Windows Mobile 6.1 has SMS (text message) threading feature, which commonly known as conversation thread mode made famous by Gmail. With SMS conversation threading enabled, the SMS will be grouped into a style similar to IM (instant messaging) chat, with sent SMS text messages appearing in both Sent Items and Inbox.

The SMS threading feature in enabled and turned on by default in all Windows Mobile 6.1 (WM6.1) powered Pocket PC Phone device such as HTC P3400 Gene and HTC Touch Diamond. Although conversation thread may be useful in clarity and easiness to read the related text messages in series, but not all users preferring the new format of reading the text messages.

To disable and turn off the SMS threading or the text messages conversation mode in Windows Mobile 6.1 device, simply install a Registry Editor (such as CoRegEditor or PHM Registry Editor, see also how to install PHM RegEdit in newer Windows Mobile system), and then navigate to the following registry key:


Under the registry key, create a new DWORD value with value name as SMSInboxThreadingDisabled and set it value data to 1.

Alternatively, download and apply the following file (unpack from the ZIP archive) on the PPC Phone device to automatically install the required registry key. Note that the .CAB file also install the registry key to force enable the Sent SMS notification bubble.

Soft reset the Windows Mobile device to make the change (without text messages conversation threading) effective.

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  • Wam1q

    Registry key cannot be written on WP8.1 :/

  • abcd

    hey how can i again change ma msgs to thread view plz guide me also abt ths

  • Umair.Riaz

    Thnx a lot for tip……..its really work….really thank full to u………

  • glen

    i have htc viva fone and i dont know hw to create folers inside sms/mms…Please help me as i have lot of sms……

  • atnlie


    that's works

  • dinoSnake

    Thanks for the tip!

    The only thing is…this shows why Microsoft is continuously a failure. This type of setting should be a UI option in the SMS program, not a registry hack for someone to seek, discover and apply if they can (not everyone knows "regedit" and how to use it).

  • Raj

    I upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5, and it had SMS Threading disabled by default. This article works to re-enable it by setting the registry value to 0. Thanks!

  • Is there a way to change the number of messages per page? Reading a longer conversation takes forever.

  • derek

    disable threading on orbit 2 windows 6.1 worked perfectly. thank you very much. handy for some but i found annoying also released folder manager. again thanks

  • bez

    How to apply the cab file please?

  • Thanks for the tip.

    I have been losing text messages. I will get notification that a message has arrived, but when I looked in the message viewer inbox it does not show up. I suspected it had something to do with the threading, since I had not seen this problem.

    Low and behold, when I carried out this fix, the missing messages are there.


  • This is wonderfully handy and I appreciate it a lot.

    I came across this page originally looking for a solution to why my text messages are no longer threaded.

    I have not made any changes to my phone. I have a Palm Treo 750 and have had it for well over a year now without any problems.

    In the text message application under Menu I click options. The second tab is Chat.

    There are three choices to creat chats from messages: always, only if I replied and never.

    I have selected never (after it stopped working). Powered off and on.

    and then selected ALWAYS and powered off and on but it's still not creating chats. I know you aren't a technician so I probably need to call my provider but I am super frustrated. They make me feel like a stupid consumer.

    I know how to use electronics and I followed the instructions and reset my phone several times.

    If you can help, that would be wonderful!

  • I own you, thx for cab file!

  • Aditya Sinha

    Life saving tip… also can some tell me i had some 3634 msgs in my folder> recently i have seen when adding messages to this folder old messages starts getting deleted. ii no longer can find them.

    Pls help.

  • SiR

    Thanks, worked a treat on my HTC Touch Cruise that I just updated to 6.1, hence the want to disable this feature. Something like this should have a user setting not a regedit.

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  • Jonny

    hehe, my phone came from t-mobile with it disabled but i used the same trick to enable it (channing it from a 1 to a 0)

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  • ROC

    Wonderful tip! Thought it was some goofy utility I blindly chose when building an upgrade ROM from WM 5 for my Xv6700 – almost thought about flashing back since I get over 100 messages/month that are created by scripts on servers I manage, and REALLY want them separate.

    Whew – Thanks!

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  • Brendan

    Thanks, worked perfectly! I wish there was an option for it somewhere rather than having to dive into the registry.