall.bat:

    :: Last Modified October 2, 2006
    :: WGA-UNINSTALL.BAT Version 099.5
    :: Logon to Windows as an administrator
    :: Close all open programs before running wga-uninstall.bat
    :: Anti-virus programs may stop this script from running
    :: Disable script blocking or active scanning


    IF NOT EXIST %WINDIR%\system32\WgaTray.exe GOTO :EOF

    TASKKILL /IM WgaTray.exe /F /T

    RENAME %WINDIR%\system32\WgaLogon.dll WgaLogon.old
    RENAME %WINDIR%\system32\WgaTray.exe WgaTray.old
    RENAME %WINDIR%\system32\dllcache\WgaLogon.dll WgaLogon.old
    RENAME %WINDIR%\system32\dllcache\WgaTray.exe WgaTray.old

    REGSVR32 %WINDIR%\system32\LegitCheckControl.dll /U /S

    DEL %WINDIR%\system32\WgaTray.old /F /Q
    DEL %WINDIR%\system32\LegitCheckControl.dll /F /Q
    DEL %WINDIR%\system32\dllcache\WgaTray.old /F /Q
    DEL %WINDIR%\system32\dllcache\WgaLogon.old /F /Q
    DEL %WINDIR%\WgaNotify.log /F /Q
    DEL %WINDIR%\Temp\WGAErrLog.txt /F /Q
    /F /Q
    DEL %TEMP%\WGANotify.settings /F /Q

    RD %WINDIR%\SoftwareDistribution\Download\c268348752498f57ff1128ae6a23c4f1
    /S /Q
    RD “%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Windows Genuine Advantage” /S /Q

    REG DELETE “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows
    NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify\WgaLogon” /F
    “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\WgaNotify” /F
    REG ADD “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce” /V
    WgaLogonDelete /T REG_SZ /D “CMD /C DEL %WINDIR%\system32\WgaLogon.old /F
    /Q” /F

    SHUTDOWN -R -F -T 0

  • ghost168

    XP pro Key, but the Tool is also for XP home.

    For as long as it takes…


    also use this very special validation Utility:

    Or you may use another Key-Code that you

    could find on the PC-case, Software, or from

    other people, if they want to share their Keys,

    and so forth and so on…

    (Try to find out if the Keys are multi-usable)

  • Oka

    For don't need any patch, juste copy the serial key from any good computer : your professionnal computer (or father/mother/brother/friend…), university, cyber-café, etc… lot of them use a valid VLK Key.

    Find the key use on the good computer with KeyFinder :….

    Delete any patch (legitcheck or wga),

    Delete "All Users/Application Data/Windows genuine advantage" Folder

    Change your serial and it's good

  • eeapysj

    to Michelangelo




    (((When the Windows Key you are using is informed by this tool as “Blocked VLK”, the patched 1.5.708.0 dlls do not work neither with Download Center nor with Windows Update (you get to the “Not Genuine” page)))

    I have the "Blockedd VLK" and 1.5.0708.0 In Windows Update works without a glitch, but in Download Center NO!

    The problem with all the patches until now is in the Download Center. This suggest that MS is using a different approach of validation…

  • Michelangelo




    Both patched LegitCheckControl.dll 1.5.708.0 available here from Swissboy and from Danny seem to work for some people and do not work for other people for the purpose of WGA Validation for Download Center & for Windows Update.

    Anyway, the KB905474 patch from Swissboy is still working OK for overriding WGA Notifications.

    Well, I found the following:

    It seems like the patched 1.5.708.0 dlls work or do not work depending on the Windows Key you are using. I tried changing several Keys.

    Tested each installed key with the M$ tool MGADiag.exe (MGADiag.exe).

    When the Windows Key you are using is informed by this tool as "Blocked VLK", the patched 1.5.708.0 dlls do not work neither with Download Center nor with Windows Update (you get to the "Not Genuine" page).

    When the Windows Key you are using is informed by this tool as "Invalid Key", the patched 1.5.708.0 dlls do work OK either with Download Center or with Windows Update.

    I don't know the difference. Does anybody?

    I can assure I tested several keys and the behavior seems to be always the same.

    Hope this help.

    As always, thank you very much! Great work!!!

  • Jack

    To NYgtr:

    If you look at the top of this page, it says: "Disable and Remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Nag Screen".

    That is a different issue to the validation process at the Microsoft Download centre.

    I suggest you read what it says above first, then find out what you need to do, then do it.

    You need to follow the link in the paragraph that refers to the 1.5.708.0 issue. that takes you to a different page that addresses the wga issues relevant to the Download Centre.

    There appear to be many people who do not read what it says above. They then download and install the first fix they find (even if it has nothing to do with their problem) and then they complain it doesn't work.

  • NYgtr

    I installed the Legitcheck.dll, Im still getting the "not genuie copy" when I tyr to download win defender,IE7 rc1,etc.

    What im doing wrong?

  • John

    The update number for WGA notifications is KB905474 – as stated in the text on this page.

  • madmikey


    Do you know the KB number for this update???

  • A$h X

    As of 27/9/06 the legitcontrolcheck.dll (version 1.5.708.0) posted by Danny will allow you to pass the validation at the microsoft download page. However when you try and install something like windows defender, ie7 beta 3 etc. it will say that you need a valid product licence key. You can obtain one and the tools necessary to change your product key from torrent sites. Good luck 😉

  • John

    September 26th 2006. Beware of a further update to WGA notifications that is being offered through Windows Update as and from today.

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  • John

    As regards the question "does the hotfix work" – the answer is that the fix provided by swissboy does what he says it does.

    However, if you want to download files from the MS download centre – it does not address the wga check there – but he doesn't assert that it does. If you want a drm-free xp2, you need the version for network administrators – not the version from the WU site. If you want IE7, WMP11, or any other download with built in wga, you need to get the individual fixes for those issues.

    But why don't you do what a lot of other people do.

    1 Ignore the advice and fail to read what has been said.

    2 Try and install XP2 from the WU site onto a non-genuine windows installation.

    3 Acquire genuine IE7, WMP11 etc, and try and install them on a non-genuine Windoes installation.

    4 Install the other version of wga from the MS download site – even though you have been told not to.

    Then when you find that swissboys fix does not get you out of the mess you have created, come back here and start complaining about it.

  • dose the hot fix work

  • Bliep

    I used method six, but skipped steps 1 and 11. Worked just fine! Thx.

  • GRrrr… Sorry, for all the posts, but I'm still getting complaints. Maybe RapidShare is blocking by wordlist, so I've changed the filename. Here are three more links.


  • I don't know what's going on. Some people are still having problems, so here's a third link.

    Hopefully, this one will work.


  • The last link I posted is giving "File Not Found" errors, so here's a new one!

    Good Luck!


  • The following link, to the new *fixed* LegitCheckControl, will allow you to use Micro$0ft Update, but not manual downloads from M$'s site. —- Hey, at least it's a step in the right direction!! =) Hopefully, someone will get the whole thing working.


  • blah blah

    I am one of those people with genuine legit windows but who keeps experiencing a "false positive". It's annoying in the extreme to be nagged about something when one definitively isn't guilty!

    Anyway Method one worked for me. Cheers.

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  • CokeFreak

    I think I know whats the problem with the WGA Cracks. Its not about changing the version. I compared v1.5.530.0 and v.1.5.708.0 via Resourse hack and I've noticed under TypeLib follwoed by 1033 in Resourse Hacker both v1.5.530.0 and v1.5.708.0 have diffrent codes, on the buttom of the page, v1.5.708.0 has extra numbers and letter then the other version. May be Microsoft has updated that feature which is preventing Pirated PC from getting WGA products. Some one should maybe crack that to see if that solves the problem with the WGA Downloads.

    I hate WGA! Its so annoying! someone should send a virus to that WGA.





  • Michelangelo


    May be this info is obvious for you. Anyway I post it to try to make a minimum contribution by clarifying how the things are at the moment.

    WGA Validation in Windows Update still works with old LegitCheckControl.dll´s.

    Thus, your patched Update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 is working OK for Windows Update.

    More than that, Windows Update still accept any LegitCheckControl.dll from v1.5.530.0 and up. (Nobody knows how much more time!!!)

    WGA Notifications are still also solved with your patched Update KB905474 v1.5.540.0. Great!!!

    Problem is with the MS Download Center.

    WGA Validation in the Download Center only works with the new LegitCheckControl.dll v1.5.708.0.

    If you have an older version, it installs the new 1.5.708.0.

    I tried with the older patched versions of dlls, "changing the version" of the dll in order the WGA Validation in the Download Center to accept it, and in this way you finish in an error page stating that the Internet connection could not be established for the Validation.

    That could mean changed Validation Servers for the Download Center accessible only with the new LegitCheckControl.dll v1.5.708.0 ???

    Finally, when you published your patched dll version 1.5.708.0 ( – post 600), I tried it by manually replacing the LegitCheckControl.dll in System32 with the new patched v1.5.708.0, and it all worked OK (Download Center & Windows Update), Validation OK, but only for around two days.

    Then, with this patched v1.5.708.0, both the Download Center & Windows Update started ending in the "Not Genuine Page".

    Obviously something was changed in MS in these two days, but it doesn't seem to be the LegitCheckControl.dll v1.5.708.0 itself, since I bit compared the dll v1.5.708.0 of the first days with that installed by the WGA Validation in the following days and they always seem to be identical. It is like something else was changed two days after you published your patched LegitCheckControl.dll v1.5.708.0.

    I'm running Windows XP Professional SP2 (Spanish Version). I've tried all these in two different installations in two PCs.

    Thanks a lot swissboy for your hard and great work… Please keep the good work going and let me know if I can help anyway.

  • snodger

    For those people who come here to moan that swissboy has not yet provided them with a parch for 708, do you think swissboy, or anyone else for that matter, is here to do your bidding at the snap of your fingers?

    FYI 708 is a much more complex beast than 540. Microsoft are beginning to take validation much more seriously. It will take more than a patched LegitCheckControl.dll to fool their validation check now. People are working on defeating this, but it is not easy, so don't hold your breath.

    In the meantime, files from the Microsoft download site are still available by going here.

    Click on the name of software ONLY if you need more information about it. Following the links takes you to the Validation Gateway. Instead, click on 'Download'. This bypasses the Gateway and takes you directly to the file on the Microsoft download server.

  • pitty

    1.5.708.0 is released, but her there's not the patch. Why swissboy don't you patch it?

    Anyone has the last patch?

    Thanks to everybody

  • pitty

    1.5.708.0 is released, but her there's not the patch. Why swissboy don't you patch it?

    Anyone has the last patch?

    Thaks to everybody

  • snodger


    I have no knowledge of the rapidshare file. The link I gave is to the original Microsoft CD contents on This should not involve validation of serial key to install. It certainly did not just a week or so ago.

  • Captainuk

    HI snodger

    I can download via rapid share put during installation it comes to checking product key and stops with the usual you may have an invalid product key.

    is there anything i can do, as i said ealier i have avoided so far downloading the wga and put need sp2


  • John

    Can I comment – yet again – that the patches etc. referred to here do NOT facilitate the installation of things like IE7 and WMP11 which have their own built in WGA.

    The fixes suggested by Swissboy enable you to access the Windows update site, and stop the "not genuine" balloons from popping up.

    If you want to install MS programs like IE7 which have their own built in wga, then you have to either (a) download them and modify them before installing them – instructions can be found on the net, or (b) you need to download a cracked copy where they are already modified.

  • snodger


    Can you clarify just when the failure happened.

    Was it at the download stage, so you were unable to save the file to your hard drive, or was this possible but the failure was at the installation stage?

  • Captainuk

    Soccor and Snoger I have tried both links both fail im afraid, due to invalid key. any other ideas guys. cheers in advance

  • CokeFreak

    SwissBoy, The link for the new WGA 1.5.708.0 dosent let me bypass the validtion. I downloaded you patch and when added the dll file to System32, then went downloaded a software from Microsft, it tells me Im not using a genuine pc. Can you please fix the problem. and what am I sapose to do with the LegitCheckControl.inf file also. Thanks!

  • snodger


    I assume you are referring to the SP2 update that Microsoft offer on their update site. Sorry, but you need a valid key for that.

    Instead, you need to use the full SP2 release in its original 266MB form which Microsoft sent out on CD.

    See the link I provided in post #585. No validation needed at download or installation.

  • Captainuk

    hi all . I have avoided downloading WGA but need to install SP2.but it wont allow me to complete the download, as its doing its own validation check and stopping. is there a way around this??

  • Hello ALL!

    The new tool for bypass WGA 1.5.708.0 is released. But it is only russian version. You can help to translate it in other languages.



    [email protected]

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  • costain

    Sorry about that. I gave the wrong link. Here is the correct one.

  • costain

    If all you want to do is remove the wga notification, then you could follow the instructions initially published by microsoft in June.

    Then go the windows update website. Identify the current wga notification "update" and choose to hide it.

  • I recieve this Nag Screen!…Use the WGA Remover ….I have a copy Email [email protected] to get it!

  • kero

    As of Sept 16th, the following method worked according to the steps I took, some of which may not be necessary:

    1. Deleted LOCAL MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstallWgaLogon

    and the WGA entries (entirely)

    2. In MSCONFIG >> Start in Safe Mode

    3. Search c:windows for "WGA". Delete all the files that are not locked (WgaLogon.dll should be locked)

    4. Restart

    5. Still in Safe Mode, using REGEDIT, search for and delete the entire containers for any bunch of keys that contains WgaLogon.dll

    6. Restart

    7. Double check the changes haven't been remade, then go into MSCONFIG and disable Safe Mode. Restart

    8. Delete C:WindowsSystem32WgaLogon.dll

    9. Disable Windowa Automatic Update immediately from the Control Panel

    Hope this helps ^^

  • desolator

    i tried the forth method.and it was fairly simple and easy and to my delight it worked.

  • Makis

    Dear Swissboy yesterday i have installed a fresh copy of win xp pro sp2.

    I have installed KB905474 v1.5.540.0 – restart – update – but it does not work anymore.

    Any reccomendation ?

    Many thanks

  • Dennis

    Swissboy, can i uninstall 1.5.708.0 and installa 1.5.540.0? I'm not able to update by Win update? i f i uninstall it and i install 1.5.540.0 , i can update several hotfix….?

    Can you say how to uninstall 1.5.708.0?

    Why dont' you patch it 🙁

  • Jimmy

    Dear Swissboy i have last wga 1.5.708. i used your patch as you said:

    "Anyway, here is the patched version of the LegitCheckControl.dll v1.5.540.0 (780KB):
    After it i have the same problem, when i open win uodate ….it say me my copy is not genuine.

    Please HELP WE , we are few persons , but we need you 🙁

  • Jairo

    Where can I find the patch for the version 1.5.708.0?

  • eeapysj

    Hello swissboy

    I have used with good results your WindowsXP-KB905474-x86-1.5.540.0-noWGA.exe file. I was able to download all the hotfixes from MicrosoftUpdate and WindowsUpdate without problems, and also to download some special updates, patches or hotfixes that required the yellow "Validation", but starting yesterday when I want to download from "Validation" I am asked to validate Windows again, but I have no problem if I go to MicrosoftUpdate and WindowsUpdate. So I installed the last but the same thing happens, it says that I need a original copy of windows. What can be the problem? Thanks for your efforts.

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  • Mara

    Dear Swiss Boy

    where can i download the additional file that i need to install your patch?(Internet Explorer 7 …)

    "Run the update NlsDl.exe" (download where?).

    "Run the update IdnDl.exe" (download where?)

    Can you update with direct link?

    I'm not claver and i don't understand so well?

    Very Thanks for eberything you are doing.

    You are fantastic

  • swissboy

    @Satina: Read this Microsoft KB article:

  • Satina

    Swissboy i used your patch 1.5.540.0, but aftert i'm not enable to do update . I recived the fellow error code 0x80080299.

    Please Help me.

  • John

    As regards v 1.5.708.0, take a look at the thread on the following url. I am beginning to wonder what is going on. The impression given there is that 1.5.708.0 should not have been released, and that MS are telling people to remove it and re-install the 1.5.540.0 version.

  • swissboy

    @Dingo: Yes, but its's not a real need and I not recommend it as long KB905474 ist not available at this version 1.5.708.0. That's also the reason why I have no patched version of them.

    @All: If anyone have the problem that the patched update KB905474 not work correctly anymore (validation failed) simply do the following steps.

    1) Close the Internet Explorer

    2) Delete the LegitCheckControl.dll in the Windowssystem32 folder

    3) Install the patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 again

    Download links for the still actual patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 you can find at page 23, comment #557.

  • Dingo

    Just replace LegitCheckControl with patched version in Windows files? ( This is not the usual file.) Thanx again Swissboy

  • swissboy

    @HANDLE: Yes, WGA v1.5.708.0 is released by Microsoft. But the new LegitCheckControl.dll v1.5.540.0 will be at the moment just over the Microsoft Download Center (by WGA protected downloads) installed, and also just if before no other (older) LegitCheckControl.dll being installed.

    If the patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 is already installed, the new LegitCheckControl.dll v1.5.540.0 will be not offered and their is at the moment also no real need to install them.

    Anyway, here is the patched version of the LegitCheckControl.dll v1.5.540.0 (780KB):

  • WGA v 1.5.708.0 is released by Microsoft

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  • bunkr

    Thanks a lot swissboy…. you are great. I have been searching the web for ages for something like this. I have downloaded so many things which all have these really complicated instructions. But your tool is extremely simple and easy to use. Cheers and keep the good work going.

