Below is an updated the compilation of official direct download links for various versions and editions of Windows 7 ISO images in various language combination. Microsoft typically does not provide official downloads for Windows 7 operating system, neither through HTTP nor through P2P file sharing such as BT (BitTorrent). So how’s the official direct download links of Windows 7 come about?

Various web-based online storefronts and retailers (e.g. Digital River) sell Windows 7 licenses, and to fulfill the orders, the online stores host and provide digital downloads of Windows 7 setup installation files in the form of ISO image, which can then be unpacked and extracted, or used to mount on virtual drive and burnt to a DVD media disc to clean install Windows 7 on a blank PC or upgrade a system from existing operating system.

Here’s a list of available direct download links for Windows 7 ISOs. As not all editions of Windows 7 is sold online, and not all language versions is sold online, only a few editions or language versions of Windows 7 ISO images’ download links are available.

Windows 7 Professional x64 (64-bit)


Windows 7 Professional x86 (32-bit)


Windows 7 Home Premium x64 (64-bit)


Windows 7 Home Premium x86 (32-bit)


Windows 7 Enterprise [English 60 Days Trial] – Source]

32-bit (x86): 7600.16385.090713-1255_x86fre_enterprise_en-us_EVAL_Eval_Enterprise-GRMCENEVAL_EN_DVD.iso
64-bit (x64): 7600.16385.090713-1255_x64fre_enterprise_en-us_EVAL_Eval_Enterprise-GRMCENXEVAL_EN_DVD.iso

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (64-bit)

[Unofficial] English:

Windows 7 Ultimate x86 (32-bit)

[Unofficial] English:

Windows 7 N Version Direct Download Links [Windows 7 N English for Europe – No Windows Media Player (WMP12)]

Windows 7 Home Premium N x86 (32-bit):
Windows 7 Home Premium N x64 (64-bit):
Windows 7 Professional N x86 (32-bit):
Windows 7 Professional N x64 (64-bit):

Note: Use download manager to ensure proper download as the file size is bigger than 2GB. All ISOs above contains Windows 7 RTM build version 6.1.7600.16385.

Tip 1: To convert an installed Windows 7 to another language, download Windows 7 language packs and install.

Tip 2: To enable selection of Windows 7 edition to install during setup, uses ei.cfg Removal Utility.

Tip 3: Use Windows 7 ISO Image Edition Switcher to change edition of a Windows 7 ISO.


Update 1: Download Windows 7 SP1 official ISO (SP1-U version)

Update 2: Download Windows 7 with SP1 Integrated ISO

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  • daniel mccrea

    all of them say file not found when i click on it

  • Pat

    Massive thanks for this, it worked a treat on my Asus UX31E.

    I lost my recovery partition and Asus were going to charge me a small fortune to restore it.

    Once installed it would not activate on line, it would only activate
    using the phone, however this is free and only needs you to enter a
    bunch of numbers.

  • hara

    Where can I find the ISO windows 7 professional OEM 64 bit but in Dutch language? I have original purchased licende key but don’t find the cd anymore.

  • سيرفر روم


  • vasanth

    does it require the product key for win 7 installations ?

  • Dirty

    I used Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool and installed it on a flash drive and it worked nicely

    Thanks for the help

  • mstammyt

    Please help? Trying to fix friends laptop. Gateway NV53A24U w/64bit win 7 home premium. He didnt make recovery disk and laptop wont boot past screen that checks the computer, gets error saying,0 .

    I downloaded the same iso but it stops and asks me for drivers. During Windows installation it says.. A re1uired CD/DVD drive device drive is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive, please insert it now. Where might I find those? do they need to be iso files as well?

  • Windows 7 Francais 64 bit corr

    windows 7 French 64 bit, the links points to the wrong place. it points to x15-6738.isox15-6739.iso it should point to x15-6739×15-6739.iso

  • When my Windows 7 laptop got “BOOTMGR is missing”, I got Windows Boot Genius from
    to help me create a bootable Windows 7 system image file! It is easy
    and quick to get my pc fixed without data loss.

  • welshmike

    windows 7 home 64 worked on mine but still cant get on the internet

    • Grant

      you probably need to get the drivers for your network adapter

  • kiran

    One of the best site i have found for downloading windows 7….

  • Shelby

    Perfect. I don’t understand why any of you are having problems. It works fine for me. And if you need to get your Windows Version activated, just reuse the sticker on your computer’s side. For example, if you have a laptop you don’t use, just use that product key. It will just switch computers. Again thank you for this site, PLEASE don’t take it down.

  • Cayol

    How do I download it

  • I;ll need an cd-key for Windows 7 Home Premium ???

  • Avery

    “404 Not Found”

  • Jack

    Hey The file is bad Windows 7 Home Premium x64 (64-bit) eng

  • Miet shah

    Idt excellent

    • Christian

      Your files “autorun.dl” is corrupted

  • Francisco

    Thank you
    Its a very organized web site.
    Where is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits in English?
    Thank you

  • muhammed


  • daniel15092doesPC

    You will need a product Code, If you want it as a virtual PC follow these steps:

    1.Download and install Virtualbox
    2.Run it and press NEW
    3. Type in Windows 7 and create a new VHD file and create the OS
    4. Press start on it.
    5.It will ask for the ISO file
    6.Use a Windows 7 Evaluation Product code or your Win7 Computer one
    7.You are DONE!