  • mariatv

    thnks … very useful page

    I have removed my WGA notification now

    using first method


  • Dingo


    Have you heard of Windows Sp2 vet oem and do you have an idea where to find it? Thanx for all the good work.

  • zeppelin1919

    @swissboy: simply the best. thanx a lot for your help

  • Mike

    … Or you just permanently block it using your firewall. Snicker-snack. 🙂

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  • swissboy

    @Pogue's Blog: XP-AntiSpy uses a not recommendable way to disable WGA. The tool just delete the registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoft

    Windows NTCurrentVersionWinlogonNotify". that's all. Windows Update will recognize this and offer by the next visit the update KB905474 again.

    @All: Download links for the actual patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 you can find at page 23, comment #557.

  • swissboy


    The MSkey4in keygen you can be downloaded here:

    Note: I not have tested the in this download also included two keychangers! To change the key I recommend "Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder v1.51":

  • Pingback: Pogue's Blog()

  • zeppelin1919

    @swissboy: i have do a search and i cant find the '4in1' keygen for winxp. Help me pls. Do you have a link for me? Thanx a lot

  • zeppelin1919

    Thank you swissboy (i will try and take care for your advice) and snodger

  • KOKY

    I did step 1 And i like to kindly say THANKS!!!!!!!!

  • snodger


    You do not need a valid serial number if you use the SP2 CD produced by Microsoft in 2004.

    You can download the full contents of thie CD here.

  • swissboy

    @zeppelin1919: Serach in the web for the "4in1" keygen.

    Warning: Some offered downloads of this keygen may contain also trojans oder other malware, you do it at you own riks!

    @Rafael: There is no regular uninstall because the patched update KB905474 are installed by the same setup then the original Microsoft update KB905474. But anyway there is no real need to uninstall them.

    @All: Download links for the actual patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 you can find at page 23, comment #557.

  • Rafael

    how do i remove the kb905474 hotfix patch?

  • Rafael

    Swissboy how do i remove the patch?

  • zeppelin1919

    I have a winXP pro SP1, but I can't upgrade to SP2 because i don't have an original serial number. Someone can tell me where i can find a "good" serial number, so I can do the upgrade?

  • Thank You Swissboy. You got the patch out so quick that I knew about the patch before I knew they'd released Beta 2!!

  • Reload2

    Thanks, you are my hero 😀 I'm downloading right now

  • swissboy

    @Reload2 & @maxxsol: Yes, I have already a patched version of the WMP11 Beta 2 setup (without WGA-Check).

    It is posted at page 23, comment #575, but the comment have to be released by the administrator first.

    The complete patched WMP11 Beta 2 setup can be already downloaded here (22.5MB):

  • maxxsol

    I am having problem while installing windows media player 11, it structs on message given as

    "Windows Genuine Advantage Validation.

    Setup was unable to validate your copy of windows……" kindly guide me what can i do for this!

    Really thankful to you.

  • Reload2

    Thanks a lot Swissboy 😀 Great work with the windows genuine bypass stuffs ;). Btw, Do you have some workaround for WMP 11 Beta 2 ? Thanks 🙂

  • swissboy

    Windows Media Player 11 Beta 2 v11.0.5705.5043 English for Windows XP SP2 with cracked WGA validation during the setup.

    Installation method 1 (recommended):

    Simply download the package below (22.5MB), unpack it and run the patched WMP11 Beta 2 setup WMP11-WindowsXP-x86-ENU-noWGA.exe.

    The patched WMP11 Beta 2 setup can be downloaded here (22.5MB):

    Installation method 2:

    1) Download the WMP11 Beta 2 from the Microsoft site:
    2) Unpack the downloaded wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe in a separate folder.

    3) Download the patched LegitLibM.dll v1.5.530.0 here (278KB):
    4) Replace the original LegitLibM.dll with the downloaded patched LegitLibM.dll.

    5) Run the WMP11 Beta 2 setup setup_wm.exe.

  • Belgianboy

    Thank you very much swissboy for your patch, my pc is working like in the old days! All fixed!

  • SwissBoy … Thanx !

  • netman

    SwissBoy, u r spot-on mate. Thx

  • swissboy

    @All: Don't use the tool "wgatrayfix.exe" published by "Remover" at comment #570 below!

    It change your IE startpage any maybe contain also other malware!

    Download links for the actual patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 you can find at page 23, comment #557.

  • Remover

    Easy Removal:

    Removed for malware.

  • swissboy

    Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 version 7.0.5700.6 English for Windows XP SP2 with cracked WGA validation during the setup.

    I have improved the download package und the installation instructions agin, because I find out that the 2 updates "Microsoft National Language Support Downlevel APIs" and "Microsoft Internationalized Domain Names Mitigation APIs" (contains also the normaliz.dll) also have to be installed.

    Installation instructions:

    1. It's stronly recommended to uninstall possibly existing previous version of IE7 Beta over "Systemcontrol / Software" first, because this will not be made by the modified version of the IE7 RC1 setup.

    2. Run the IE7 RC1 setup installer IE7RC1-WindowsXP-x86-ENU-noWGA.exe.

    IMPORTANT: At the end of the successful IE7 RC1 installation process you will be asked to restart Windows, do NOT RESTART Windows now! Click on the box "Do not restart now" and select then the "Finish" button.

    3. Run the update XmlLiteSetup.exe "Hotfix for Windows XP KB915865". This is necessary to install or actualize the file xmllite.dll, otherwise there may be problems with menubars such as some items are missing or incomplete.

    4. Run the update NlsDl.exe "Microsoft National Language Support Downlevel APIs".

    5. Run the update IdnDl.exe "Microsoft Internationalized Domain Names Mitigation APIs". This update will also install the normaliz.dll which is absolute neededfor Windows system restart.

    6. Now reboot the Windows system.

    7. Start the IE7 RC1 and have fun!

    The patched IE7 RC1 can be downloaded here (15.7MB):
    (download managers have to be turned off for download)

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  • swissboy

    Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 version 7.0.5700.6 English for Windows XP SP2 with cracked WGA validation during the setup.

    Because a problem with a missed file "normaliz.dll" in the IE7 RC1 setup (failure of Microsoft) I have to update the download package and change the installation instructions.

    Very important: Read the in the download package included installation instructions "ReadMeFirst!.txt" first before you start with the installation! Otherwise you will have a problem when you restart your system after IE7 RC1 installation.

    The patched IE7 RC1 can be downloaded here (14.7MB):
    (download managers have to be turned off for download)

  • swissboy

    Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 version 7.0.5700.6 English for Windows XP SP2 with cracked WGA validation during the setup

    Simply run the in the download package included IE7RC1-WindowsXP-x86-ENU-noWGA.exe

    Important: Please run also the in the download package included XmlLiteSetup.exe, otherwise you have may some problems with toolbars or some are missed.

    The patched IE7 RC1 can be downloaded here (14.7MB):
    (download managers have to be possibly turned off for download)

  • nice work good 🙂 anti microsoft!

  • swissboy

    @Berk: If you mean my patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0: There is with guarantee no trojan, must be a false alarm of Kaspersky.

  • Berk

    Nice Work with your trojan in the 540 release which is found by Kaspersky!!! Take care folks

  • o0ghost0o

    thank so much ,i used the third method

    you can down at 494

  • Pingback: COGMIOS.NL - life during WW4 and WWW2.0 (home of Cogmios) » This copy of Windows is not genuine()

  • swissboy

    Version 1.5.540.0 of patched Windows Genuine Advantage Notification KB905474

    The setup ist the original setup of KB905474, just with the 3 files replaced and new packed (can be also unpacked with WinRAR or 7-Zip).

    The LegitCheckControl.dll is patched, the WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe are just dummy files with no real functionality.

    After installation you have full access to Windows Update and WGA checked downloads in the Microsoft Download Center. Also there are no more WGA notifications nag screens.

    Simply download an install the patched Update KB905474 v1.5.540.0, decribed as the "Third Method" and all your problems and questions are gone.

    The patched patched update KB905474 still can be downloaded here or here (799KB).

    (download managers have to be possibly turned off for download)

  • tray

    i got a workaround from here before and it worked great. Im running windows media centre and need another one, can you help?

  • Pingback: ??????? kfsim’s Exploration » Blog Archive » Do you get Windows genuine notification?()

  • swissboy

    @mike: I just have tested the download link at comments #494, it work without problems.

  • swissboy – can not download your patch from #494 or #495

  • seams like they shut your link down – can not download your latest fix

  • swissboy

    @John: I have quick tested this "BigFix" tool bit I found not any way to fix WGA related things with them. Even there is some way, this already four years old tool would be a totaly overkill just to fix fix WGA related things. I advise from using this tool.

    @All: Simply install the patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0, decribed as the "Third Method" and all your problems and questions are gone.

    A link to a download location for the actual patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 you can find at page 20, comments #494 and #495.

  • John
  • swissboy

    @Ghost168: Your "patch" just contains a download.exe, very suspect. I never would execute something like this if I have no detailed information about, could also be spyware or something other bad.

  • Renewed WGA Patch 905474


    Renewed patch. It works fine here, and makes

    it possible to download the wga-protected

    files from microsoft too. Only the install

    with validating-check is still impossible,


    But Windows Defender can be downloaded and

    installed fully, however it is protected.


  • balbone

    concerning the first method..i couldn`t delete wgatray.exe in system32.i tried to end it`s process in the task manager but it started again, right after i end it.and that`s why i couldn`t delete it from system32, because it was in use.BUT, you can delete it by right clicking on the star notification on the right, down of the desktop, and then ALT+F4 .After doing that, simply follow the steps in the first method!!

    Thank you !!!

    My respects, Balbone

  • Joey


  • Ubi

    I thank all!!!!!

    Now, you are in my "Preferiti"



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  • @swissboy.

    gwad that was easy. thanks

    if you ever need any car help you can find me here

  • buddycraigg

    @swissboy, how do I check der version number of the file LegitCheckControl.dll

  • swissboy

    @buddycraigg: Check der version number of the file LegitCheckControl.dll.

    Simply install the patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0, decribed as the "Third Method" and all your problems and questions are gone.

    A link to a download location for the actual patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 you can find at page 20, comments #494 and #495.

  • buddycraigg

    I just got hit with this last night, I'll be trying step 3 when I get home.

    How do I check to see which version i'm up against?

  • John

    As regards the MS update scan slowing computers to a standstill, take a look at this:

  • swissboy

    @Tico: Simply install the patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0, decribed as the "Third Method" and all your problems and questions are gone and you have access to Windows Update again. You dont need for this to install any (patched) version v1.5.530.0.

    A link to a download location for the actual patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 you can find at page 20, comments #494 and #495.

  • Tico

    Yeah, I realized it's because it's an old and not too fast machine. If I let microsoft update search for a long, long time I do get the first few updates. (windows installer and the 1.5.530.0 version of the validation crap amoungst a few others)

    But after this I don't get any other updates.

    The problem now is I WANT the 1.5.540.0 version – since I have this patch and it works.

    I don't have the patch for 1.5.530.0.

    Maybe if I had this patch and used it to disable the "old wga-check" I could get on with windows update and download the newer version? Then patch it and get on with life… 😉

  • John

    I had the symptoms of #534 with two different computers I was updating this morning. A third computer was OK. All have identical installations, except the third computer is far faster.

    In the end, I just pressed express or custom, and left them for an hour. When I got back they had both returned the list of updates.

    I reckon that this is due to the update site being busy, combined with the way the program operates on the client, and is possibly worse on slower computers.

    It has nothing to do with wga.

  • swissboy

    @Tico: You have simply a problem with Windows Update them self. Your problem has nothing to do with the update KB905474 (patched or unpatched). Sorry, but is to complicate and to much off toppic to help you here about a problem like this.

    … and no, as I know is no new WGA version available. Version 1.5.540.0 should be sill the latest available and actual version.

    @All: Please don't post here just comments like 'I think a newer version is available', this provides here only for unnecessary excitement. Please check first the version of the LegitCheckControl.dll and post also the (newer) version number here. Thanks!

  • uNTouChaBLe

    Man that's just one more reason why I love my Macs. When I got to work on windows I always get nagged by this crap. You don't want this sh*t goin on you life, get a Mac.

  • Tico


    I used method 3 and your patch earlier this summer, with no problems. Thanks!

    Now I'm helping to reinstall my friends win XP SP2 – using the same version of XP as before. And it just won't work.

    I tried to let Windows update itself, then patch with your patch – but when I go to continue updating, at windows update, it just "hangs" (while it looks like it's searching) I tried several times and waited half an hour at the longest! (And I tried with both options – express/custom)

    When I stop the search and try to close the browser it takes about ten minutes before the pc is able to do anything. In task manager CPU is at 100%…

    I reinstalled Win XP, tried to NOT let Windows update itself – but did it manually.

    But after the "windows installer" has been installed everything hangs again.

    I heard there were a new WGA-patch put out last night (8/8) but I find it strange that it would cause the whole system to hang BEFORE it's been installed.

    Do you have ANY idea that might solve this problem?

    Should I try one of the other methods?

    Appreciate any help.


  • Admir Jos das Neves

    Disable and remove windows genuine advantage notifications nag screen

  • Admir Jos das Neves

    Remove the genuine.

  • swissboy

    @Ehsan: Simply install the patched Update KB905474 v1.5.540.0, decribed as the 'Third Method' and all your problems and questions are gone.

    A link to a download location for the actual patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 you can find at page 20, comments #494 and #495.

  • Ehsan

    Get lost with this kind of help.

    It is not working atll, but seems nice.

    Take care and first find a short way then distribute your way.

  • swissboy

    @snavel: The SP2 installer have a check for blacklistet keys integrated. You must change your key to a non-blacklistet key.

  • Spawn

    Thanks for this. The first method worked for me. The only thing is I had to restart in safe mode as the first step otherwise the wgatray.exe would restart itself. Smartass Microsoft.

  • snavel

    Hello Swissboy

    I just installed your patch and tried to install windows service pack2… unfortunately it still doesn't want to install due to the "genuine advantage" problems….

    Do you have new update or a clue?

    Thanks & keep up the good work!

  • swissboy

    @Chiara: No, I just check it. The version 1.5.540.0 is definitly still the latest available and actual version!

    @All: Please don't post here just comments like "I think a newer version is available", this provides here only for unnecessary excitement. Please check first the version of the LegitCheckControl.dll and post also the (newer) version number here. Thanks!

  • L & A

    You are fantastic. Thanks !!!!

  • swissboy

    @vir: Your RAR-archiv just contains the three files, but the installation of them is not so easy as discribed by you, because of the Windows XP file protection for system files. That's the reason why I have packed my files in the installer from the update KB905474, so it's much more easy and save to install them.

    @All: Simply install the patched Update KB905474 v1.5.540.0, decribed as the 'Third Method' and all your problems and questions are gone.

    A link to a download location for the actual patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 you can find at page 20, comments #494 and #495.

  • vir

    here's the patch for WGA 1.5.540.0

  • Hello ALL,

    I have rebuilt the WgaGga v 2.5 on July 29th.

    Some bugs for the localized version are fixed.

    Russian, English, German, French, Ukrainian languages now are supported.

    I plan to build the Italian localization.

    Download site is now located:

  • O||eh

    494 on page 20 is still working – I just did it and it worked. I also used the code javascript:void(window.g_sDisableWGACheck='all')

    on the screen where you choose custom or express.

    All you do is download from no. 494 on page 20 of this thread, unrar and install it, then load up the update site. When given the chioce forr custom or express installation of conmponents, paste javascript:void(window.g_sDisableWGACheck='all')

    into browser, then click custom. It will now update your windows successfully – no probs here!

  • SmartyCbt16

    Just updated my pc, got the latest version of that boring message. Tried method No1 and it worked no bother!

  • Bertha

    I don't have the nag thing installed, I just need to get past the check when I do Windows Update. I tried swapping the legitcheckcontrol.dll file but it doesn't work. What do I do? Again, I don't need to remove WGA since I have not installed it.

  • John

    In response to #506, can I say, yet again, that some MS downloads like IE7 have their own wga built in and will not install in a non-genuine system. This thread is not about addressing that variety of wga.

    To deal with programs that have wga built into them, you download the program, and disable the embedded wga before you install it. Various methods are to be found on the net.

  • If you're still having problems with this, I've created a (still) working fix to uninstall this annoying nag and privacy concern. I am also hosting two other fixes to ensure they are available to all who need them! You can also read my fan mail from "James Young, Internet Investigator". =)

    Peace. ~G

  • swissboy

    @Axeman: As you want. If Windows Update will in future install a new version of update KB905474, you simply check this thread here again for the then actual version of the patched update KB905474.

    @Allan Poppe: The patched update KB905474 offered in comments #494 und #495 definitly NOT contain any adware, spyware or similar things!

  • swissboy

    @Axeman: As you want. If Windows Update will in future install a new version of update KB905474, you simply check this thread here again for the then actual version of the patched update KB905474.

    @Allan Poppe: The patched update KB905474 offered in comments #494 und #495 definitly NOT contain any adware, spyware or similar things!

    By method 3 you just have to install the patched update KB905474 (simply by execution), not delete or replace any files or registry keys by your self.

  • Axeman

    After running the files and fixing the problem, what is the recommendation regarding future MS updates?

    Is it recommended to have Automatic Updates turned off, and all XP updates installed manually from the MS Update site.

    Or can you turn on Automatic updates (with your choice of auto or manual installation)

  • Allan Poppe

    Sorry… its #495… I don't know if its the same file.

  • Allan Poppe

    And the file from #494 has an adware on it… This is normal ??