    • DanieldoesPC

      If you cannot use the ISO file ope it in Winrar / 7ZIP and extract the files and run the SETUP.exe file, then you can install windows 7

  • Sol

    Por favor, onde encontro o ativador do win 7 Professional 64bits?


  • Ye no me importa

    |\ /|( ____ \
    ( \ / )| ( \/
    \ (_) / | (__
    \ / | __)
    ) ( | (
    | | | (____/\
    \_/ (_______/

  • fred schroeder

    home basic with windows 7 is not allowed in this market neither is starter go with home premium

  • daniyal

    when we click the link then there are 2 downloadings appear we have to choose both or 1

  • Tyler Best

    If Anyone Is Having Trouble Activating The Installation Skip Activation During The installation And Once Booted Download Windows loader By Daz It works perfect

  • Ed

    I had no problem downloading or installing the Windows 7 iso files.

  • where is the link for win7 home basic x64?

  • good idea on the virtualbox thing

  • Sir,
    I download Window Professional 7 x64 Bit this link

    this window setup.exe file is not correct , i double click setup.exe show message

    setup.exe is not valid window

  • i have already download the Window 7 Setup from this Download link
    But the Serial Key is not available there , So i Can’t Instal the Setup.
    Can U Plz give me the Serial Key for Instal

    • sarkar

      This is a backup version of official release. You would have to buy a windows key.

  • SW

    thank you so much. i installed win 7 64 from this download. it works!

  • forbiden

    Hi! I downloaded from:
    as this was labeled Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit English. However, when I tried to install, it was windows 7 professional copy. Can somebody clarify me on this? Thanks!

  • ej

    thank you…it’s a great help

  • MusicJunky

    Nice to know I wasted 2 hours of my time downloading this piece of shit!
    You don’t even have all of the right files in the folder!

    Thanks for wasting my time

    • MusicJunky

      And you wasted a good DVD disk

    • Abdul Wali

      you are write Music Junky i had also wasted my time

  • Kristofer

    I am currently downloading one of these. After I downloaded a ISO file, how can i burn it to a clean disk and later run it on my laptop, that has no windows and needs a windows? First time doing something like this 😛

  • ankit

    itz asking user name’s password …i had given a new one…but its not allowing me. to go in

  • hng

    y las claves donde estan

    • kiler

      Debajo de tu portatil o en la tapa lateral de la torre de tu PC XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXD

  • Erick

    When I’m running the install software it gives me the options to click upgrade settings or custom settings, and when I click upgrade settings it tells me there is an error?

  • Tosh

    Hey so i am useing a mac and am running boot camp and just need to know if i download this requirers ANYTHING else beside this

  • xstine

    so I downloaded and installed Home Premium retail, I have a product key so I put that in, but under System for my product key it has an OEM key, not my product key that’s on the label on the bottom. I change the product key successfully but once the window closes I see it’s this OEM one, not my product key. I installed the exact copy my product key is for. I’m not quite sure if this is a problem and if it is how to fix it. Since I never really made notice of the product key on the original OS I don’t know if this is a translation of my product key and all is well? I don’t even know if I’m making sense but, I need to make sure my product key is right because I may have to send my laptop in for repair.

  • piggy

    used the 64 bit download and dowloaded free iso maker burnt onto disk and works perfectly no issues at all

  • fred

    burn it on a flash drive microsft has aprogram just for that easy as can also virtue box is great if you have enought ram to support 2 machines

  • John

    Thanks! Lost my CD and the download link digital river sent me had expired.

  • Picholls

    This worked perfectly for me first time. I was running windows 7 32 bit but due to an upgrade required the 64 version. I wasn’t sure at first to the legibility of the site and the files but it worked seamlessly. You need your own OEM code as this is just the iso image but the install was perfect. Many thanks to all involved.

  • Picholls

    This worked perfectly for me first time. I was running windows 7 32 bit but due to an upgrade required the 64 version. I wasn’t sure at first to the legibility of the site and the files but it worked seamlessly. You need your own OEM code as this is just the iso image but the install was perfect. Many thanks to all involved.

  • lol


  • fred schroeder

    trail , but you can do like I do since my prosuct key won’t because its pre sp1 I just reinstall every 30 days no big deal

  • viescutje

    waarom zijn cutjes lekker

  • DarkAngel

    Windows 7 from what ive heard its suppose to be an excellent pc but has once again found away to fuck me over I HATE YOU WINDOWS 7 COMPUTERS FOR GIVING ME ALL THESE HEADACHES I DON’T NEED TO HAVE!

  • Well

    Well if you insert the ISO file (Digitally) into Oracle VirtualBox you can use the OS from there without screwing up your PC.