  • Allan Poppe

    I use method 3, but when i tried to replace the file "WgaLogon.dll", i can't do it (i think this is from 1.5.540.0 version, i don't know). So, I deleted the folder 'WgaLogon' in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoft

    Windows NTCurrentVersionWinlogonNotify

    at RegEdit, restarted the computer, replaced the file WgaLogon.dll in the system32 folder and restarted again. I think that with this I may be prompted to install WGA Notifications again, so I recommend to not delete the folder 'WgaLogon' in RegEdit, and yes rename that folder to any name, and after replaced the file 'WgaLogon.dll', rename the folder to 'WgaLogon' again.

    But remember: I am not an expert in computers. I've done this by my own risk, and I would like if anyone explain if this works or not. And I'm not expert in english too, one time I'm from Brazil, and the text may have a few errors.

  • Installed the patched update KB90547 on a 'questionable' XPpro O.S. PC Fantastic!.Many thanks to all involved.

    Interestingly my PC with Genuine XPpro has been also stating non-genuine copy for a few weeks now. Today I booted it up, and error has gone away?

  • mainmanauke

    ok i have just downloaded the link from 495 (WindowsXP-KB905474-x86-1.5.540.0-noWGA) i opened it and went through with the process. what now because if thats it it still wont let me download ie 7 or windows media player 11. if you have enough time could u give me a step by step.

  • swissboy

    @mainmanluke: No, just execute the in the RAR archive included WindowsXP-KB905474-x86-1.5.540.0-noWGA.exe. Alternate you can download this EXE also direct at the mirror postet by Albert at page 20, comment #495 (if you have problems with archives).

  • mainmanluke

    am i supposed to save the file from 494 as legit control then replace it? because if i just download it nothing happens(ps thanks for all the help swiss)

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  • swissboy

    @mainmanluke: Simply install the patched Update KB905474 v1.5.540.0, decribed as the 'Third Method' and all your problems and questions are gone.

    A link to a download location for the actual patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 you can find at page 20, comment #494.

  • mainmanluke

    ok i want to be able to COMPLETELY bypass WGA. i have gone with method number 4 and dont have any anoying WGA validation messages but between all of the deleted links (because of microsoft complaining or what not) i cant seem to find a way to COMPLETELY bypass WGA. can some please help.

  • swissboy

    @boyd & acrosknicht: This methods have two disadvantages. Windows Update will try to install the update KB905474 again and you still not have a patched LegitCheckControl.dll installed. Also is the installation of the patched update KB905474 more easy and quick. Simply install them, reboot and all your problems and questions are gone.

    @Bony Tooth: The download offered by Albert in comment #495 is just a mirror of my patched update KB905474.

  • Bony Tooth

    I'm a "I know nothing about computers but I know I want to get rid of this WGA thing" person. So several of the proposed methods above just seemed too complicated for me. But last night I followed Albert July 25th, 2006 00:05, item 495 and it seemed to work a dream. Now I see boyd, July 26th, 2006 07:04 #498. It can't be that simple surely? Why would swissboy and the other heroes go to such trouble devising cracks if it's that simple?

  • boyd


    I had the most recent version of WGA as of July 25th, 2006 and removed it in ONE MINUTE. Go to system32 and give WgaLogon a txt extension. Change WgaTray to WgaTray.txt. Now open the taskmanager and end the Wga processes. That's it!! The next time I restarted, I had my old computer back.

  • acrosknicht

    It's works it's amazing, y use forth method everything it's fine right now, thanks a lot. ^_^

  • Sandcrash

    Howdy Folks!

    Would someone be kind enough to e-mail (sandcrash at yahoo dot com)me v2.4 of Handle's WgaOgaEN? v2.5 is not working for me and I accidentally trashed 2.4 off my USB key.

    Thank you very kindly,


  • Albert

    WindowsXP-KB905474-x86-1.5.540.0-noWGA or KB905474_Hotfix can be downloaded here.

  • swissboy

    Version 1.5.540.0 of patched Windows Genuine Advantage Notification KB905474

    The setup ist the original setup of KB905474, just with the 3 files replaced and new packed (can be also unpacked with WinRAR or 7-Zip).

    The LegitCheckControl.dll is patched, the WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe are just dummy files with no real functionality.

    After installation you have full access to Windows Update and WGA checked downloads in the Microsoft Download Center. Also there are no more WGA notifications nag screens.

    Simply install the patched Update KB905474 v1.5.540.0, decribed as the 'Third Method' and all your problems and questions are gone.

    The patched patched update KB905474 still can be downloaded here (792KB).

    (download managers have to be turned off for download)

  • John

    Rapidshare are now blocking that file from being uploded onto their service, and I don't know how far it would have to be altered to bypass their filter.

    Swissboy's file is doing the rounds on numerous p2p file sharing services which are largely on ISP's whose operational policies do not include appeasing dictators.

    Do a search on the net for "swissboy + wga".

    If you are not familiar with using those sorts of services, then get someone to get the file for you that is, as there can be problems with viruses and spyware for the unwary.

  • Serious Sam,

    anyone have swissboys file. It's been removed from rapidshare.


  • Karthal

    You can do the first method without entering safe mode. With the latest version, the wgatray reloads itself instantly like a virus after being ended. Here is what I did:

    I deleted wgatray.exe from the dllcache folder

    then I went to the system32 folder and hit shift + delete on the wgatray.exe file, but do not click yes.

    Now ctrl + alt + del and go to processes, find the wgatray process and click end. Do not click yes. Put this dialog and the other dialog right next to each other. Now end them in this order and very quick clicking. Process > yes to delete.

    The file will be deleted before the wgatray can reload itself, and you can do this without going to safe mode. Then go into your registry and remove the files as demonstrated in step 1, I just searched for wgalogon.

    Its gone after this, reboot or not.

  • 0re0

    swissboys method works like a charm.. tnx dude

  • da Brainless

    A big thanx to Swissboy (terimakasih atas bantuannya)

    Try it once and hhmmm..It worked amazingly…

    Again thanx for yer help. (Terimakasih lagi atas bantuannya, Lu emang top banget dahhh..}

    See ya..

  • lOrD oF vIrTuE

    do u have a way to make thinks that u are really using a legit copy of windows?

    what i mean is: will show "Validation Complete" or perhaps sumthing like that?

  • will it work

  • Alexander

    swissboy, thanks!

    Found this site via Google, since I was tired of not having the ability to update my Windows. I think this site easily could be shortened by 98% if this new patch works for everybody. No 20+ article-list needed (and almost same amount of methods!).

    Installed the patch, and it worked. 🙂

  • swissboy

    Version 1.5.540.0 of patched Windows Genuine Advantage Notification KB905474

    The setup ist the original setup of KB905474, just with the 3 files replaced and new packed (can be also unpacked with WinRAR or 7-Zip).

    The LegitCheckControl.dll is patched, the WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe are just dummy files with no real functionality.

    Simply install the patched Update KB905474 v1.5.540.0, decribed as the 'Third Method' and all your problems and questions are gone.

    Download here (790KB):

  • Administrator

    Naomi via email:

    I thought you might like to know that the update that is allegedly supposed to notify you if you have a non-legit copy of XP, does not do so correctly for every PC.

    I own a Dell PC with a pre-installed copy of XP (I called Dell tech support and verified that my copy was legit). Yet this notification insisted that I had a fake copy. Not only did the balloon keep popping up, it somehow restricted me from accessing certain websites that require login information (eg Yahoo, Hotmail).

    I had to retore my PC to a previous system restore point in order to get things back to normal. To give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt, I installed all Windows updates again. This time, no message

    popped up.

    After all this trouble, I feel like getting a fake XP copy makes more sense than trying to do the right thing.

  • 0re0

    ei swissboy, i cant happen to download your file on pg. 15, 366… rapidshare says that file was deleted, can u upload another one?? and maybe give us the link???

    another question, does this have any side effects on the system??? tnz.. hopes it works on mine

  • TechTics

    Read This:

    [No arguments here]

  • swissboy

    @Redbullet: Very funny, the cracked update you offer contains exactly the by myself patched files (I can see it at the date/time stamp). It's just repacked and unfortunatly no more directly executable.

    so I suggest better take the 'original' made by me:

    The actual patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 you can find at page 15, comment #366.

  • Redbullet

    I found a fix tat works perfectly!!11

    refer to swissboy comment above.

    I can use Widnows Update now AND the messages are gone!!111one

  • Ttio

    [QUOTE]# Ross

    July 4th, 2006 04:32


    Hi Ttio, Ive been searchin around for a new patch and I cant find one, do you know wot patch you used or where I can get it. Any info would be much appreciated.


    I think i used swiss boys but i cant install Microsoft software that validates twice when i downoad it says genuine but on ie7 it validates twice

    any one have one where it trickes it completely!!!!!

    you need kaspersky to get rid of the WGA update when you update you need a crack (its a extremly secure anti virus and a really good firewall it comes with a 30 day trial but u need a product key crack (it expires in the same day the next year) just run the installer in the folder to get it go here… then just open the rar and click the folder then click the kaspersky installer


  • Kat

    I used the FIRST method yesterday and seems like it worked fine.

    However, I couldn't find the WgaTray.exe from c:WindowsSystem32dllcache to delete.

  • swissboy

    @Andy: Simply install the patched Update KB905474 v1.5.540.0, decribed as the 'Third Method' and all your problems and questions are gone.

    The download link for the actual patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 you can find at page 15, comment #366

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  • @wacko

    I have added the information on switching language of the interface to the help file. It can be loaded from a site http:/

  • wacko


    how do i go about running your program to show in english instead of russian?

  • Bernie

    I need a link to the latest cracked dll file that isn't Rapidshare. Thanks.

  • Hello ALL!

    Universal WGA/OGA patcher/killer v 2.5 is realized. Multilanguage interface.

    WGA – v 1.5.540.0

    WGA Firefox plug-in v 1.5.530.0

    OGA v – 1.5.532.0

    OGA Firefox plug-in v 1.5.532.0

    Russian and English languages is now supported.

    You can translate the file WgaOgaXX.rc to other language (for example to German, etc)

    and send it on my e-mail. I shall make the additional module of language support.

    The source for translation is located in packed folder .HelpForTranslate.

  • this is stupid. none of the d-loads work because 'Microsoft' have removed the links

  • Slimz


    I have a friend that updated a while back and started getting the NAGs, sorry I don't know the version numbers, but once he updated again it was no longer a nag, but stopped him from loging in as his user. I stopped the nag using this info, but I could never log in as his user name.

    Have any of you been blocked from using windows? Is this more than a NAG?



  • Bazza

    I have a WinXP machine that hasn't been upated for some time (pre-WGA coming about). I tried using a cracked legitcheckcontrol file that was v1.5.530 but it didn't work, which is weird because that exact file works on other machines. I am guessing I need a new version of the file but I am unable to get one since RapidShare is the biggest pile of utter crap for people in the UK since it always says download limit exceeded. Can anyone link me to another source for the file please? Thanks.

  • daNNy



    The first steps of the first methods didn't really worked for me, because as soon as I delete the process WGATRAY.EXE, it comes back right back again.

    What I did was a dirty way of the first method.

    Search up for the file WGATRAY.EXE. As mentioned in the first method, there is one in /SYSTEM32 and one in /SYSTEM32/DLLS. I only had one in /SYSTEM32.

    Now here comes the dirty trick. You have to be fast. Delete the process and before it comes back, delete right away the file. If you are not fast enough, it won't let you delete it because the process will begin again and you won't be able to delete it because its in use.

    After that; follow the steps of the first method from step 6. This means going to regedit and deleting the key mentioned.

    Restart and you won't have it again.


  • ian

    i just did what psnet told and fortunately remove all nag msg.. now i notice my network connection icon lost and i cant log in to my yahoo mail and msger.. this all problem starts when i update the sp2.. anyone help pls

  • ian

    ink test

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  • sawalha

    swissboy i have to go thru a proxy and rapid share is retarded when it comes to that lol.

    p.s i never get the nag msg i just wanna go thru and update

  • swissboy

    @sawalha & @TDP: Simply install the patched Update KB905474 v1.5.540.0, decribed as the 'Third Method' and all your problems and questions are gone.

    The download link for the actual patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 you can find at page 15, comment #366.

  • sawalha

    do Psnet way make me able to use windowsupdate site or just stop the nag screen.

    is there any working way today to make me able to bypass the validation and able to update

  • rock

    hey thanks alot PSnet that was the best way to do thanks rock

  • tyger128

    This crack method of replacing the dll file for WGA Validation is no longer working. I have tried it twice and it does not work, I do not care how much you say it still works…it does NOT. I have gotten rid of the WGA Notifications, I only need to bypass the validation.

  • TDP

    hello all

    i am a n00b and could do with a n00b friendly way of being able to slove the WGA problem, once and for all ( or atleat for a while) typing the code javascript:void(window.g_sDisableWGACheck='all') no longer seems to work.

    any help would be great!


  • swissboy

    @Chiara: What mean exactly "i'm not able to do new update"? You get a messeage that you Windows ist not genuine or the genuine check can not be executed? Maybe it is a Windows Update and not a WGA problem. You can download (only download, not install) WGA protected downloads (like IE7 or Windows Defender) from the Microsoft Download Center?

    @Mark: Why you looking for this obsolete downloads? The WGA version 1.5.532.2 is no more actual, the actual version is 1.5.540.0.

    The actual patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 can be found at page 15, comment #366.

  • Administrator
  • Mark

    The solution 1.5.532.2 is not share:

    Download patched Update KB905474 v1.5.532.2 here (1.0MB):


    Download only patched LegitCheckControl.dll v1.5.532.2 here (358KB):

    the links are not valid! Can you share it?



  • New version(2.4) of the universal patcher Wga/Oga.

    Patch for the OGA Firefox plugin is added.

  • swissboy

    Tom & Eagle: Your solutions have the disadvantage that Windows Update will offer the WGA Notification Update KB905474 again.

    The actual patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 can be found at page 15, comment #366, without this disadvantage and very easy to install.

  • Eagle

    Easy Fix

    Use Hijack This: (Find it at

    1. press Scan and Save to log file

    2. Check the Check-box for

    O20-Winlogon Notify:Wgalogon-C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32Wgalogon.dll

    3. press FIX Checked

    4. Restart

    5. DONE

  • Eagle

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>EASY FIX>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DONE

  • Eagle

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>EASY FIX

  • Ghost Shadow

    Thank you very much guy's =]

  • Tom

    This website has provided a great information that saved me a big deal of hassle to get rid of the warning of Genuine Windows, but I think this order helped me get rid of it easiest.

    1- Lauch RegEdit (Open the registry using regedit: start -> run -> type in regedit to open) .
    2- Browse to the following location:
    Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify
    3- Delete the folder ‘WgaLogon’ and all its contents
    4- reboot
    5- search for all files that start with wga…
    and delete them all.
    You should not get any more annoying warning !!!

  • swissboy

    DON'T VISIT THE WEBSITE OF ARTEM (comment #442 below)!


  • go to lime wire and download limwire,

    search disable-and-remove-windows-genuine-advantage-notifications-nag-screen and download a software,restart the coputer ant then try to download ie7 ,wmp11 or defender ,of it dose not work then backup you computer and do system restore to the last time the windows genuine advantage worked and then download the software

    of it dose not work then post a message in my website at
    or email me at [email protected]

    of you relly give up then reinstall you os with windows xp with windows-genuine advantage or install windows vista beta 3

  • swissboy

    @Jacky: Im my opinion is muBlinder not a good solution. It's not transparent what this tool realy do. For what a complicate tool like this when are very simple and good working solutions like the patched update KB905474 are availabe? At least muBlinder needs .net Framework 2.0, for a tool like this a stupid requirement.

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  • Jacky

    Do anyone tried Mublinder for wga notification uninstalling?

  • NWW

    Well, I'm not sure about all of this, but there is a nice article on microsoft about removing it if it is helpful to anyone.

  • Undisclosed

    Tried System restore——– Doesnt work

  • swissboy

    @j: This Method is already described here as the "Ninth Method". Finaly it's nothing other than delete the registry key "HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogonNotifyWgaLogon".

    Disadvantage of this method: Windows Update will offer you the update KB905474 again.

  • Anonymous

    Do NOT follow previous posters advice to get Kapersky… Kapersky is M$ spnosored BS and won't detect things that would make M$ look bad…

    Any chance of a cracked 1.540.0 soon?

  • swissboy

    @Joe: Your Method may work, but why so complicate? The patched update KB905474 has already a perfectly patched LegitCheckControl.dll and the WgaLogon.dll und WgaTray.exe as dummy files included.

    @Anonymous: Already long time!

    The actual patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 you can find at page 15, comment #366.

  • Joe

    I have discoved a way to disable it but I have not tried to download any updates yet. First you need to download the resource editor Restorator found at here:…. When you install it it will have you configure it, leave all of he stuff it has down already alone, the only thing you want to focus on is the section that says make abackup or something to that extent. Now using the program open up WgaTray.exe. It will show several folders. One by one delete them (it wont let you select more than one at a time), then save it. This will get rid of the nagging popup on the taskbar. But WgaTray.exe will still show up on the task manager. Now open up LegitCheckControl.dll with restorator and repeat the same thing you did with WgaTray.exe. Then go to C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataWindows Genuine Advantagedata and open up data.dat with a text editor. Delete all the text and save. Now make it read only and hidden, then make the folder it is in read only and hidden (editing all the stuff concerning data.dat and data.dat itself is just something I did, I don't know if it is necessary or not, but do it just in case). Now restart. When Windows finishes loading open up task manager. WgaTray.exe should no longer be there. Now open up WgaLogon.dll with Restorator and delete everything in it like you did with the others. The reason you didn't do it before is if backuping stuff is not enabled it won't let you save because it is in use, and if you have backuping enabled it will just piggyback to the backed up WgaLogog.dll when you save it.

  • Worm poses as Windows Genuine Advantage Notification.

  • John

    Some people appear to be asking the same question which has already been answered a few posts ago.

    If you apply a modified WGA to your computer, you will be able to download and install Windows updates, and pass the WGA validation to download other programs.

    However, some other programs like Defender, IE7 and WMP11 have also got a separate WGA built into them. The modified WGA does not address that. You have to deal with that issue separately.

    Generally speaking, that means downloading the program you want, and then modifying it in some way or another before installing it.

  • Tito

    [QUOTE]# Ross

    July 4th, 2006 04:32


    Hi Ttio, Ive been searchin around for a new patch and I cant find one, do you know wot patch you used or where I can get it. Any info would be much appreciated.


    I think i used swiss boys but i cant install Microsoft software that validates twice when i downoad it says genuine but on ie7 it validates twice

    any one have one where it trickes it completely!!!!!

    you need kaspersky to get rid of the WGA update when you update you need a crack (its a extremly secure anti virus and a really good firewall it comes with a 30 day trial but u need a product key crack (it expires in the same day the next year) just run the installer in the folder to get it go here… then just open the rar and click the folder then click the kaspersky installer

  • Mark

    Did rollback method from today July 3d to the 20th in June and it worked. Checked registry and wgalogon was not there but a search in files showed wga files. Deleted them with no problem.



  • swissboy

    @Steven from OZ: About installation of Microsoft products like IE7, WMP11 oder Windows Defender read the comment posted by John at page 17, comment #418.

    The actual patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 you can find at page 15, comment #366.

  • Steven from OZ

    This patch works very well, but I can't install any MS products thou. To add it maybe best at all of you users just turn off your automatic updates. "If it an't broke ,don't fix it"

    My friend got the message and also got an email from MS asking him to pay $258 AU to get an valid XP Home, it only costs $98AU for a OEM anyway. Cheaper to buy orginal than getting fined..

  • Matt

    and by the way in not coming back 2 this site1 THAT HAS NO RESPECT 4 CUTOMERS!

  • To Swissboy! You need to stop talking behind my back saying lies! Ok!

    You wrote this

    "I might be being stupid as i don't know much about computers but i got rid of WGA just by deleting all the possible relevant files found by a simple search and moving the files left over to a new created folder in system32. It works n is v.easy"

    I NEVER SAID THAT!!!!!! ok! sWISSBOY! you wrote that! I was never on this site on July 1


    Im just offering my patch! dont be a crack head!

    MY PATCH IS FINE! OK SO STOP YA CRAP! tHAN youuuuu! Sorry everyone for my bad comment!

    if you still want my WGA patch go to:

    and you can download Vista betas, WMP 11 cracks, and more

  • Hi Ttio, Ive been searchin around for a new patch and I cant find one, do you know wot patch you used or where I can get it. Any info would be much appreciated.


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  • Ttio


  • Ttio

    when u install a ……… then use the updates and use the patchers im installing stuff from custom

  • Ttio

    Get Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 before u use win updates and will say allow or deny to some updates and when you get to the wga deny it and it will say failled on the update box and still up date the other things.

  • John

    Further to the point below, Defender Beta 2 is said to be easy to adjust in the way desired.

  • John

    To Basil, and others reporting that problem.

    Some MS programs have wga built into them as well, and the fixes in this particular discussion do not address that. Consequently, if you fix a pc with the methods covered on this page, you can access the WU site, and pass the wga check, but if what you download has a built in check as well, it will fail on installation on an unlicensed Wndows installation.

    There are program-specific remedies for this – some mentioned on this site, and others can be found on the Internet. I am not sure is such a remedy has been devised for Defender.

  • liam

    ok well all i did was followed the 9th step and amazing 1 programe one tab to click on one box to untick, restart never thought it was that easy thx to psnet for suggesting it thx

  • Basil

    I have installed the patched Update KB905474 v1.5.540.0, that I found at page 15, comment #366. Yes it`s working great , thank you , I can download anything from MS site , BUT I GOT another problem. After downloading from the site , for example , WindowsDefender , I tryed to install it , but during installation , program is insisting on validity check and automaticaly send me to MS site where I am getting answer – your copy is pirated.

    So the problem is – I can now download anything from the MS site , BUT can install nothing . That`s it .

  • Chewbacca


    Thanks so much. It worked perfectly.

  • patrick

    The COMPLETE modified version of WGA Windows.Genuine.Advantage.WGA.v3.3.(1.5.540.0) has just been released by TAAG – a quality release.

  • John

    Microsoft have denied that there are any XP "kill switch" proposals. see –


    Quite honestly, although MS say that free OS's and free software are "years behind", in terms of what the average person needs, they are virtually as good as. And MS ought to be concerned about new technologies that are displacing PC's as the preferred option.

    I have a feeling that the vision that MS had of the Windows based PC becoming the hub of IT in the home, is increasingly looking like a pipe dream.

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  • patrick

    The COMPLETE modified version of WGA Windows.Genuine.Advantage.WGA.v3.3.(1.5.540.0) has just been released by TAAG — a quality release.

  • @ swissboy,

    Thanks 😀

  • My universal patcher WGA/OGA has been extented by patch for WGA Firefox plugin.

    Tested on WGA Notification v 1.5.540.0

    Tested on WGA Firefox plugin v 1.5.530.0

    Tested on OGA v 1.5.532.0

    June, 30th

  • swissboy

    @Matt: It's not a very good solution because Windows Update will offer you the WGA Notification Update KB905474 again.

  • Matt

    I might be being stupid as i don't know much about computers but i got rid of WGA just by deleting all the possible relevant files found by a simple search and moving the files left over to a new created folder in system32. It works n is v.easy!!

  • swissboy

    @Chewbacca: Simply install the patched Update KB905474 v1.5.540.0, decribed as the 'Third Method' and all your problems and questions are gone.

    The download link for the actual patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 you can find at page 15, comment #366.

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  • John

    Information is starting to circulate of major problems of legitimate Windows installations being claimed by WGA to be pirated at Proctor & Gamble, and the United States Air Force.

  • Chewbacca

    Okay, I just now booted my computer and got a Widows Genuine Advantage Notification KB905474 update notice. I have not yet downloaded it. What should I do?

  • DesignedRat

    That patch software didn't work for me. I did it in a very simple way. I selected the wgatray.exe file for deletion, and then I did place the "are you sure" box next to the taskmanager. Because when i would close wgatray, it would pop up again almost immediately. So I ended the process, and immediately deleted the exe file. Worked like a charm. I wrote a little batchfile which can come in handy maybe.

    taskkill /IM wgatray.exe

    del c:windowssystem32wgatray.exe

    ren c:windowssystem32wgalogon.dll c:windowssystem32wgablablabla.dll

    del c:windowssystem32legitcheckcontrol.dll

    copy the text above, and save it as a bat file. than execute it. I hope this helps some of you to get rid of bills greed for money.

  • Pingback:

  • teo

    Thank You swiss, I've used 2 of ur previous cracks and they worked wonderfully! Thanks again.

  • Pingback: And Steve Jobs grin widens… at Church of the Painful Truth()

  • swissboy

    @farish: Simply install the patched Update KB905474 v1.5.540.0, decribed as the 'Third Method' and all your problems and questions are gone (the you can switch to "on" or "off" like youn want).

    The download link for the actual patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 you can find at page 15, comment #366.

  • farish

    i used the second method by system restoring my computer and it worked properly… now can i update it because i switched "ON" the automatic update. so is thr any problems?should i switch it "off"?becouse it says "your system may be at risk" so i switched it "on"

    pls give me some good news

    thank you

  • swissboy

    @[email protected]: If you have a have a fresh installed Windows XP just install directly my patched update KB905474 and everthing is already fixed.

    @tyler: Very funny, the cracked update you offer contains exactly the by myself patched files, it's just repacked (but my one is smaller packed).

    … so I suggest better take the "original" made by me:

    The actual patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 you can find at page 15, comment #366.

  • Here's the link to the patch I mentioned in my previous comment:

  • @ swissboy…

    I've got the file from ur post #366 on pg 15, I install it even on windows (not in safe mode), then restart system, everything gets back to normal again.

    Would like to ask you just for knowledge, if for e.g I have a fresh installed xp, then quickly replace just the LegitCheckControl.dll version 1.5.540.0 (even before accessing to the internet for the 1st time, will this help by pass the check and allow updates download?

    Thanks so much…

  • This fix is out now:


    Worked perfectly for me. No nags and Microsoft Update works as expected.

  • Bacomino

    Just to tell you that if you set your antivirus software to block "legitcheckcontrol.dll". you will not see any adverts on your desktop and I supose it will work on all versions of WGA… (I'm using Kaspersky)

    Bye everybody and tell me if it works 😉

    (excuse my english…)

  • swissboy

    @Execut3r: You can directly apply the patched update v1.5.540.0 over the v1.5.532.2 update.

    The actual patched update KB905474 v1.5.540.0 you can find at page 15, comment #366.

  • Execut3r

    About the update in post #366, should we first install the update through, and then apply the cracked files? Or directly apply the cracked files over the 532 update?

    Thanks for any answer [:

  • Joaquin

    Thank you swissboy you are an ace.

    Do you have any information on the OGA (Office Genuine Advantage)? Is there a fix around or is it possible to remove it any other way?

  • Pingback: Ramblings From the Abyss of Insanity » More Stuff rom the Web()

  • swissboy

    @diehard45fr: Yes, because now version 1.5.540.0 is actual!

    This version of the patched update you

    can find at page 15 comment #366.

  • diehard45fr

    sorry to say swissboy but your last version from June 28th, 2006 04:24 is no longer removing WGA 1.5.05032.2 but removal from Le Chicche di Cala is working great.

    Thanks Le Chicche di Cala !

  • swissboy

    @Le Chicche di Cala: The RemoveWGA Tools is crap, especialy for the future:

    For my opinion their at the moment two realy good solutions around:

    – My patched Update KB905474, see page 15 comment #366.

    – The Universal WGA/OGA Patcher by HANDLE, see page 15 comment #374.

  • Hi Swissboy, i tried the official wga remover, and i woul like to Know what do you think of that:

    Is a good solution for 1.5.540.0 too and also for Wga of the future? I know your new method , i want only now about the wga remover.

    Thanks for me you are sempli fantastic!

  • Ghost168


    "but when i try to install the package, it again asks for the validation and this time validation failed..what shud i do?"

    Download it again:


    Now includes this EVERLASTING patch:



  • rcrainman

    The manufacture of my PC is now out of business. The legitimate license they were using to activate Windows XP OS on the computers they built has now been cancelled. The OEM CD and all of the different Product Key Numbers that reside in the hidden-encrypted file installed, on the hard drive, have also been blacklisted axed and invalided by MS. So, the file is now obsolete and every Product Key on that CD/HD will no longer validate as genuine.

    Does anyone know how to delete and replace this file using another Valid MS OS Product Key File?


  • kuda

    Do you think that the WgaPatch from Ghost168 is a trusted one?

  • rahul

    hi guys,

    i downloaded the ghost 168 patch and all seemed well.. iwas able to download the IE7 beta from MS site..but when i try to install the package, it again asks for the validation and this time validation failed..what shud i do?

    P.S: I was able to pass the WGA test while downloading.

  • kuda

    What about the WgaPatch from Ghost168, has someone analysed it?

  • @All

    WGA Notification v 1.5.540.0.

    What problems? It is already cracked. Take my universal patcher.

  • wow

    How about those that only have Service Pack 2 installed and want to download Windows Defender, what can those do to bypass WGA?

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  • John

    The wga built into things like ie7 is a sperate issue to bypassing wga for accessing downloads.

    If you search the net for “ie7 wga crack” you should be able to find out what to do. I thought there was an articla bout it on this site, but I can’t find it if there is.

  • unbanny

    Nice trick first version was from MUIZ

    i think big credits goto him for his awesome idea.

    thx muiz

  • swissboy

    @deyg: The Download work for me.

    Please read about the error message "Download-session invalid. Please click here." the comment #342 on page 14 posted by Administrator.

  • deyg


    The rapidshare site is throwing errors- download session invalid .

    Can we have it some place else ?

  • swissboy

    New Version 1.5.540.0 of Windows Genuine Advantage Notification KB905474

    The setup ist the original setup of KB905474, just with the 3 files replaced and new packed (can be also unpacked with WinRAR or 7-Zip).

    Simply install the patched Update KB905474 v1.5.540.0, decribed as the 'Third Method' and all your problems and questions are gone.

    Download here (790KB):

  • ale12


    He does insult people, here is what he said to Matt – "Sorry, but your offer ist crap"


    Whats senseless are your comments to users and others offering solution. You did not answer the question, im not surprised, but ill ask it again. You keep repeating that any solution using the ETH0 fix is crap. Beyond your nonsensical reason of "its old" can you give us a more technical and sound reason on why ETH0 should not be used given that it IS working properly for everyone?

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  • swissboy

    Thanks John!

    It's true, a new version 1.5.540.0 of the WGA Notification Update KB905474 is available!

    The main reason for this seems to be that now 15 langueages for the notification are supported (before only 7).

    Im working already on it, I hope in maybe two hours you can find here my patched Update v1.5.540.0 for download!

    @alexis: John explain you already one of the main reasons. Their also many others, but I don't spend time for senseless diskusions like this.

  • John

    As at 27th June, Windows Update is offering a new WGA notifications as a critical update – even if the user has the 1.5.532.2 fixed install.

    I suspect that this is the update that reduces the "phone home" frequency, (and in any event, it can be declined and hidden). Does anyone know otherwise?

  • alexis


    Yes he is, i quote his comment to Matt -> "Sorry, but your offer ist crap" .

    He goes on and on calling other methods and peoples efforts crap without any sort of justification.

    I repeat that Matt's file worked perfectly for me.

  • John

    I don't think anyone is insulting anyone else.

    Essentially, there are two approaches to this issue. Either run an exe program that does everything for you, or get the appropriate patched files and install them manually.

    It looks like MS have not rolled out the 1.5.532.2 everywhere, so some older methods might or might not work. If you want to sort things out with one operation, and be sure it will work, then the easiest way to do it is to get the 1.5.532.2 exe file.

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  • alexis


    Thanks mate, worked great.


    why do you keep insulting people who have methods different than yours? There are 14 different methods listed on this page, yet you act like a little brat when someone chooses a method different than yours.

    And what do you exactly have against the ETH0 DLL? Just coz its based on an earlier version? Its working isnt it?! I can go to MS Update and install updates just fine using Matt's patch, so give us a reason other than "its old" why we should not use ETH0 or shut up.

  • swissboy

    @mood: The patched Update below should also work with MCE.

    Simply install the patched Update KB905474 v1.5.532.2, decribed as the 'Third Method' and all your problems and questions are gone. Download also here (794KB):

    @HANDLE: Now the detection of the file data.dat in non-english versions of Windows XP work correct. Thanks, now your patcher work very fine!

    @Ghost168: If I unpack your "WgaPatch905474.exe" I get a "Download.exe". Very suspect! What sould this and what make your WgaPatch exactly?

  • mood

    can these examples also be use with media center?

  • Ghost168
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  • Universal patcher/killer for Windows Genuine Advantage and Office Genuine Advantage.

    Version 1.5.532.2. English interface. It will be probably suitable for versions releazed later.

    Corrected a detection method the file data.dat for non-english versions of Windows XP.

    No Microsoft nag screen. Microsoft will not spy on users.


  • @swissboy

    I have corrected a detect method of the file data.dat

  • Matt

    swissboy wat r u talking about my Patch is working Fine i just tested it today! Its FINE!

    Im just adding a link to my patcher so it can allow Pirated PC to get genuine products not Nagg removes!

    WGA Patch is fine thank you!

  • swissboy

    @Matt: Sorry, but your offer ist crap. It's not a patcher, it is just a old patched version 1.5.530.0 (actual is 1.5.532.2) of the LegitCheckControl.dll cracked bei ETH0. And this one is finally based in the very old version

    @All: Don't use this one! Simply install the patched Update KB905474 v1.5.532.2, decribed as the 'Third Method' and all your problems and questions are gone. Download also here (794KB):

  • swissboy

    @HANDLE: Your Universal Patcher/killer for WGA and OGA works fine, good work!

    I found just one small failure: On non-engish versions of Windows XP (in my case german) your tool can not find the data.dat files even their exist. Maybe because the folder "%UserProfile%Application Data" is named in the german Windows XP "%UserProfile%Anwendungsdaten". I hope you can correct this small bug.

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  • swissboy

    Big cleanup by, and!

    Many of the links here to files hosted on, and now also not work anymore. Their deleted on request of ???

    The patched Update KB905474 v1.5.532.2, decribed as the 'Third Method' still can be downloaded here (915KB):

  • Universal Patcher/killer for Windows Genuine Advantage and Office Genuine Advantage,

    v 1.5.532.2, english interface.

  • swissboy

    Sorry, here the correct "international link":

  • swissboy

    Big cleanup by and!

    Many of the links here to files hosted on and/or not work anymore. Their deleted on request of ???

    … but the downloads hosted on are (for the moment) still available!

    The patched Update KB905474 v1.5.532.2, decribed as the 'Third Method' still can be downloaded here:

  • Appreciative User

    Great patch, thanks! Just make sure I have another one when Macro$hit updates it 😛

  • Administrator

    Michell, tried more download links listed in Method 3 above. It's because rapidshare not working very good on transparent proxy. More information here and here.

  • Michelle

    Hiya, I have version 1.5.532.2 and tried downloading the file Swissboy recommended from rapidshare, but keep getting the following error message:

    Download-session invalid. Please click here.