  • laurie

    I have tried two different ones and neither work, complete waste of bandwidth!!!

  • I downloaded a file from this site but it needs the product key for the installation. Where can i find it?

    • scallywagg

      you need a kegen installer to make a product key

    • I have the Same Problem Yarr
      If Ur Problem is Solve then Plz give me the Product Key

  • Paul Allen

    I downloaded the win 7 professional but when I boot up it say non-system disk, replace and strike any key when ready!
    I install a new hard drive and only ave a system repair disk, when I got the computer it said to make a recovery disk in Recovery Manager at the strt menu, the Recovery manager does not exist and I could not find any where to make a recovery disk only a repoiar disk!

  • Dilip

    WIN 7 Ultimate links not working… Pls update…

  • Keziah

    hey all i downloaded this iso and burned it into a dvd and tried booting but it shows me a cd/dvd driver is missing and the next time when i went into my computer from there i double there it shows me the installation is corrupted

    Please help,i cannot just keep on downloading such huge data only to find it wasted

    • thomas

      download it with intternet explorer download manager. Make sure the downloaded file is the same file size as the original. If you use chrome or other browsers downlaod applications it will not download the whole file. I had the same problem but fixed when I used IE. Good luck

    • Hank

      You’re stupid and stupid people can’t get these to run so just stop trying and go buy it online or have someone smart try the install.

    • Aidan

      download daemon tools lite which is for free and click on mount and it will download the windows without having to use a disc and burning the image. I know this way works because I’ve tried it and it worked first time.

  • Paul

    Does anyone have the link for OEM Windows 7 Home Premium with SP1 ?

  • Paul

    does anyone have the link for OEM for win 7 home premium 64 bit with sp1 eng.?

  • Peet

    Got any windows xp home edition ISOs?

  • yosef

    oky . oky….very good.

  • Payne

    Please gave me windows 7 home premium product key 32-bit.I can’t start my computer.

  • dany

    vreau sa dowload windows 7 64bit- x16-96072

  • Sami

    will you plz upload again (Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (64-bit)

    Should be official plz.

  • Anders S

    These downloads are WITHOUT SP1 right?

  • Omega

    If I just built a computer can I use this to install windows

  • shady

    i need win 7 home basic for lap dell n 4050
    and i need know if i can recovery my win 7 original after format my hard disk .

  • buythiscomputer


    Can I install a free windows 7 then pay for an online windows 8 UPGRADE on a new computer sold without any operating system ?


  • basanta

    i want to my laptop

  • badol

    balor balo mondor mondo…………….very good……………….

  • Dale

    How do I get it to run.. it will not boot… it will not start setup. It will not sam I am not:) I keep getting an error message

    The version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you’re running. Check your computers system information to see whether you need an x86 or x64 version of the program and then contact the software publisher.
    Currently running a bad version 32 bit.. orginal HP laptop did not have disk and crashed with no means of recovering the correct windows 7. I have license but no disk.

  • Dale

    How do I get it to run.. it will not boot… it will not start setup. It will not sam I am not:) I keep getting an error message

    The version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you’re funning. Check your computers system information to see whether you need an x86 or x64 version of the program and then contact the software publisher.
    Currently running a bad version 32 bit.. orginal HP laptop did not have disk and crashed with no means of recovering the correct windows 7. I have license but no disk.

    • TheHuman Being

      did you burn the iso image with image burning software or extract it to a hard drive/usb? either way you did it what software did you use to do it? sound like you didn’t or sounds more likely that you are trying to run it in the same version of windows 7 that you are trying to replace or trying to update an older version per-windows 7… provide a little more info. most computers now come with a hidden recovery partition with your (OEM) factory defaults. you just need to look up the manufactures website and see how to boot to it for recovery without a disc… good luck

  • Techi

    Hi there,

    Thanks for this i will give it a goo i have been looking just got the iso as i have pc’s that have got the OEM sticker at the bottom but i did not get the disk when i got the pc’s

    thanks again

  • faizan

    give me mac os plz downloading this

  • Antony

    Do I have to buy a product key to use these iso files?

    • AdWhois

      Unless you have a product key from a previous installation you will need to buy a product key to use these ISOs, they are just the install files hence why this is legal.

    • Kupo

      That depends. Is there a product key on your computer somewhere? If so, you can use that with whatever came installed with your computer.

  • Wei

    And i need clean install windows 7 Is just delete all the partition?and no nid to format or create new partition?Give me a idea Guy!…

  • Wei


  • Wei

    is this original retail 16385 iso?and where from?microsoft?

  • NEXtech

    the windows 7 ultimate lnk is broken.. can it be fixed

  • tabavpaga
  • Zach

    Yes. Windows is not a free product. This is just an image of a disk you can use to install your operating system (Many computers do not come with an installation disk these days.) It requires a product key.

    You will likely be able to use an existing windows 7 product key, but if you take the route Ryan suggested, you will only be able to use your computer for a 30 day (or less) trial period.

    • Antoine

      Then use an activator/loader…

    • Billy

      You use an activation tool!