    Any tips?

  • Matty D.

    Thanks to swissboy – find it here…


    just run it – problem solved.

  • Matty D.

    To everyone…

    I've been checking out this forum for a while now and WHILE i'to save people valuable time and effort – USE SWISSBOY'S ADVICE ON METHOD 3!! STOP WASTING YOUR TIME ON ANYTHING ELSE!!!

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  • swissboy

    @Brad: For somebody have no Linux experience it is a very uneffiective method (just about WGA). But this is anyway a senseless discussion in this thread.

    Sorry, but your comment is here just flameware.

  • Brad

    A more effective method of getting rid of the WGA nag is to get rid of Windows altogether and install the more reliable Linux – FOR FREE! Most Linux distributions can be obtained freely on the internet.

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  • dw

    Office Genuine Advantage Patcher. Ver. 1.5.532.0


    Hope that is of some use. You need office validation to fail first then close all browser windows and run. If it still fails to patch try rebooting and then try again.

  • swissboy

    @johnathan freeman: Simply install the patched Update KB905474 v1.5.532.2, decribed as the "Third Method" and all your problems and questions are gone.

  • johnathan freeman

    Hi,re:WGA workarounds I clicked thru the file pathC:windowsystem32 found 2 file names,WgaLogon.dll which I changed to WgaLokgon.dll and attempted to delete WgaTray.exe which didnt work.I then succeeded in deleting it with Highjackthis and the pesky icon in the sys.tray vanished.However I cant get updates unless I download WGA validation tool KB892130..back to square one!Is there a way I can workaround this or should I just not bother with updates?

  • Monique

    Yesterday I was navigating using my WinXP partition. I was looking for MDAC 2.8sp1, in order to fix a bug in my Windows ME. I found it in w*, but the download required the WGA check. So I closed WinXP and started WinME; accepted the WGA check; I received a validating key, got the download, and no WGA stuff was actuallyy installed inside my WinME. I coclude that you can download things like IE7 beta, MP11 and similars just going into MS site via WinME or Win98: for such OS's, the WGA check is DUMMY.

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  • Carl

    Nothing work for Xp Corporate. Anybody as an idea ? Thanks

  • TurtleWash

    From France,

    Great job Swissboy,


    Work perfectly !

    Have a good day.

    Bonne journée 😉

  • Administrator

    For WMP11, tried steps here.

  • Tico

    Thank you so much for this help!

    The 3rd method worked for me, after letting windows automatic update dl and install the latest LegitCheckControl.

    I tried to install WMP11 as well, and like "onlyU" experienced the method doesn't work for this.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks again!

  • onlyU

    Third method works fine.

    but.. when I try to install a software (like IE7, WMP11 or Defender) it fails the genuine check… I know there are ways to bypass this too, but… any other ways?

  • flatboosh floozie

    humble thanks for all the detail info

  • JN

    Superman – how are you re-installing XP?

    Attempting to install and update some early cracked XP versions can run into other service pack validation problems that are separate from wga.

  • swissboy

    @sheri: Simply install the patched Update KB905474 v1.5.532.2, decribed as the 'Third Method', and all your problems and questions are gone.

  • sheri

    hi, i need some help. last time i installed some updates from microsoft and it offer me 8 updates. the last one was KB905474 which i did uncheck, because i know that this is wga control update. and i think my window copy is not genuen

    now every time when i start window, updates offer me to install KB905474 this updates.

    my quetion is how i can stop this offer. should i instal this update or any other way. i m afraid that if i instal i will get messg from wga validation.

  • Superman

    I have just reformatted my computer and I have tried to update windows, but sadly the WGA screen pops out. When I continue on with the

    WGA thing, it gives me an error that it cannot validate the version of windows I have if it is really a valid version or not.

    Because of that, I cannot do any updates on my computer or even try to bypass WGA using these methods because it won't even install WGA.

    Is there anyway to fix this problem?

  • swissboy

    @Zakaria Abdul Kadir: Why so complicate? And to just rename and/or delete the WgaTry.exe und WgaLogon.dll is not a good solution because Windows Update will offer you KB905474 again.

    Simply use the patched Update KB905474 v1.5.532.2, decribes as the 'Third Method', and all your problems and questions are gone.

    By this solution the the WgaTry.exe und WgaLogon.dll are replaced by dummy-files and Windows Update will not offer you KB905474 again. Also ist the installation very simple bcause it's based on the original Microsoft installer from the Update KB905474.

  • Zakaria Abdul Kadir

    I agree, some of the suggestions are working but the WGA creator is smart; deleting all related WGA folders and files in the REGISTRY doesn't help; the beautiful designed WARNING keeps cpming back.

    For some computers deleting the data.dat (C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataWindows Genuine Advantagedata) will remove the annoying warning but some won't because the following files can't be deleted:



    So the easiest way to remove it is to find all the WGA.EXE files + WGALOGON.DLL, and rename them or remove the .EXE extension. Everything will be fine.



    Tell me if this doesn't work. Please email me…

  • Zakaria Abdul kadir

    Some of the suggestions are working but the WGA creator is smart; for some computers deleting the data.dat (C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataWindows Genuine Advantagedata)will remove the annoying warning but some won't because the following files can't be deleted:



    So the easiest way to remove it is to find all the WGA.EXE files + WGALOGON.DLL, and rename them or remove the .EXE extension. Everything will be fine.



    Tell me if this doesn't work.

  • sublimisdeus

    thanks so much my digital life and swissboy! i used method 3 for windows XP (WGA version 1.5.532.2) and it fixed the problem.

    you all are awesome!!!

  • swissboy

    @Chicche di cala: Ich you have already version 1.5.532.0 of KB905474 installed you not get offered version 1.5.532.2 over Windows Update bceuase it seems to be a minor update. But anyway you can install the patched update KB905474 version 1.5.532.2 (also over the the version 1.5.532.0), decribed as the "Third Method". By the way, I think much more than only 1 procent have already version 1.5.532.2.

  • Hi Swissboy

    Why i haven't a new version 1.5.532.2?

    YOu always write aboute it , but 99% of people have 1.5.532.0 or no?

    I'm curios, thanks

  • medvidek

    same question as fred… how to remove this prob on win 2003 server ?

  • swissboy

    @Mastermattie: Why so complicate? And to just delete the WgaTry.exe ist not a good solution because Windows Update will offer you KB905474 again.

    Simply use the patched Update KB905474 v1.5.532.2, decribes as the 'Third Method', and all your problems and questions are gone.

  • In my case, the WgaTray progress can't be stopped by taskmanager because it's starting up again.

    I stopped this progress this way:

    Open windows explorer

    Navigate to C:WindowsSystem32

    Rightclick wgatray.exe, select properties

    Select tab security

    Click advanced

    Uncheck override settings…

    Remove all rights

    Click ok

    Add your user account and set all permissions to it.

    Click ok

    Open task manager (CTRL ALT DEL)

    Click tab progress

    End wgatray.exe

    Now you're be able to delete C:WindowsSystem32WgaTray.exe

  • GuruMandir

    I applied the patch WindowsXP-KB905474-ENU-x86-1.5.532.2-noWGA.exe and it got rid of WGA notifications. I don't get the messages anymore. Thanks a lot swissboy.

  • GuruMandir

    Thanks swissboy I was just wondering if what I thought could be possible but had doubts that it may cause some other unforeseen problems.

  • swissboy

    @Guru Mandir: This ist for many reasons a very bad solution.

    Simply use the patched Update KB905474 v1.5.532.2, decribes as the "Third Method", and all your problems and question are gone.

  • Guru Mandir

    If we can remove the Hard Disk and connect it to another PC running Windows and simply delete all occurences of the files





    will it do the trick?

    Or will it cause a problem if we don't modify the registry to remove references to WgaLogon.dll?

    I was thinking to remove it through this method or since I have a dual boot Linux/Windows setup to boot in Linux and then delete these files since Linux can read Windows partitions and directories. I might have to log in as root to delete them, however.

  • fred

    Has anyone managed to disable the WGA nag screen on windows update for Windows 2003 Server? I can do it for XP no probs but 2003 is doing my head in :O(

  • testerBoy

    Does anyone know what TCP / UDP Port number WGA uses? After finding out what information WGA sends, I would like to block it completely from a hardware firewall. Anyone?

  • nooneelse

    Worked fine! all methods!

    Man, even making lotta of methods, the great people will ever hack it!


    thanks guys

  • Alias

    I chose the 6th method as my first selection and it worked like a charm. Very easy to follow and effortless.

    Thank you!

  • John

    I installed swissboys 1.5.532.2 exe on a spare computer running XP which previously had a patched 1.5.512.0 wga on it, and had no trouble and did not have to re-boot.

    Selecting express or custom on the updates page leads directly to the relevant lists of available updates, there is no prompt to install the latest version of wga validation, and the critical updates do not include the wga notification.

    But, as has been said previously, this fix does not facilitate the installation of software which has its own wga built in.

    The question remains whether wga will be changed again before the critical updates are published on 13th June.

    The irony is that when I looked at the uses we make of the PC's here, we could do everything we do perfectly well using Linux and various free software. And I reckon that this will be our next step.

    Another irony is that we have legitimate licences, discs and paperwork for w2k, and would be able to do everything we need to with that – if only it worked properly. – Never again!

  • Javad

    Hi, thx 4 wgafixer that get me ride of this fukin notification, I suggest to use it , it works in all way.


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  • i really works..!! thanks man!! u save my a##…thanks a lot!!

  • i just wanted to thank Melhacker so very much for getting rid of that Damn Genuine Advantage, last time it took a few hours to get rid of it, i finally went in safe mode and deleted it because the files were copies back on again. Now it doesn't work at all and his prgram got rid of it, so thank you again Melhacker, nicely done, the way you designed it, i was going to but never got around to it, plus they update it frequently.

  • Sid

    I just used the WgaFixer in the thirteenth method and it works just fine.

  • The sixth step worked for me

    Thank u

  • WGA Patch 905474 (WGA Check & Notificatons)



    To disable the Windows Genuine Advantage

    just run the file 905474.exe (WGA-patch)

    Now you may try a full (custom) Windows Update

    and be free of annoying WGA logon Notifications

    Description of the WGA Notifications application


  • swissboy

    @Shane: This is normal, IE7 ans WMP11 (and also other newer Microsoft software) have a own WGA check in the setup intergrated, for this the patched LegitCheckControl.dll not helps. For WMP11 you can find a solution on page 11 comment #259, for IE7 just search in the internet.

  • Shane

    well it let me download off the microsoft website this time, but when i run the setups for IE7 and windows media player 11, they make me validate windows online and then it says that your windows software is not genuine.

  • swissboy

    @Shane: Close the IE, and replace the LegitCheckControl.dll with the patched one (must have the date stamp 06-07-2006) 'by hand'. This MUST work.

  • Shane

    still no luck. I get the message at the microsoft download center that my windows is not genuine

  • swissboy

    @Shane: If the timestamp is 02-07-2006 you still have the unpatched LegitCheckControl.dll.The update sheems to be for unknown reasons not proper installed. Try t install my update again (and reboot) or replace the LegitCheckControl.dll with the patched one "by hand".

  • Shane

    The LegitCheckControl.dll for me is 1.5.532.2, but the timestamp is june 2nd, 2006. I know i restarted after i ran the patch. Also, how do you know that the WGA active X control is enabled?

  • swissboy

    @Shane: Please validate that the LegitCheckControl.dll in your Windowssystem32 folder have the date stamp 06-07-2006 and the version 1.5.532.2. Make also shure that the WGA active X control is enabled. Note also that after the patch installation a system reboot is needed.

  • Shane

    I ran swissboys patch but i still cant download anything from microsoft. It says "validation required" so i hit continue and fail the validation. Is there any way i can actually download things from

  • Luftwaffe


    The 'mandatory WGA' is not a problem. ie. You mean you are going to windows update, and the first thing it does is have an update that claims to

    – increase efficienty of windows update

    – streamline something process.

    etc. etc.

    All that does is update the WGA components, like legitcheckcontrol, to the lastest version.

    *this is separate to the critical update WGA which is where it installs the nag crap*

    so for you… let windows update the components, ie. that mandatory update so that you can proceed to check for updates.

    Then simply get the new Legitcheckcontrol.dll file and patch it over.

    PS. simply going to windows update seems to say the most recent WGA version is 1.5.530

    However, my understanding is people installing the notification tool ('critical' update), that is installing this 1.5.532 version everyone mentions.. I think thats how it works…. either that or windows update is only offering 1.5.530 here.

  • John

    Post 274 looks suspiciously like a link directly to an executable file on the MS site.

  • John

    Apologies – I should have said swissboys files.

  • swissboy

    @John: Just run my patch version 1.5.532.2 decribed in "Third Method", rebooot you system and all you problems and questions are fixed.

  • John

    I currently have mandatory wga installed and patched v1.5.512.0. I declined to install the notifications "critical" update.

    From 23rd March, Windows update is prompting me to download mandatory wga again, but I have not.

    I have downloaded SilverBullets exe files, both the 1.5.532.0 and 1.5.532.2.

    Can I just run the later of them onto my system as it is at the moment, or might there be issues because there is an existing patched version there – as has happened with previous fixes.

  • flammer


    As it turned out, my WGA active X control was disabled. I re-enabled it via "Add Ons" and it worked!

    I have no idea why I am able to enable and disable the WGA active X control because previously MS had disabled/greyed out this option.

    Anyway, once I enabled it, everything was fine and I'm able to receive updates.

  • swissboy

    @JOEMAMA: This ist a problem of corrupt Windows Update on your system and not of the WGA-Patch. Try to search in the web for solutions how to correct it. Sorry, I'm not have a quick solution for you ready to this specific problem.


    @ swissboy

    I have the correct date stamp 06-07-2006 and the version 1.5.532.2.

    The screen I am seeing is this one:

    Genuine Windows Validation

    [ Support ID: 0x8DDD100F ]

    To get updates, you must first validate your Windows software. Validation assures that you are using an authentic and fully licensed copy of Windows.

    Then, when I try to validate Windows, I get this:

    Validation Incomplete: Unable to Perform Validation[0x80080299]

    Why didn't my machine complete validation?

    You have encountered an unknown error. Please contact your local product support team for further assistance with this issue.

  • swissboy

    @JOEMAMA: What you understand exactly under "the WGA validation screen"?

    Please validate also that the LegitCheckControl.dll in your Windowssystem32 folder have the date stamp 06-07-2006 and the version 1.5.532.2.


    I restored the registry and still have noe luck.

    I deleted the data.dat file in the C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataWindows Genuine Advantagedata folder.

    I'm wondering if this has something to do with it.

    However, I don't have the data.dat file anymore.

  • Administrator

    As mentioned by PBLEE, if you did registry hack to the WGA, then try to restore the registry setting to the original first before applying the patch.


    @ swissboy

    I just removed WGA altogether and installed what you told me to install in your last post.

    Restarted the computer – went to windows update and I am prompted with the WGA validation screen…

    I'm confused.

  • swissboy

    @JOEMAMA:The "Third Method" still work, I just have test it again a few minutes before I wrote this comment.

    Just download the "WindowsXP-KB905474-ENU-x86-1.5.532.2-noWGA.exe", install it and reboot your system.



    It appears that as of now – none of the cracks work…I have tried everything mentioned in Method Three to no avail…

    I have sucessfully implemented the cracks in the past…any idea whats going on?

  • Murple

    Yet more reasons to run Linux.

  • warmunger

    Thanks unlocker works a treat

  • Mooseman


    Friday, June 09, 2006

    What's Genuine About Windows Genuine Advantage?

    By Mary Jo Foley

    Is Microsoft tracking your daily whereabouts via its anti-piracy technology? Is it collecting information on which non-Microsoft apps you are running? Here's our attempt to separate fact from urban legend in the Genuine Advantage realm.

    After a rash of reports the week of June 4 that Microsoft has been collecting on a daily basis information on users who have opted into the company's Genuine Advantage anti-piracy program, it seemed like time to separate FUD from fact. Here is Microsoft Watch's attempt to provide answers to some of the most commonly asked Windows Genuine Advantage questions.

    Q: What is Genuine Advantage?

    A: WGA is Microsoft's latest program designed to thwart software piracy. It is designed to check whether consumer and small-business customers are running legitimately licensed copies of Windows XP.

    There are two components to Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA): WGA validation and WGA notifications. Validation determines whether the copy of Windows installed is pirated or not. Notifications nag users who Microsoft believes are not running "genuine Windows" and "suggest" where they can "learn more about the benefits of using genuine Windows software."

    Microsoft launched WGA in September 2004. Since then, Microsoft has expanded its WGA pilots around the world. In April 2006, Microsoft announced it plans to apply Genuine Advantage to Office, as well.

    Q: Do I have to validate my Microsoft software? Or is it optional to do so?

    A:The Validation component of WGA became mandatory in July 2005 for Windows XP users looking to download any kinds of Windows-related updates and fixes. Microsoft is continuing its policy of allowing even those who can't prove they are running non-pirated copies of Windows to still obtain critical security fixes, however.

    Q: When does Genuine Advantage collect data from my PC? What kind of data?

    The first time a user runs the WGA validation check, Microsoft's servers collect the following information:

    *Windows XP product key

    *PC Manufacturer

    *Operating system version

    *PC BIOS information

    *User locale setting and language

    "None of this information is considered personally identifying Information," according to Microsoft, meaning that a user's identity cannot be discerned from the information WGA collects automatically.

    Q: Microsoft recently acknowledged that its Genuine Advantage servers are pinging users' PCs on a daily basis. Why was Microsoft doing this?

    A: It seems to be the Notifications, not the Validation, component that has been "phoning home" to Microsoft from users' systems on a daily basis. Microsoft officials claim the daily call home is a "safety check" that it implemented when it first rolled out the Notifications pilot program earlier this year. If Notifications went amok on Microsoft's side, Microsoft wanted a way to terminate the program quickly, officials said this week. Officials acknowledged they did not communicate Microsoft's implementation of a daily system check to users until the week of June 4.

    Q: What information has Microsoft been seeking/collecting during the daily WGA system check?

    A: PCs that have done the initial WGA Validation check do not send information to Microsoft each time they are booted up, according to the Redmond software maker.

    However, the WGA Notifications program has been doing a daily check to determine if WGA should run or not. According to Microsoft, however, no identifying system or user information is sent to Microsoft as part of this daily check.

    Ballmer: Less Software Piracy = Lower Software Costs

    Microsoft Bringing 'Genuine Advantage' Authentication to Office

    Microsoft Makes 'Genuine Advantage' Verification Mandatory

    Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage Exploit Discovered

    Microsoft Adds a New Wrinkle to 'Genuine Advantage' Initiative

    Q: Is Microsoft intending to continue the daily WGA server-side-check process?

    A: No. On June 8, Microsoft announced plans to change its WGA system checks: "As a result of customer concerns around performance, we are changing this feature to only check for a new settings file every 14 days. This change will be made in the next release of WGA. Also, this feature will be disabled when WGA Notifications launches worldwide later this year. "

    Q: If users block or disable Genuine Advantage, will Microsoft still ping their machines?

    A: No. If someone chooses not to accept the WGA Notifications pilot, it is not installed on their machine and therefore does not do the daily server side check, Microsoft officials said.

    Q: Given these facts, is WGA technically spyware?

    A: Of course, Microsoft's answer is no. But spyware is all in the eye of the beholder. If users are not properly notified about exactly what software a vendor installs on their systems and/or about the function and purpose of that software, it sure sounds like spyware to us.

  • nuttynutter

    Method one 100% fixed the problem.. fast and easy thank you so much..

  • swissboy

    @Davis: This ist a simple KB905474 unistaller based on batch scripts and not a real WGA workaround because you will be still not able to acces Windows Update or WGA protected download from the Microsoft Download Center (exept you install a patched LegitCheckControl.dll by you self. This is also not a good solution because now Windows Update will try to install KB905474 again.

  • Davis

    Removal of WGA newest version 1.5.532.2

    I tryed several methods to remove this latest version without any luck Untill I found this site. I accessed it from google and it should translate to english when you click on this link. Click on the link to download KB905474 uninstaller.exe run the application and a dos window appears. when it is done it will prompt you to restart which it will do automatically.

    upon rebooting the dos window comes up again and informs you that the removal was sucessful. Wala no more nag screens…please let me know how it worked…

  • swissboy

    @John: Simply use my update/patch KB905474 v1.5.532.2, posted on page 10, comment #237.

    @videografix: This is not a good solution because now Windows Update will offer you KB905474 again.

    @Antibody: You don't need them if you use my Update KB905474.

    @Jared: WMP11 has a own WGA-Check in his setup.

    1) Entpack wmp11-windowsxp-x86-de-de.exe with WinRAR to a spearate folder

    2) Replace the file legitlib.dll in this folder with this patched one:
    3) Run in this folder the file setup_wm.exe.

  • videografix

    Hey fellas, I found a great way to get rid with the WGA logon blablabla… just use AbsoluteShield File Shredder, delete the WGA files and that's it!

    Best Regards!

    Videografix man.

  • John

    There are now references on the Internet to a latest version 1.5.532.2 which appeared around 6th June 2006.

    Does anyone know anything about that, and how to fix it?

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  • Java Lamp

    Hey! Method 15 working fine! Thank all!

  • Antibody

    Thanks swissboy, after running the patch, it's working fine to me. But I have a question. What do we do with the second link? I did download it but I can't run it.

  • swissboy


    You have to change the key to a not SP2 blacklistet key or you have to reinstall Windows from a CD with already integrated SP2.

    … but this ist not the real theme here.

  • medianten

    But what if I need to update to Service Pack 2 on my XP PRO? The hack works(!)(WindowsXP-KB905474-ENU-x86-v1.5.532.0-noWGA.exe), but once the extracted installer is started it does it's own legitimate-check. Is there any way around this or should I try to get hold of an XP SP2-disc and reinstall the system?

  • Jared

    Hey a question for you swissboy. I installed the apatch and it works great. I go to the microsoft site and go to download WMP 11 and you click the thingy and it lets me download. However I go to install WMP 11 beta and it says my copy isn’t valid and directs me to microsoft’s site that says I’m not valid. ANy thoughts?

  • swissboy


    What mean exactly "not working"?

    All other here their say the patch working without any problem. Maybe it's a problem specific to your system. As I know is at the moment no new version out, version 1.5.532.2 is the newest.

  • DeathScourge


    i think they may have a new version out i just tried your windowsxp-kb905474-enu-x86.exe but its not working

  • jimmy

    thankx swissboy

    u just saved my life

  • swissboy

    About the theme "WGA-Tool calling home"

    If you have installed my patch (last version 1.5.532.2 you can found in comment #237) definitly no data can be received to the Microsoft servers!

    It's not possible because the two files WgaLogon.dll and/or WgaTray.exe doubt for this are replaced in this patch with dummy files with no functionality.

  • mooseman

    Microsoft plans better disclosures of tool

    By ALLISON LINN, AP Business WriterWed Jun 7, 7:52 PM ET

    Microsoft Corp. acknowledged Wednesday that it needs to better inform users that its tool for determining whether a computer is running a pirated copy of Windows also quietly checks in daily with the software maker.

    The company said the undisclosed daily check is a safety measure designed to allow the tool, called Windows Genuine Advantage, to quickly shut down in case of a malfunction. For example, if the company suddenly started seeing a rash of reports that Windows copies were pirated, it might want to shut down the program to make sure it wasn't delivering false results.

    "It's kind of a safety switch," said David Lazar, who directs the Windows Genuine Advantage program.

    Lazar said the company added the safety measure because the piracy check, despite widespread distribution, is still a pilot program. He said the company was worried that it might have an unforeseen emergency that would require the program to terminate quickly.

    But he acknowledged that Microsoft should have given users more information about the daily interactions.

    "We're looking at ways to communicate that in a more forward manner," he said.

    Lazar also said the company plans to tweak the program soon so that it will only check in with Microsoft every two weeks, rather than daily.

    The tool, part of the Redmond company's bid to thwart widespread piracy, is being distributed gradually to people who have signed up to receive Windows security updates. The company expects to have offered it to all users worldwide by the end of the year.

    Lazar said that so far, about 60 percent of users who were offered the piracy check decided to install it. Once installed, the program checks to make sure the version of Windows a user is running is legitimate, and gathers information such as the computer's manufacturer and the language and locale it is set for.

    That information-gathering is disclosed in a licensing agreement. But the agreement does not make clear that the program also is designed to "call home" to Microsoft's servers, to make sure that it should keep running.

    At least every 90 days, the tool also checks again to see if the copy of Windows is legitimate. Lazar said that's because the company sometimes discovers that a copy of Windows that it thought was legitimate is actually pirated.

    When Microsoft believes a copy of Windows is pirated, the user begins to get a series of reminders that the copy isn't genuine. Such users also are barred from downloading noncritical updates, such as the new version of its Internet Explorer browser. But anyone who has signed up to automatically receive security updates, which repair flaws to prevent Internet attacks, will still get those fixes.

    Lauren Weinstein, who is co-founder of People for Internet Responsibility and was one of the first people to notice the daily communications to Microsoft, said he understands and sympathizes with Microsoft's desire to control piracy. But he said it's problematic that Microsoft did not disclose all the program's communications with the company.

    Weinstein said he also was surprised that Microsoft decided to release so widely a tool that it says is in a "pilot" mode and might need to be suddenly shut down.

    "Really what you're talking about is someone saying, 'Look we've put something on your computer and it might go screwy, so we're going to kind of check in every day,'" he said.

  • noShitt

    Did you know WGA connects to Microsoft's servers every day?

    Microsoft said that WGA tool connects to M$'s servers each and every day to see if you have a genuine windows.

    This is NOT written in the EULA.

  • swissboy

    @jenny: I just need to install the patch.

    @wacko: The link still work.

    @Admin: You can update the link to version 1.5.532.2 in the "Sixteenth Method" section please?

  • wacko
    doesn't seem to work anymore, anyone else have another link to this file?

  • jenny

    I have a question for swiss boy method:

    I just need to install the patch"-KB905474-ENU-x86-1.5.532.2-noWGA.exe"

    or i must add the LegitCheckControl.dll v1.5.532.2 ?

    I didn't understand so well 🙁


  • Thnks to swissboy from a lot of swissgirls of the italian's blog . You have been genial e very quick, thanks 🙂

  • Mat

    Swissboy's patch above worked great for me after three other trys. Just works and no mods needed.

  • mude

    ey… swissboy.. thanks a lot… i now got the latest updates, visual studio 2005 and even OFFICE 2007… hahahahaha…. by the way.. maybe you have an idea on cracking windows media player 11. coz i think it has a different genuine checker… hehe..

    keep up the good work… 🙂

  • Marty

    the patch from swissboy works very easily. simply download, run and restart. thanks.

  • swissboy

    New Version of Genuine Advantage Notification 1.5.532.2

    The setup ist the original setup of KB905474, just with the 3 files replaced and new packed (can be also unpacked with WinRAR).

    You can install this Patch before you have installed KB905474 from Windows Update or also after. Normally a system restart is required.

    Download patched Update KB905474 v1.5.532.2 here (1.0MB):

    Download only patched LegitCheckControl.dll v1.5.532.2 here (358KB):

  • No more Stucked one

    Hi, folks.

    Just to share the info, if someone get the same problem.

    It was an issue with the updates history. Just follow these steps (from

    . Stop the Automatic Updates service. To do this, follow these steps:

    a. Click Start, click Run, type services.msc, and then click OK.

    b. Right-click the Automatic Updates service, and then click Stop.

    c. Minimize the Services snap-in.

    2. Remove the download directory. To do this, follow these steps:

    a. Click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK.

    b. Type the following command, and then press ENTER:

    rmdir /s %windir%softwaredistribution

    c. When you receive the "Are you sure (Y/N)

  • Stucked one

    I've tried all of these methods, I can download any app from m$, also I can enter in windows update and chose what I want to download. But all of them in windows update fail. No matter if I choose to download one or all the updates available, it will fail. Even Windows Defender auto uptade give me an error, that 0x80240022 one, telling that I must insert the disk %2 (volume %3) in the drive %1.

    Can somebody help me?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Nocturnal

    Hmm, I guess it's because the KB is now v1.5.532.2 as of today. So none of these patches would work if I installed the newest version. That sucks.

  • Nocturnal

    swissboy: I tried your patch and even after a re-start I'm unable to get to Windows Update. Windows Update is supposed to work, right? Or do you have to set it to auto update and then it will allow all the patches to come through, i.e. even the non-critical ones?

  • Nocturnal

    What is KB905474 is already installed? Do these patches work? Cuz I can't get it to work with the KB installed.


    swissboy's file worked fine with my copy of WINXP PRO

    Download at:

  • waynes

    I did a fresh install of Win XP Pro but I cannot downlaod the WGA….I tried the windows update several times but it says my windows is not genuine. How can I download the WGA?

  • swissboy

    @mude: Thanks!

    @Le Chicche di Cala: Yes!

    @Admin: You can take may Patch as "Seventeenth Method" please? It have posted them original at comment #205 already.

    Download at:

  • Dude

    Everyone look at my post! 😛

    Method 1 works..

    Use method 1.. 🙂

    Thanks to the authour who wrote this article..

    I LOVE YA! 😀

  • Le Chicche di Cala

    New method "windowsxp-kb905474-enu-x86.exe" is goos for italian version too..? Thanks

  • mude

    damn…. swissboy… it worked….

    keep it up… hehe

  • rcrainman

    Downloaded hotfix.rar file and extracted with Winace. Worked by removed annoying star.. Thanks, DeaDMan Walking. Also, turned off auto Win update option replaced it with "notify me …."

    So, Far So, good…..

  • luban

    guys, the 16th solution is not only easy, but a miracle cure too…:-)

  • DeaDMan Walking

    This is the full cracked hotfix windowsxp-kb905474-enu-x86.exe Just install the hotfix , and reboot. you can now update again and no more nags.

    Download Link

  • DeaDMan Walking

    This is the full cracked hotfix windowsxp-kb905474-enu-x86.exe Just install the hotfix , and reboot….you can now update again and no more nags.

    Download Link

  • Grazie a tutti per i consigli di My Digital Life

  • I must say thanks to everybody in my digital life

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  • Very thanks to My Digital Life

  • 2 metodi semplici e immediati per risolvere il problema i wgatray.exe . Nel blog le chicche di cala potrete risovere semplicemente il problema:

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  • Lady Di

    I have a legit copy and was getting the messages too. So I deleted each and every file I found (using WinXP search that started with WGA). Logged off and the WGA note was gone from my log-in page as well as any other messages seen afterwards. Have not tried to update anything as I will let it do it on it's own. Let's hope this worked.

  • Polenta

    I used method 6, similar to method 3 but involves also making the wgalogon.dll file read only.

    Works great and I can use windows updates. 🙂

  • swissboy

    @Non-genuine Windows? No problem. at MCCCXXXVII

    This solution is not very good, it contains an old version 1.5.530 of LegitCheckControl.dll and the registry changes have the effect that you will be prompted to install KB905474 again.

  • swissboy

    Here another simple to install solution:

    Finaly it's the already known solution with a patched LegitCheckControl.dll and the WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe as dummies.

    The setup ist the originaly setup of KB905474, just with the 3 files replaced and new packed (can be also unpacked with WinRAR).

    You can install this Patch before you have intstalled KB905474 from Windows Update or also after. Maybe after a system restart ist required.

    Download it from here and try it, this solution work's great:



    PBlee i have downloaded the WGA Diagnostic tool and i all ready placed 1.5.532.0 in place but i cant download still tells me my key is no good . on the WGA Diagnostic tool in the first line it reads ,,BLOCKED VLK,,,IN RED,, whats that mean?

  • Me

    The third method works perfect !

    You have to replace the 3 files in "Save Mode". Windows update works perfect, but it isn't possible to install MS Defender ?


  • Biagio

    For ever…LINUX!


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  • Pingback: Il nuovo nag-screen di Windows Advantage Program ?at? Lastknight Dot Com by Matteo Flora()

  • PBlee

    interesting little piece of software from M$

    A WGA Diagnostic tool


    Thanks for aknowledgement Cutterz….

    Sorry i couldnt place a link to it maybe bullet might add it as a download to the file he is know posting…..


    You cannot install Windows XP Home Edition over an existing

    Windows XP Professional installation. A "clean install" of

    Windows XP Home Edition is required.

    Clean Install Windows XP….

    However you can use FAST to preserve you files and settings fast is a little known command built into all XP operating systemssee link :

    sounds like your best option

  • aznblur

    Is it possible to use any of these methods with a limited user account?

  • Cutterz

    I didn't thank PBLEE for the patch!!! There's a lot of work there. Thanks for the fix!



  • Cutterz

    PB Lee's patch, above June 3rd, worked for me. After trying 3 or 4 Legit*.dll cracks. Be sure there are no blank lines at the bginning of the created .reg file.

    Good Luck!


  • RebelsAd

    You can switch off all the nag screens using WGA Notification itself. This is how you do it:

    Right click the Blue Star in the taskbar and select "Change Notification Settings"

    Your browser will load up and take you here:

    Click the + next to "Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Options"

    Take the tick out of the "Display Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications messages" box and click "Save Settings"

    The page will refresh with a new option "I understand that I am disabling the display of messages in this version of Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications.". Tick the box and click "Yes, Im Sure"

    Reboot and all the nags will be gone (The Blue Star icon stays in the taskbar but doesnt pop uop).

    If you want to use Windows Update you will need to use the cracked LegitCheckControl.dll


  • Pharell

    The Windows Genuine Notification is now installing even if automatic updates are not on. I installed a fresh version of Windows XP Pro with all the updates since May '06 already patched, except the WGA. BEFORE I even installed my network drivers I set the updates to "Notify me, but don't automatically download or install them." About 30 minutes after I installed the network card drivers, the notification for an updates popped up, and the WGA notification was available to download. BEFORE I even chose not to install, I looked in my task bar and sure enough the WGA notification was already installed!

    Isn't that kinda like a spyware or trojan to install without you even knowing it?

  • Mooseman

    I have a couple of questions regarding switching from a pirated copy to a legit copy of Win XP Pro or Home versions.

    First, I own an upgrade copy of XP Home and a Pirated copy of XP Pro.

    1. Can I install my legit copy of XP Home over the pirated copy of XP Pro and retain most of my configuration settings and programs?

    2. I was told by a friend that MS retains the "Activation" information for only 120 days after the product was legally activated. After that, I can install the same licenced copy on another PC, and activate it without any issues from MS. Does anyone know for sure if this is true or not?

    Thanks for any info and I belive it may help others as well who may be in the same situation.


  • legal

    no adianta sempre os hackes dao jeito


    below is the info if people dont have it….

    Just copy the below into notepad including the "Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00" save as .reg file and run…..

    Hope this helps the people that the crack isnt working for….