  • Sameh

    thank you

  • coolio

    Thanks…very much appreciated. fricken hp desktops and thier bios.

  • Ryan

    Thank you for putting this up! Stupid M$ tech support gave me the 32-bit link when I needed a new ISO and TOLD THEM I HAD 64-bit. I’d say to hell with Windows and just use Linux, but damn UEFI security “feature” refuses to boot to it. You’re doing a public service despite Microsoft’s best efforts to the contrary.

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  • Jerome

    I tried to download Windows 7 Ultimate (the 2 versions) but it says 404 not found..
    It’s like that the link is broken. Can you update the link to download Windows 7 Ultimate?
    Please help me.

  • Ryan

    Hey im 13 and I realised all you have to do is install it and when the screen for the key pops up just click next.

    • Dexter

      Good One Bro !! hahaha

    • sam

      ryan ryan ryan…:D
      like u said, ur 13…boys will be boys…always restless…do that and u’ll need to go over again after 30 days…kids never think of the bigger picture… 😀

    • Derp

      What.A.Genius. 🙂

  • Pingback: System File Replaced But Still Corrupt()

  • murad
    • HomeInventors

      This happend to me when i tried installing linux but was a diff error but sometimes when you try to burn something to a dvd it doesn’t burn right and it corrupts needed files. try using an usb flash drive and run it in a virtual machine but don’t put your key in hope this helps and idk how late i am

  • chandra

    after installing windows 7 home premiun 64 bit… how to load drivers to make windows full functional???

    • Lindsay

      How to load drivers….

      Go to your computers website to find the drivers you need. Also go into start > device manager (within your o/s) to see what drivers are needed

  • AndyAndronikou

    I have just tried and still get the same message.


    The requested URL /XXXXX/win7-64bit.iso was not found on this server.

    URL altered for protection. XXXXX

  • jalexander

    ok lets see if this one works

  • AndyAndronikou

    It would appear that the links to x64/x86 Win 7 Ultimate do not work.

  • Chris

    Thanks for sharing these ISO’s. It is greatly appreciated.

  • Kev

    Many thanks for this buddy helped me out with my problems. I was not keen on downloading from a torrent now I have an original disc for my original serial no gives me better control of my install. Thanks again

  • Abdul M. Khan

    Thanks u


    this is free windows 7?

    • James

      Is this LEGAL at all?! I originally had Windows 7 HP x64 on this laptop and still have my key for it. I just had to wipe it due to a horrid crash and put Windows 8 developer preview on here due to not having the Windows 7 disc. That is the situation in case of legality I was concerned about.

    • joe

      no, you still need the key…

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  • Cevin

    Hello I’m very happy to find this. But do you have the os downloads for vista and xp. I have seen them but I lost them some where.
    Please give link to vista and xp os not torrent.

    Thank You…

  • Ali

    Thank you for posting this, will I be able to use my OEM license? because the recovery partition doesnt work. Thank you.

  • Nam

    Can this Windows 7 iso perform repair from disc function?

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  • RecoveryTool

    I have gotten the Windows 7 x64 ISO image…. Thanks a lot!

  • lol623

    does it work safely on macbook air?

    • Judy

      Hi there – this will work on any Mac with an Intel processor just make sure you only use 32-bit versions. You will still have to get a serial number to proceed with the install.

  • Just click Name to get an ISO burner. . its a Cnet download . . . and burn it for permanent.

  • thanks for sharing/hosting these files, I’ll try ultimate

  • Ben

    How do I do this on a mac?

    • Judy

      Use bootcamp to create Windows partition and then insert disk and follow steps.. Easy.

      Just make sure you only use 32-bit Windows versions. You will still have to get a serial number to proceed with the install.

  • Raymond

    Hi everybody : After downloading the link, what should I do next? should I download another software(name of software ???) to extract the links or compress ? should I put both files in one directory before burning to CD or DVD? Please help me! Thank you all in advance!

  • edward

    whats the product key for professional 64xbit

    • Mike

      Search the internet for “Windows Loader”.

    • Read

      Various web-based online storefronts and retailers (e.g. Digital River) sell Windows 7 licenses, and to fulfill the orders, the online stores host and provide digital downloads of Windows 7 setup installation files in the form of ISO image, which can then be unpacked and extracted, or used to mount on virtual drive and burnt to a DVD media disc to clean install Windows 7 on a blank PC or upgrade a system from existing operating system.

  • dog

    What is the product key to Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit

  • shubu

    Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit link is not working.. please help

  • Thank you so much! Just…AWESOME!

  • Eric

    I had a hard drive take a crap. Will this 3Gigs worth of Windows 7 fit on a cd? Or should I buy a DVD? Or.. Can I just use a flashdrive? Thanks for the help.

    • Katfey

      Just extract and run the setup file that worked for me

  • Fusion

    I downloaded the Home Premium 64-Bit and burned it onto a DVD, but it doesn’t seem to be bootable. Can somebody confirm weather the Home Premium is bootable? Maybe I screwed something up when I downloaded it. 🙁

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  • shriyans

    are these orignal???
    do they have produck key??
    if no then from where will i get product key??