    <font size="-2">

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogonNotifyWgaLogon]





















    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogonNotifyWgaLogonSettings]











































































    People having problems with bullets crack might need to put back the stuff that was removed from registery when they tried other cracks…I couldnt get bullets to work until i replaced the info i removed from

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogonNotifyWgaLogon]

    and also put back the info i removed from

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogonNotifyWgaLogonSettings]

    after pasting this back from a machine that the crack did work on the crack then worked on this machine….

  • Matty D.

    To Lancelot – post 163

    Don't thank me, Thank Chucko and Melhacker!

  • Anthony

    The reply No. 26 by PSnet works perfectly with the autorun program also.

    I received the WGA notification a couple days ago, and now its fixed. Thanks to all posts above for that help provided.

  • Dead Man Walking

    I agree. _!_

  • tommy 2k6

    Here is a working patch it worked for me ( i am useing MCE 2005)

  • richard stallman jun

    listen here bill gates… this forum is for technical discussion and not for spouting uneducated opinions like yours. but since you opened up the door, let me just say that anyone with a brain in there head wouldnt pay 10 dollars to support a monopoly like microsoft whose unfair tactics oppress technical and economical progression.

  • Here's an idea!.Why not shell out $100 dollars and you wont have to go through all the pain you are going through now. By this time the pirated version of window you are using has deffinately paid for itself by now.

  • Ken C

    If I use Ghost168's method, Do I still need to goto Regedit to delete files? replace them with crack files? or just run the Zip/Patch file in the link?

  • Please let me know if this download and patch will work …

    If this succeeds, i can use this smaller file on my site.

    Which will diminish the pressure on my bandwith, because

    10thousends patch downloads a day is far to much :-((


    To disable the Windows Genuine Advantage

    just run the file 905474.exe (WGA-patch)

    Now you may try a full (custom) Windows Update

    and be free of annoying WGA logon Notifications

    Description of the WGA Notifications application


    [email protected]

  • mixt

    I've done solution number 3 and 10…….will i be able to update windows?



  • Luftwaffe

    Just hide it.

    Unless you are referring to the necessary update of the WGA component itself… that is mandatory.. for which you just use the .dll method to fix.

  • Lonely

    Hi All,

    I try several way to remove notification and i did it. That's ok. BUT when i try to update windows its show me high priorty instalation "WGA notification" . What can i do remove this notification line on windows updates site

  • ohhhh

    I have a headache….

  • geestar

    Melhacker (comment no. 55) is a genius

    Cheers mate

  • Harry O

    I have tried to use system restore to rit the WGA notifications. This did not work as the system restore did not rebooted the computer

    It just hung during switching off

    I had to reset the system and the message came up that restore was un-successful (tried twice)

    I used the fifth methode and this worked for me

  • Matty D.

    To Nauman: post 171

    If we had one, we wouldn't need to be on this forum…

  • dave

    thank you steve in the tenth method!!!you rock dude!!!i owe you a beer that thing was driving me nutts!!

  • Artis

    In program System Mechanic 5 is one option: Securely Delete Files. Use it!

    1. Go to C:WINDOWSsystem32

    2. Find wga tray icon

    3. Right click on it and Send to incenerator!

    4. Restart your computer.

    5. Right click on Incenerator icon on your desktop and klick incenerate all.

    That's all.

  • Nauman

    How I can Make My Windows XP Genuine ? CAN Some

    Body Give me XP Genune key if somebody have a genuine windows i will be very thankful to him.

  • fred

    I've tried and tested SilverBulled's method on 2 pc, it works on WinXp Pro.

    If you have disabled Windows Genuine Advantage in add-ons, make sure that you enable it again, or this method fails. But once you enable it, it works fine.

  • Luftwaffe

    Strange.. my WGA version is still 1.5.530.0 and windows update is telling me that's the latest.

    I suppose it will probably take a while to propagate.

  • Lil-K9

    I have only tried Windows Update through Internet Explorer though. Passes the verification thingie..

    A bit afraid to launch the cracked WgaTray.exe .:)

  • Lil-K9

    Using Autoruns (Ninth Method) to remove the popup nags works like a charm! 🙂 – It doesn't fix the update problems though.

    For this you must follow step 3 and replace the cracked files with the originals. (I also, just in case, made the cracked files read-only)

    Works like a charm. CHEEEEERS

    Thanks guys ! 😀

  • Christopher

    man i tried to replace the 3 files using the Third Method and it is not working can anyone advise?


  • Debbie

    thank you so much!! i tried the first method and it worked. though i'm scared it'll show up again. i probably might do the other methods in case. >_

  • Griffin

    Method number 6 worked great… Easy to do and solved the problem.

  • lancelot

    The hack of Matty D. (post #125) works like a charm 😉 Thanks dude, great job!

  • TOM

    wow the thing with autoruns is perfekt

    thanx PS Net for that great idea


  • Fabio

    I've tried and tested SilverBulled's method on 2 pc.

    It works on WinXp Pro and WinXp MC Edition.

    Very good! 😉


  • Fabio

    SilverBulled's method works perfectly!

    Great work!

    Thanks a lot.

  • JanoZajo

    Thaks Octavio Jesuss (148), it works on my PC, only one WinCrash after restart

  • Laura

    I have managed to disable the nag for the update out today (31st May) by using Picard's file and method 6 (Thanks for that) And managed to download WMP 11 and IE7 ok, but when i try to install them, it wont as it checks again throught the installation application and comes up with Windows not Genuine etc. any ideas anybody?

  • David Bowman

    See this link on how to avoid future installs of the Windows Genuine Advantage (wga) Notification update:

  • A$h X

    Have not tried SilverBullet's method, but the .dll cracker posted by Picard WORKS, allows you to d/l IE7, WMP11, defender etc. from the microsoft update site (windows update, click windows family, then click downloads). It doesn't remove the nag screen on bootup, to achieve that you must use method six above. All the WGA notification tool does is allow you to d/l the programs I mentioned, so you aren't missing out on anything by using the .dll hack. Thanks again to all who provided solutions.

  • SilverBullet

    This works, tried and tested on my PC.

  • The Wizard

    I've tried various methods today, but nothing seems to get arounf the KB905474 released today by M$.

    Has anyone successfully solved TODAY's M$ release ?

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  • nop90

    Was going to attempt 1st method but when I end wgatray.exe…a new starts automatically. Whats with that?

  • If you are installing WinXP, use an ISO utility to delete wgatray.ex_ and wgalogon.dl_ from the I386 folder. you may also replace the lgtckctl.dl_ file at this time if you have a patched one, but it's not necessary.

    if it's already installed, use bartpe to delete these files.

    That's all that is required.

  • valmar67

    Thanks, Picard, from now on i disabled Automatic Updates(i set only to notify me), because i think they(Microsoft) will change legitcontrol.dll every month.

  • the first method works!!

    First Method

    1. Lauch Windows Task Manager.

    2. End wgatray.exe process in Task Manager.

    3. Restart Windows XP in Safe Mode.

    4. Delete WgaTray.exe from c:WindowsSystem32.

    5. Delete WgaTray.exe from c:WindowsSystem32dllcache.

    6. Lauch RegEdit.

    7. Browse to the following location:


    Windows NTCurrentVersionWinlogonNotify

    8. Delete the folder 'WgaLogon' and all its contents

    9. Reboot Windows XP.

  • kali

    Hi, I would like to say thanks to everyone on here for some useful information. I too downloaded the WGA and is driving me mad! Going to try Dhillip fix. Is it just us novices that get caught out with this? Kali

  • Picard

    Also managed to download IE7 from Microsoft Download Centre and passed validation.

  • Picard

    LegitCheckControl1.5.532.0.muiz.fixed.rar.html and Method 6 seems to work. I am able to get to Custom on Microsoft Updates.

  • Bundmarda

    Can someone please give 1 definite answer to this problem? Something quick and concise? There seems to be too much variation with variying degrees of success.

    Darkmonk mentioned there is a new version to the cracked .ddls kindly provide a link for us lay people thanks so much!

  • Darkmonk

    The New Version is 1.5.532.0 566KB

  • bloke

    I've just downloaded the re-issued WGA today and the cracked .dlls no longer work. Method 6 worked good though

  • borz

    oh sorry you mean the new one. i didnt download it

  • borz

    hi chris try method 3 mate .piss easy

  • chris

    that is funny….fucken hell lots of pple is depending on this hehe i hope things will work out with someone who knows more about cracking this as we speak as i see that etho is working as well as programmers!

  • borz

    yep there is another here in australia .same number as before .!!

  • chris

    Hi it affected australia too as i can even update nor see anything else but the stupid star and the genuine validation thing! anyone tried anything for this new version of the wga to make it go away? ASAP

  • bnc

    in italy too

    do the methods described above will work?

  • Sam

    The data.dat hack (fifth method) worked like a charm (for those who are wondering which to do).

    You have to restart twice though to have all the messages go away.

  • The Wizard

    Yep M$ have re-released KB905474 again today, in the UK.

    Does anyone know if there is an updated LegitCheckControl.dll file yet, that works with this update ?

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  • Matty D.

    To Cathrine

    Cut or copy the file and go to C:WINDOWS/system32 then paste. If asked to overwrite existing file choose yes.

  • valmar67

    The "enemy" just release another update of wga..shit so need udate from the good guys.

  • kaash

    tell you wat..u dont need to try out each & every method when the third one works wonders…it easily bypasses WGA when u update XP.

    i duno much abt nagging popups cuz i never got any, tho my XP is also..AHHMM AHMMM…but third method is the easiest & The BEST of all the 13 methods

    u dont have to unlock ur system blah blah…boot ur PC from a floppy or CD into PCDOS & copy the downloaded legalcheckit.dll into system32 folder…EASY!! isnt it ;-)…thats how i did it…cuz it kept denying the overwriting in windows 🙂

    ps. i have already downloaded 24/51 updates from the site so far…& will be done in n hour or so

  • Claws

    I used Tenth Method .

    Worked great!! now i can update my xp with no problems. and i copy the legit dll in system32.

    Thanks Steve

  • AIR

    Used PSnet under Method Six. Now, its GONE!!! thanks alot!!!

  • ShaolinMilk

    Matty D. thanks a lot! That way works perfectly.

  • Geddiz

    used method six, works perfect for me. 🙂

    Nice work.

  • Matty D.

    Also thanks Melhacker!…

  • Matty D.

    If you have the nag, simply run WGAremover here:

    Reboot and then put the latest cracked file found here: in C:WINDOWS/System 32 and overwrite.

    Thanks Chucko…

  • azteking

    For those who advise to purchase a copy of Windows xp. I asked how many copies of windows I have to buy to keep Microsoft of my back. MS is starting to sound more and more like the Music Biz ok suckers buy the same song in different formats and forget you can't share it. Enough is enough get what u can.

  • borz

    hi all

    someone told me even after the nag ware is fixed the computer will shut down after two weeks . is that true ?

    just a novice here ?

  • Hi,

    This might sound really simple but i downloaded the cracked dll how do i replace it?

    Do i put in the folder and delete the old one?

    I am a novice!

  • pwlvsew

    hi just a quick question ive used crack its great but now trying to download internet explorer 7 beta 2 when i downloaded it , it come's with a validation and wont install till youve validated your windows any help would be grateful. ty

  • Fat Shady

    thanks all, will try the other methods!

  • Someone

    To Fat Shady: The point is, if you dont install it you will not be able to download other updates, at least not from Microsoft's site.. (And the non-microsoft sites are typically about a month behind..)

    To Stuck: If it really does not exist in your WindowsSystem32 folder, you probably haven't installed the latest WGA validation tool..

    Make sure you have the latest one from windows update, then replace the .dll with the newest one and you'll be fine.

    To uruloki: No its not.. I tried changing the version information and it did not work

    And yes, cracking CAN be just hex editing, after you locate where the instructions you neet to change that is :). In any case it doesnt matter what it is exactly since it works with the version its supposed to work..

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  • Stuck

    Argh! I'm so stuck. LegitCheckControl.dll doesn't exist in my XP…!

  • Fat Shady

    1. Is this WGA nag thing only installed after a shutdown.

    2. If so, I have downloaded this but have not actually installed it. Is it possible to delete this from some folder before it even installs… If so, Help would be great.

    3. I have already turned off updates.


  • uruloki

    Mind you that all these 1.5.530.0 LegitCheckControl.dll files that are floating out there are simply versions from 2005 with the version number hex edited.

    They are NOT patched versions of the REAL 1.5.530.0.

    One giveaway is that 1.5.530.0 is 566 KB (579.888 bytes) in size, whereas the 'cracked' (don't make me laugh, hexediting is not cracking) ones are 507-508 KB in size.

  • Hutchy

    Method 3 done the job. Had to go into safemode before it would let me replace legitcontrol.dll but worked fine once I had done that.

  • Alex

    I used the 1st method, it works perfectly for me….thanks alot to those who get involve in the process of working out the solution….cheersss

  • borz

    used method 3 and worked like f… charm . thanks alot for all who were responsible and helping us poor people out.

    i can even download windows defender .passes the valdiation test


  • Hye mates all of you use the crak the dll crack it works as a charm just replace the legit dll crak with the one in ur system32 :).

  • Michael

    thanks for the .dll file

  • Stuart

    This works if your XP hard drive is formatted as FAT32.

    Just format a floppy with Windows 98 with option to copy system files, ie create a boot disk.

    Copy the following text into notepad and save as autoexec.bat on the floppy disk.

    @echo off

    del c:windowssystem32wga*.*


    echo WGA bug fixed !


    echo FINISHED




    Check your BIOS boot order is set up to look at your floppy drive first.

    Put the disk in the drive and start up your computer. When the finished message appears, remove disk and reboot.


  • muhuhohahahahaha… use the evil empire's own tools to crush their evil spawn of satan….. start, run, arrow down. you will probably find an entry that says REGSVR32 LegitCheckControl.dll copy that dude into the command line. now insert a /u in front of Legit….. click OK… problemenski solved. That guy rips all of the junk out of the registry… now you are free to delete crud at will!

  • tombo link does work…just not with IE.

  • Thanks everyone

    Looks like MS have every angle covered now except cracked .dll files, so I guess everytime MS change how it works we have to wait for a new .dll file. Thanks to everyone who helped.

  • tombo

    quote by 'computer formums'

    Fourteenth Method: Instead of being cheap and refusing to pay for windows, buy it.

    You honestly think having a legit copy of windows prevents the NAG screen appearing. I personally know users who have legit oem copies of windows purchased with the new Dell or HP who still get this NAG. Another not-so-well thought out plan by M$ which to annoy their own 'paying' customers as well as non paying. Paying for windows does not stop this NAG.

  • Luftwaffe

    PS Thanks to the author – chucko? for the creation .

  • Luftwaffe


    See Method Three section 🙂

    (there is two links remaining that work..)

  • Atreies

    The link above is no good anymore. Is there another?

  • Fourteenth Method: Instead of being cheap and refusing to pay for windows, buy it.

    Fifteenth Method: Switch to a better, free operating system, like Linux.

  • tombo

    Fix to Nag screen is simple. Install Firefox, netscape or any other utility not associated with M$ spyware – delete IE from your desktop and do not use it as your default browser.

    Stop using M$ windows update…get your updates at from now onwards. Do it this way and you won't have a problem with WGA spyware on your machine.

  • buybuybuy

    my brower say "HTTP through proxy server is not allowed" when I click download, how do i fix this?

  • syxx

    thanks the new .dll file worked a treat


  • Scot the not so hot

    Thanks Chucko for the new updated version. It works wonderfully. Thanks a ton.=-)

  • Someone

    Barry, the .dll file above (chucko's post) solves both the nag screen and the updates. At the moment i dont know any other method that works (i even tried manually upping the version of the old cracked .dll but that didnt work either..)

    So until they update again, use this .dll. When they update it again in the future, i guess we will have to keep updating our .dlls

    Hopefully no one will try to take advantage of the situation and post a virus embedded in their cracked .dll…hopefully…

  • Barry

    They have updated it again. The method of disabling activex in IE to get past the check and on to the updates no longer works. I don't have the nag thing installed but I need to know how to get past the check so I can get updates. What's the best way?

  • chucko

    I have uploaded a cracked a version of the 1.5.530 legitcheckcontrol.dll file. You can download it from this link:

  • Someone

    It seems that MS has released an update to the validation tool (its version 1.5.530 now) and none of these methods work any more..

    Has anyone found a working solution for this version?

  • Catherine, use Dhilip's Tool. It is very simple and easy to use!

    Dhilip's Post:
    Dhilip's 'WGANotify Remover':


  • Hi,

    I have been reading everyones advice and i am a real novice so can someone tell what is the best method.

    I was going to try 3. I don't know though if i know how to replace a .dll file.

    Can someone give me directions that a really really simple?

    Thanks so much


  • mabee

    Thanks for the good advice – It worked for me as well

  • Execut3r

    I have still not installed the KB905474 Fix.

    But will I still be able to get/download the new updates from windows? Or will everything stop when I don`t install the KB905474 fix and then download the new dll file fix?

  • Beefy

    Melhacker's program seemed to work fine for me but I've since got a nasty bit of malware (nothing to do with Melhacker's prog I believe) so I'm doing a fresh install of Windows. Is there any way I can slipstream some kind of fix or is it just a case of disabling automatic updates as soon as installed? Is there a site where I can get a RSS feed of all critical updates as they are released, so I can keep my system patched manually?

  • sunblue

    After looking at many different options, i was quite aprehensive initially, but decided to take the plunge as the PopUps were quite annoying and frequently occuring.

    After little bit of study on this website and feedbacks from various affected users, so decided to take the inputs from briefing given by chaos10 and believe it it worked one shot.

    For removal i followed Method 3 and Method 6.

    Good going, thanks to chaos10's feedback.

    You need

  • S2

    Sweet List, Looks like a lot of good stuff!