  • ni


  • aexxx

    What abou product key?
    Where I can find this?
    Pls help.

  • peter

    somebody give me win7 prof. product key please………

    • Helloheretohelp

      You will have to get your own password because once a product key is activated it can not be used again

  • osean

    i installed successfully but do i need to activate? it says i have 29 days to activate.

    • eric b

      yes @osean you do have to activate it. Microsoft lets you activate up to 30 days later. so the sooner you buy the key the better.

  • Dan

    I downloaded Windows 7 Home Premium x86 (32-bit)


    It is downloading 2 iso files one is named X15-65732.iso and the other is named X15-65804.iso. I burned the largest and attempted to install and it gets as far as asking for a device drivers cd. I put the other in and it is asking for device drivers.

    I reversed the install as in putting the other cd in first and it keeps asking for device drivers. Any help here?

  • Avenger1978

    it all worked fine but the updates go on for ever im on my 128th so far been doing it for 16 hours so far but its worth it

  • Andreas

    And here is the German version with integrated SP1:
    Windows 7 64-Bit (x64) with SP1 integrated ISO (German)

  • Legal This will be reported

    • Shakin’

      Ooooooo, how ominous! Um, Dude, it’s been like 3 weeks. My guess it the memo is still sitting on your desk, from which it will probably be sneaker-netted over to your boss’s, where it will sit another three months until she’s shuffled/fired/hired away and then it will hit the ol’ circular file in the next reorg. Thanks for scaring us, though. Gott Damn! That was scary.

  • Goldap

    Hi! What a Win7 .iso version will be better to install in my AMD Athlon 64, 2200 MHz (11 x 200) 3200+ 64 bit PC to upgrade existing XP SP2??

  • diws

    Hi, i have a dell laptop with windows 7 home premium but i can't find a home premium download link anywhere, can i just up my dell product code with Windows 7 Professional? will it work?

    • Kenny

      No, it will not work. you must download a upgrader. go to youtube and put in how to upgrade windows 7 home Premium to ultimate for free. you can not upgrade to windows pro though. but ultimate is 10X better

    • Jackson Dsouza

      it will work dude u dont have to format user pc just put the product key and it is download some file from the internet automatically for 10 mins and there it is. I do have DELL PC i had windows 7 starters i just put the product now i have WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE

      • Jane

        Will it be possible for you to note down those steps for new users like me. It would be highly appreciated.

  • Bob

    Who cares… He got a free copy of windows 7…. Congrats to you. Lay off him, Microsoft rips everybody off when they buy a new PC. Cmon really?? No windows cd in case something happens to your computer. That way you have to have a tech fix your problem if you don't know what your doing. Lay off him, not like Microsoft is going bankrupt from it. They still get their money either way. Go theif!! teach Bill Gates a lesson

    • Rexza

      down with buyed windows 7. hooray to free download windows 7. Eat our ass bill gates.

  • Bob

    Ummm who gives a crap? The person probably already registered it online and it wont work, if it does congrats on your new windows 7. Microsoft robs you by not giving you the CD to the person who bought a PC. Good for you theft stealer, teach microsoft not to screw the users.

  • christie

    Thank you for this link, I got a hijacker that takes over all browsers even after restore to factory settings. Need to do clean install of win 7 again but got no disc with my laptop. Did do system image but virus was still there and no antivirus/malware etc could find it. Been driving me crazy for 2 weeks now.

    Just thank god I can still make out the product key on the bottom and it hasnt worn away before I can copy it somewhere safe.

    • catchy

      @ christie

      Sounds like you have a rootkit on your system. If so, then before you re-install, it'd be wise to delete all partitions, re-write the Master Boot Record, then completely re-format your harddisk and re-partition. Because lots of rootkits will survive a simple re-install.

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  • jithesh

    hi, i got installed windows7 32 bit home basic edition. but its a liscenced version for 30 days. i need a product key to change it. pls anybody can mail me ([email protected]) the product key for win7 (x86) home basic.

    • R

      Windows 7 keys are not free. In fact, when you purchase a copy of Windows 7, you are really paying for the key itself. If you have a Windows 7 key sticker on your computer, that *should* work; otherwise, you'll have to buy a key yourself.

  • WEYE

    The conversation helped me to solve my HP machine Problem Thank you

  • Aki

    is this the full version of win 7???

    how can i install this using a pen drive or dvd ???

    also do i need a key code or some kind of key???

    thanks in advance for however answers this


  • Liu

    i have keys for you:

    •TTJQ7-4PFJC-6JFJ8-B22VD-VXW88 home prem.

    •862R9-99CD6-DD6WM-GHDG2-Y8M37 pro

    •2WX6M-X2HKM-86X8X-2QD44-F3FGJ ultimate

    • roy

      are these original keys or duplicate. i have an key for in 7 pro x86, i can use mine or yours. give a good anwser.

    • jithesh

      hi dude.. can u provide key for home basic 32 bit?