  • marcandsusan

    hi all

    i just ran hijack this and this removed the update for me….so far…

    i know this message may reappear but i have not had the annoying balloon for days now

    what do you guys think??


  • someguy

    i didnt boot into safe mode. instead i just opened up the folders containinf all the annoying crap,open the task manager, renamed the files in the folders(just added random numbers) and the deleted them, then i killed the processes. i deleted all three of the said files including the 3rd dll. worked instantly and i also have successfully downloaded extras off the microsoft site. hope this helps and keep up the good work.

  • Halks

    Melhacker has the answer…it worked perfectly!!

  • Hamid Irfan

    Dear Dhilip

    It seem like people used your method are very happy. But when I try to download from below site, your file is gone, please provide new link.or please email on [email protected]

    Download :



  • Using Dhilip's Windows Genuine Advantage Notification Remover tool, will remove "This copy of Windows is not genuine" messages. It is very simple and easy to use!

    Dhilip's Post:
    Dhilip's "WGANotify Remover":

    Thanks, Dhilip!


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  • gogo gadget

    install windows xp any one don't get online till you change serial#,change the serial number.. update, then get explorer 8, media player 11, etc

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  • Matthew

    used the permission hack (version6) and worked fine straight away within a couple of minutes. ta very much.

  • pwk

    Jetta392 Worked like a charm. Thanks

  • Thanks a million!

    I got it right using the first try itself!

    Also, pls tell me if I can visit the microsoft update/Windows update now after removing the nags and replacing the legitcheckcontroll.dll?

    Also, I downloaded the windows defender, but not able to install earlier because it said my windows was not genuine. Can I install it now?

    Thanks again!!!!!

    All the best!!!!


  • Jetta392

    Was easy for me. I did a two step method.

    First Download and replace LegitCheckControl.dll with the hacked version.

    Second Open folder

    Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataWindows Genuine Advantagedata

    Open data.dat clear out the contents and save empty file.Change file properties to read only and hidden.


    Balloons and warnings gone. Windows Updates work 100% Never asks to reinstall WGA…

  • I still like Dhilip's removal tool. Just double-click the .EXE, click "Remove", and restart.

    Simple! Easy!

    Dhilip's Post:
    Rapidshare Link:


  • dar02

    Better use this cracked WGA files and you will still eble to use WindowsUpdate. eMule link:




    Note: Above link should be in one line.

    Overwrite the original file with that cracked one and

    Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications and check and procedure will gone!

    Copy it here:







    do it in safe-mode or better in linux-knoppix

  • zg

    Found this on another site. Cannot verify

    Download and install WGA after clicking "Express" or "Custom". Then click Start, Run, then type the following (without speech marks): "regsvr32 /u LegitCheckControl.dll". Then go to Windows Update and it will ask you to install WGA again. Then click Start, Run, then type (again without speech marks): "regsvr32 LegitCheckControl.dll". Click "Back" on the browser, and then "Custom" or "Express" – the updates should now be shown.

  • Eve

    All gone. Great stuff. But they've got wise to a few things..ending wgatray via task manager just spawns another copy, switching values of norepair etc seems to work (method twelve)

    Also, now when I try to get updates the first thing it does is try to install wga checker! Will it still get updates or does it have to have this beastie to work, now?

  • Pingback:

  • Pingback: llbbl » Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Nag Screen()

  • Pingback: llbbl » Disable and Remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Nag Screen()

  • Dhilip,

    Great remover! I have a few questions. Do you have a website with additional tools? How will we be able to get a new version, if you have to make one? Can I see the source code? If not, what process is the executable taking to remove WGAN?

  • MasterBlaster


    By FAR the easiest 'fix'. I just talked a friend through it over the phone and it worked like a charm. (The line started winlogon on his PC, but it still ended with WgaLogon.dll.

    I tried it on my own PC (Which is legal.) and when checking for Windows Updates, I was asked to install it again. I Hide the Update, never to be bothered again…..until MS comes up with another check.

  • cyExy

    I'm using Spybot – Search & Destroy to disable the WGA.

    Open S & D (Advanced Mode)

    and go Tools -> System Startup

    then uncheck the “System.ini; WgaLogon; WgaLogon.dll" (I unchecked only this one).

    Restart windoza

    And all Notifications are gone 🙂 And when I checked windows update site I didn't see any WGA installation offers.

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  • MS Sucks

    How about you just don't install the fucking thing in the first place? You do know that Windows Update will continue to serve you updates even if you don't install the fucking KB905474 WGAN package, don't you? Just use the good-old javascript to bypass WGA.


    And you're golden.

  • John

    Thirteenth Method:

    Actually go out and buy the software instead of stealing it.

  • Grohll

    I used the hacked DLL, Then choose custom updates, unslected WPA 5474 Installed the other 24 updates… everything sweet!

  • There's no iffiness with regard to "may be a victim of piracy" for those in the know and who look at how they sew up their boogie boards.

    Though the suggestion of #54 is always something good to hear.

  • The ultimate solution to the WGA notification:

    Download a free copy of Linux and install it right over top of the Windows OS.

    Time to get off that crack folks!

  • Dhilip

    >480 downloads and no feedback….lol



  • sykosis

    I was able to resolve the problem with a combination of methods 3 and 4. I used the patch from 3 to get rid of the balloon popups and the tray icon. Then I used method 4 to unlock and delete the wgatray.exe and wgalogon.dll from the System32 folder. Rebooted and no logon nag screen or desktop pop-up balloons.

    Thanks everyone for the great tips!!!

  • adam

    I've tried a couple of these methods, and all of them have worked. HOWEVER, with all of them I have still ended up with a download balloon (from Windows Automatic Updates) that wants me to install the "Windows Genuine Advantage Notification" update. Obviously I won't download it, but is there a way to get rid of this annoyance without completely turning off automatic updates?

  • 3l1t3

    This is so easy to fix! I fixed it in about 2 minutes after knowing what files to delete and rename while in safe mode.

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  • Dhilip
  • Steve


    I got rid of my nag-message by doing the following:

    1. Go to windowssystem32 in explorer

    2. Rename WgaLogon.dll to WgaLogon.dll.bak

    3. Create a new empty WgaLogon.dll in notepad and save to the same location

    4. Right click on the task bar, and open Task Manager at the Processes tab

    5. (Quickly) delete WgaTray.exe, then it will give you approx 5 seconds to click on WgaTray.exe in Task Manager and click End Task, and confirm

    6. Restart your computer and the login and nag messages should be gone

  • Flash

    I tried Method 1, it worked, so I haven't tried anything else.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Thankful soul

    Hi again Dhilip,

    Brilliant programme and thanks a million. It makes the removal process simplicity itself.. If I gave you my email [email protected] could I stay in touch with you for future patches maybe like the WGA Notification Remover?

    Regards Thankful Soul (Steve)

  • Dhilip

    Hi soul,

    That program is written by me.



  • Thankful soul

    Hi Dhilip,

    Thanks VERY much for the link to the Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Remover. How did you find out about it and do you think it's safe to use 🙂 and lastly will it be updated to cope with newer WGA Notifications?

    Thankful soul.

  • Jo

    hey guys,

    i tried deleting the data.dat file but it's not working. the balloon's still here! :S eeek!! i'll try another step. that sux

  • Just buy a original Window XP … this is the best solution … dont try to be a pirate …

    if you make a software and research at all your time, then another person just copy it and sell, are you happy?

  • Me

    Hi all:

    first of all, thanks for all ur replies, its very useful! Much appreciated!

    Just wanna add one, the third method is the best of all (its also the one of the easiest way), in fact, its the only one that will allow your pc to pass the microsoft genuine test to download future updates like Windows Defender or IE 7, the rest methods are more like to prevent the notification (good also), the third method is more like a cure which not only prevent the notification but also let you download the future update from microsoft website.

  • Dhilip

    Program : Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Remover

    Version : (Build 5)

    Download :



  • BigBen

    I mistakenly installed WGA via automatic update and used 2nd method to restore to an earlier date. Then used control panel>security center to turnoff automatic updates and disable the annoying "automatic update is off, windows at risk" ballon in the resources>change the way security alerts me>alerts setting.

  • Steve Harris

    Hi all,

    Without doubt the easiest method to stop the Windows Genuine Advantage from annoying the hell out of you after it's been installed is the autoruns method mentioned above. This is THE one to go for – dead simple.

    Thanks for whoever posted the original 🙂 Steve

  • countryboy

    Can someone recommend which method above (simplest one)or something different to get rid of the download balloon I have? I didn't get my Automatic Updates setting changed before it downloaded the WGA, but I Did Not install it. Just want to get rid of the balloon before I accidently install it.

    Also how do I make sure I don't download again?

  • Thanx to ALL. God Bless You All. Please Keep Microsoft busy. And continue helping the unfortunate…the poor!

  • Funbus

    Tried the third method, worked a treat. Thanks a lot guys, my cpu was fucked enough as it is!

  • Tekken

    (Update) WGA Notification Patch –

    (Part 1)

    Double click My Computer –

    Click Tools (at the top)

    Click Folder Options

    Click Tab View

    Check Box Display the full path in the title bar

    Check Box Show hidden files and folders

    Uncheck box hide Extensions for known files types

    Uncheck box hide protected operation system files – Press ok

    Click Apply – Click Ok

    (Part 2)

    double click C: Local Drive

    click Documents and settings

    click All Users

    click Application Data

    click Windows Genuine Advantage

    click data

    (your Adress bar should look like this)

    C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataWindows Genuine Advantagedata

    Click on Data.dat once so its highlighted, Now Right click on data.dat and select Open With.

    -> Select the program from list

    Click on Notepad, Click Okay

    Find Edit then Select All

    Press Delete on keyboard

    Click File, click Save

    Now click ( X )

    Click Once on data.dat (Right click, select propertys, Check box Read Only – Click Ok )

    (Part 3)

    Uparrow – 6 times back to C: in the File Explorer

    File Windows folder – Double click

    scroll down to SoftwareDistribution

    double click softwareDistribution

    double click Download

    now find this file folder name 6c4788c9549d437e1773a7639582a

    click on file folder ONCE, then press Delete on Keyboard – Press Okay

    (Part 4)

    Click My Network Places

    Find LegitCheckControl.dll

    Copy – and Paste into


    Paste into system32 folder.

    click ( X ) .. ShutDown Computer -= Do Not ReBoot =-

    Power System back up after complete shutdown.

    Once back up.. Must ShutDown computer Second time..

    Nag screen should be gone.

  • Anonymous

    There is another very effective method that you have forgotten. Get a genuine copy of Win XP 😉 Happy Computing, guys!!!

  • Kori

    HALLELUJAH!! i had initially managed to prevent wgalogon to appear in system tray and not bother me while i wa logged on, but still had the notification at the log on screen.

    today, i noticed this page has been edited, and needless to say…its brilliant. i used method one and it worked! three cheers for mr.admin!!

    thanks also to all users who contributed to this thread, all for one and one for all!

    if you didnt notice, i is now a very happy man…i mean RELIEVED.

  • chaos10

    A combination of the third method and sixth method worked like a charm. I did both, then the whole data.dat thing mentioned above, restarted, tried to download windows defender as a test and it worked. Wonderful, thank you all for helping us out with this, its greatly appreciated, I have to bookmark this page, some very useful information right here.

  • PSnet

    Thanks for updating this Admin!

    Hey, about the solution of renaming the files with Unlocker, tried it but it crashed my system. It is because it is hooked with Winlogon, so we need to use AutoRun first before deleting the files.

  • bez

    Thanks PSnet. The Autoruns method works fine.

  • Administrator

    Thanks for sharing. Have updated the post with all the resolutions known so far.

  • PSnet

    Hey Admin, and to all other people reading this…

    Good news, looks like I've solved the problem. 😉

    First – Make a new System Restore point in case you did something wrong.

    Second – Now let's download the tools needed. Download AutoRuns from here –

    Extract and double-click on the file. Next click on the Winlogon tab, uncheck "WgaLogon". Then restart your computer. On next boot, those nag messages will be GONE!


    You can stop there, because that will make the files not run, but if you want to delete the files, do this –

    Find and delete these files (note: delete these when you already disabled WgaLogon using AutoRuns, because if not, it will crash your system and force you to reboot)

    system32/LegitCheckControl.dll (an update for the original WGA Tool)





    After deleting those files, you are now free of that damn thing. Note again, Windows will display an update of "LegitCheckControl.dll" because we also deleted it, so if you go to the update site, don't install the "KB905474" update because that's the one responsible of this mess.

  • Wannabe

    After installing XP one of the first things I do is turn off system restore. Usually never need it and a huge resource hog. Here's a good example why to use it. lol So for those like me who have it off…

  • abdul

    Hey friends!

    The easiest way to get rid of the damn notification is to perform a System Restore to an earlier date.

    After completing the Restore, delete any files in the C:WINDOWSSoftwareDistributionDownload folder because the WBA files still exist there which may cause further problems in the future. Bye

  • Wannabe

    You got it Jules. I looked at the install log and found those two files as well.I deleted them both and nag is gone. Good to go for the time being.

  • Jules

    I've found that disabling and renaming the files "WgaLogon.dll" and "WgaTray.exe" in C:WINDOWSsystem32 by using the program Unlocker seems to get rid of all the nags/popups.

  • Kori

    re install it?? sounds risky, wat if this newer one is of a very updated version, and then no one can release a higher version of hacked dll? or would you simply copy the version info from the original and paste it into the hacked dll to increase its update??

    but at the moment im really struggling to copy and paste and then actually saving it. refer to my previous posts about the saving problem.

  • Wannabe

    Maybe the thing to do is reinstall WGA to get the original dll lol. I'm in the same exact boat. Nagged but can access M$ d/l's.

  • Kori

    admin, as in my previous post (post #3), i have once again tried copy and pasting the info version you provide in step 4. i did this by opening the LegitCheckControl.dll with Reshack and saved the file after pasting the info version but when i close and reopen to check it, it has not saved the new info version. when i navigate in that dll with reshack i find something about an error on line 5 again.

    this was done AFTER downloading TYLER's dll, which didnt work either. (yes i found the hacked dll in the rar folder, extracted and put it in sys32).

    the data.dat procedure also didnt work for me. the new data.dat which i created and then applied READ-ONLY and HIDDEN attributes, does not work. (this is done under the docs and settings/allusers/applicationdata/windowsgenuineadvantage folder.

    i managed to stop the pop up whihc appears on the system tray a while ago but i still get the prompt when i start windows.

    a final word, TYLER and ADMIN, …could it be your procedures didnt work for me because i deleted the original windows dll from sys32 even before replacing it with a hacked dll??

    i think im going insane here.

  • PSNet


    Will that data.dat hack remove the nag screens, notifications and other things MS had put?

  • kon

    Just copied the .dll into system32 but still get message when I reboot. Is there anythin else I need to do?

  • Administrator

    kon and donkjaer, it's unable to the uninstall.

    Kon, use winrar to open RAR file.

  • smartietube

    This requires some patience and reboot often I found helped me get it going.

    It does however work nicely. Appreciated

  • kon

    also what do i need to open that hacked/cracked version of LegitCheckControl.dll? comes as a RAR file?

  • kon


    Got to the uninstall bit in add/remove programmes & it said it required a location as someone posted above…

    I clicked cancel then another box appearted which i clicked yes to & now I cant see or retrieve windows validation in add/remove programmes.

    Any help appreciated.

  • donkjaer


    I tried all solutions here (which are great) and got rid of most but when I start up windows, it still tells me that I'm not genuine.

    When I want to uninstall KB905474, it cannot find the uninstall program (I can't find it either it should be in c:windows no?) and in regedit the uninstall string is empty – any ideas?

  • Koby, I believe you need to check the "Show updates" option on the "Add/Remove Programs" screen.

  • I can confirm the release I mentioned in my first comment does indeed prevent the nag screen from popping up.

    Windows Update and everything still works. And Windows Update doesn't re-install a "proper" LegitCheckControl.dll if it finds a hacked one.

    That release can be gotten here:

  • Administrator

    PSNet, I wrote about it before here. Notice that some users successfully get rid of the notification nag screen with the modified data.dat.

  • There's a new LegitCheckControl.dll in Windows.Genuine.Advantage.Validation.v1.5.526.0.CRACKED-ETH0

  • PSnet

    What's the data.dat hack?

  • Administrator

    Kori, try the version information above. Let us know your result.

    PSnet. I use data.dat hack, so far still working.

  • PSnet


    Ok. I hope the fix will be there soon! 😉

    I'm still not using the .dll way, because I don't know if that's really safe? Is it safe?

  • Kori

    i downloaded the patched version of LegitCheckControl.dll and also Reshack. The instructions above say to copy the version info of the microsoft original LegitCheckControl.dll (because it has newer version info) and to paste that into the version info of the hacked one. You then replace the original dll with the hacked one (now with newer version info), correct?

    unfortunately i think i had already DELETED the original LegitCheckControl.dll because i tried another method for removing the Genuine Windows Notifications, which predictably failed miserably.

    therefore with only the one hacked dll, there is not much use of it, correct?

    i also tried copy and pasting the version info text u have in step 4 but when i save the dll, it says theres some error in line 5 of the version info or something like that. is the version info text in step 4 even supposed to be used?

    help asap please, thanks.

  • Koby


    I changed the values in the registry, but i even can’t see the KB905474 program in the Add/Remove screen, is there something i missed?

  • Administrator

    Hi PSnet, you're right. Seems like it's not possible to uninstall the WGAnotify yet. But the dll hack should works.

  • PSnet


    The reg fix worked and showed the Remove button, but when you click the button, it will ask for the uninstall file or such like. I got this window –