  • islam taher

    is these versions will be work on my laptop coz i have an original windows came with my lap ,, it was a win7 home prem oa hp version and i wanna one work with my serial that came on my lap……

  • Myself

    Are these full version ? do they require a CD Key ? are they trial ?

    • Tonks

      they required genuine Product key to make full version. If you don't have, try it for 60 days until they expire.

  • Doc

    I have 2007 HP laptop with Vista Home Basic installed (oem). Purchased and installed Win 7 Home Premium with genuine product key for $119. Obtained a virus trojan off of a wordpress political blog—one of those, "we found 87 registry errors, let us fix it by clicking here" popups– friend lost his computer, while I just "x' out of the popup. Since then, I thought lost many icons and programs, turns out they were "hidden" and "read only"–had to reset permissions as administrator–100% scan virus check free. BUT, I then tried to update to SP1, but system refused (hung up at the 8% configuration mark, several times), "failed" and then "reverted" to Win 7 Home Prem.

    Both Microsoft as well as a great company ( techies spent weeks trying to analyze the situation, turns out it's "incorrect permission of system components"–I need a WIN 7 dvd. Believe it or not, MS techie sent me here…I want to download WIN 7 Home Premium with SP1, but have two questions:

    1) how to make a DVD from an ISO file (please do not use techno-babble–PLEASE!)? I have 7-zip, WINrar, and Jzip…

    2) I fear I may lose my genuine product key…how do I retain my original key, or is that even possible once my system is "updated?" (or—does it revert to the original OEM Vista key??)

    Strictly a novice here, trying to reestablish my business computer. Thanks in advance…

    • Doc

      BTW, I lost my WIN 7 Home Premium disk…in case y'all were wonderin…and I'm not paying twice for the same item. I have the receipts to prove it.

    • Susie

      I got this email from Microsoft tech, maybe it will help you, however I am having trouble d/l the link , it says like 14 hrs to d/l

      Step 1: Download Windows 7 installation ISO


      1. Download Windows 7 installation ISO file:

      Please Note: Since the website is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.

      2. Please choose the correct version (Home, Professional or Ultimate) and type (32 or 64 bit) to download.

      3. When "File Download" window appears, please click Save and choose Desktop as file location.

      4. After downloading the file XXXXX.iso to Desktop. Please don't click or double click it. Please leave it alone. Now, let's refer to the following steps to install daemon tool:

      Please Note: The third-party product discussed here is manufactured by a company that is independent of Microsoft. We make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this product's performance or reliability.

      5. Please click "Download" bottom "DAEMON Tools Lite description:" section.

      6. Please Save "DTLite-4402-0131.exe" to Desktop.

      7. After downloading it, please double click DTLite-4402-0131.exe to install it.

      8. When choosing License Type, please choose Free License.

      9. Click Next and click Install.

      12. Please run DAEMON Tools Lite.

      13. In DAEMON Tools Lite window, please click Add File icon. Then find the Windows 7 installation ISO file XXXXX.iso and click Open.

      14. Please click Play icon button on DAEMON Tools Lite.

      Now, the Windows 7 installation ISO has been loaded on the virtual drive.

      15. Please double click My Computer. A new drive should be created in "Devices with Removable Storage". Please double click on this new drive.

      Now, let's refer to the following steps to run In-Place Upgrade:

      First, I would like to explain that the In-place Upgrade is a tool to repair the system. Through the special upgrade process, we will be able to repair the system. The In-place Upgrade will not affect settings like photos, movies, documents, etc. that are saved on the computer. However, it is recommended to first backup your important information and files to other partitions or other disks.

      Step 2: In-Place upgrade


      1. Double click new drive. In new drive folder, please find setup.exe and double lick setup.exe.

      2. When Windows 7 installation window appear, please click Install now.

      3. Click Do not get latest updates for installation

      4. When we are prompted to input the product key, please click Next without inputting any key. The setup wizard will prompt and ask if you want to enter product key now. Please choose to No.

      5. When you reach the Which type of installation to you want? screen, click Upgrade to repair Windows 7.

      Note 1: if the Upgrade is disabled, please do not click Custom(advanced).

      Note 2: While performing the In-place Upgrade, the system will restart automatically (several times) to merge the files and programs.

      Please leave the computer alone and do not configure it until In-place Upgrade is completed. The system will start Windows 7 once it is upgraded.

      • alfredo

        it is frre this WINDOWS7 ISO? if the ask for the key where i can get the keY?
        please help me….

    • Doctor Notes

      tsk tsk tsk. so many steps to burn an ISO to DVD.. just get ImgBurn and it only requires 2-steps. btw, your OEM Win7 key is under your laptop. there's a sticker there.

  • Anthony

    I Stole A Windows 7 Pro Key From A Laptop At School Because They No Longer Use Windows 7. This Website Is A Life Saver. I Just Peeled It Off There Laptop And Stuck It On Mine And Im Getting Ready To Install. Thanks To the Owner Of This Website

    • thief

      Instead of committing crime of copyright infringement you have now committed two crimes: copyright infringement and THEFT.

      Other than being seen as a fucking dumb moron in actual life (other than just on the Internet) you could face criminal charges of theft, which is by the way seen as worse crime than pure copyright infringement you could:

      – face criminal charges

      – be fired or suspended from your School

      dispshit moron.

      • Matt

        hey man for the key okay i admit there is a way for "valid" windows 7 but copy right? if it was so important to MIcrosoft then why is the download still here? huh i would change the links but microsoft is worried abour windows 8 not just a little atteten to 7 chill 🙂

        • derp

          the act of downloading is fine, because you need a valid key to use the download. However, stealing the key from a school computer is illegal in both of the ways pointed out.

          • Schizo

            Derp has super aids

    • rasman

      Stumps are smarter than you are. I hope MS and people from your school see Your reply here and take action !!


  • Eddie

    here is the windows 7 home product keys


  • its very good site for win7

  • Matthew


    you could do another way!

    go to google a type ‘windows 7 loader by daz’
    really helpful

    i did it and passed the WAT test!!!!!

  • Mee

    I got a key dat would work for windws 7 home basic but idk if it would work for da rest if u want it jus reply here:]

    • Ki

      I need key for win 7

      • Chris

        you need a program called RemoveWAT. just goto this link and follow thee instructions provided..

      • Chris

        BTW, does any1 know where i can download Windows Vista.iso .. im lookin for 1, for my running an OS of Windows 7 on my Windows Vista Inspiron Dell Laptop.

    • Karl

      Hey yeah could I have that code please i have been trying to get windows 7 for the past 6 hours and i have come to a dead end and i am desperate because my vista keeps crashing on me and its so annoying


  • brandon

    cool the windows 7 home premium works


    but when you download it you have to activate it but it does not come with one

  • anonymous

    activate windows 7 professional and ultimate with windows 7 developer activation.

    best activator.

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  • vlad cov

    juta me someone with me? I need product key,,, to win seven professional 32 bit …. id cov_covaci not owe … …

  • cov_covaci

    hello guys,,, many say that with the best, win 7 as xp …. their opinion! my opinion .. the best is that in many ways to depend on how you use and why? I can tell them where to find that commuters than to try …. so you beat

  • cov_covaci

    e super bun

  • Eva

    The link for windows 7 ultimate is not vaild“

    Who has a link of it ? Please help , thanks

  • Kenson

    I am using this for a Virtualbox at my school, only 24 days left for me so no need to activate!

    • Matthew

      Whoa whoa how did you do it? i keep getting winload not found error help please!!!

  • Willy

    before i download it, can someone say to me if i need a ACTIVATION KEY for it?

    thx ^.^

    • Willy

      and if its possible,explain how i install it or unrar unzip etc… thx again

    • James

      You will need an activation key for Windows after 30 days. When this time is up, you will no longer be able to log in.

      You don't need to unzip the iso file, or anything along those lines. Use an iso-mounting / iso-burning program (such as PowerIso: to write the iso file to a DVD. When it's on the DVD, insert the disc into your drive and follow the instructions.

  • Dagi

    Best news in this week. Thanks for this post. 😀

  • visya

    hi guys .. now im using windows7 home basic but i dont have personalization option in it… but i need this option… wat can i do for get this option?

    where i can download it?

    plz hlp me..

    • lizzy

      use something other than home basic like ultimate to get personalization

    • James

      Windows 7 Home basic does not offer the Windows Aero skins (window transparency and colorization). If this is the customization your are referring to, there is no downloadable add-on for this. Your only option would be to upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium.

  • Joe

    This site is a life saver as usual

  • how to fint win 7 product key

  • kibblez

    well if u download this iso u will need a dvd-rw or a dvd with about 4.36 gb to burn it with isorecorder

  • person

    will this burn onto any CD I'm downloading it and its a really big file

  • person

    will i still have all features without the product key??

  • Stefanila

    For every noob guy:

    select windows 7 proffesional

    burn the cd with nero etc.

    install it

    at the part with code do not write anithing, just press next

    follow installation steps

    be happy of you new and free windows 7.

    this is all how you can have this windows for free

    • I downloaded Windows 7 Pro (64 bit). Copied into a dvd and all the steps were sucessful. While installing the OS from boot manu, the setup goes for about 5 minutes and than the screen goes blank though the system is okay. What can be the problem? I don't think my computer is bad coz it was loaded with windows 7 Ultimate before and I had to reload it with windows Vista when it gave a windows non genuine error. What is that problem? I'm now downloading Win 7 Pro (32 bit) just to give a try with (32 bit)

  • Stefanila

    🙂 super I have now windows 7 for free! cool!

    if setup want code do not put nothing and press "next"

  • Stefanila

    thx for iso image

  • bede sharma

    hey i have formatted my window 7 but my cd is broken i did not look before format. Now what to do

    • Taj afghani

      You go out side of your houe and buy a new Windows 7 disk in market.


      You download a trail version of windows 7 from this site or other sites and install it.

      After installation, you download windows 7 activators from interet and acticate your windows for free.

  • gAbRyLeLe

    When I go to install it on your PC exceeds the 1 st pass me and says (translated) The following file can not be installed, damaged or corrupted file and then … .. etc … .. : (bad: (

    • My Digital Life Edit

      Try using a download manager to download. The file is big in size. 🙂

  • red-pro

    Sorry I ask for the re-upload the Windows 7 Ultimate x86, my download stopped at 98.8% and says file not found please. thank

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  • VGJ

    For people asking where to get the product key for these ISOs, it's called a store. If you were too cheap to jump on MS's .edu discount when W7 first launched, that is too bad for you.

    • Manny

      what a loser

  • pjob797

    i heard u can install it over each other and it will reste the product code

  • Matthew

    How fo we use it???

  • Charles

    Hi do you need product keys for these iso files?

  • Miguel Pinheiro

    32 Bits, please

  • Miguel Pinheiro


    I'm looking for Win 7 Pro pt-pt, do you know where to find the iso to download?

    Thank you,


  • goodabe


    nice share..

    for all who need product key, just use removewat aplication guys..


  • janet0118

    i have downloaded windows 7 home premium 64-bit..but i dun hv the product key…does anyone hv?

  • janet0118

    wat is the product code???

  • Leo

    Does anybody knows the official 32/64-bit direct download links for "Windows 7 with Service Pack 1"? i've tried to build them myself taking the old links as a startup point but i haven't been able to guess them 🙁

  • vamsi

    guys…are these iso required keys….if so…place the keys…as ur talking about official iso

  • Bill


    a misstype in the french home 64 link :




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  • Amarjeet

    Thanks lots I have get it. Its 100% working.

  • Pingback: Windows 7 SP1 RC Refresh (6.1.7601.17125) v.741 Leaked Download » My Digital Life()

  • Pingback: Windows 7 SP1 Final RTM (7601.17514.101119-1850) Leaked Download » My Digital Life()

  • sharing info

    after formatting u just need to activate online..

  • sharing info

    just sharing info..if u want format ur com and reinstall windows 7 again.. just deactivate the windows first before formatting..

    use this command in cmd – slmgr.vbs -upk

    after that restart ur com and ur windows should be deactivated… (Must have internet connection)

    I have been doing this for 3 times and it works flawlessly

    Have fun!!

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  • Pingback: Group Policy Registry Key Entries for Windows 7/Vista/XP and Server » My Digital Life()

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  • Brian Paone

    In order:

    * Don't be stupid; these aren't pre-activated copies of Windows 7 that you can just download and use for free. You have to have an activation key, and it's REALLY stupid to be asking publicly for freebies.

    Go buy you a damn key, or take the risks associated with cracker programs. But stop asking for handouts like some bum at the offramp.

    * To the person who asked if you can install this over a pre-install and then re-use the key – the answer is yes, but you'll probably need to re-format your partition in order to do so. (I had to.)

    You'll also need to be certain you're installing the correct version, as a Home Pro key won't work with, say, an Enterprise version.

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  • nikhil
  • nikhil

    hello sir

    plz send the serial key for Windows 7 Professional x64 (64-bit)


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  • winguru

    hey guys this isn't a legit version of vista but you CAN use it and yes u need a key AND NEVER MODIFY THE ISO OK? IT WILL DESTROY UR COMPUTER IF U TRY TO INTALL

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  • free

    Can someone please help me download this





    ''[email protected]''

    Thanks guys!!!

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  • bdavis

    You don't need to download a seperate image for each (as long as you get the bit rate, 32 or 64, right). Just open the ISO, go to the sources folder, and delete ei.cfg. You will be asked upon setup which edition to install.

  • bdavis

    So do these include a license or is it just install media? I don't get it.

  • shlom

    Can anyone explain to me why I download weighs only 1KB map?

  • Shadow

    I was wondering if these are activated upon format or do you have to find a key?

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  • jovunik


    Can I use Windows 7 Professional x64 download to overwrite the OS that came with a newly bought laptop using the key that came with the laptop? I want to get rid of the configuration and software that came pre-installed, and basically start with a clean install. Thanks!

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  • hendriadi

    pleas new link w7 ultimate x64bit, because link not found

  • hendriadi

    link win7 ultimate X64_bit forbidden, please send new link

  • Lucious L

    Link of W7Ultimate x64 are Forbidden 🙁

  • jv

    sir thnx for this upload can i have the serials? thnx a lot

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  • gizmo

    "Size Mismatch" error on every link when I try to download. Is this working for others?

  • shandor

    Can I use my key with this version? I want to reinstal windows 7 without the bloatware that came with my new laptop. It has the official product key underneath the laptop on a sticker…Can i do a clean instal and use my original product key? cheers

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  • mm

    Windows 7 Ultimate link is dead

  • Pingback: Download RAMMap For Free Analysis of Memory Usage In Windows 7 » My Digital Life()

  • revanth

    dear sir i need the windows 7 professional x64(64bit)serial number please help me thank you

  • Amitc87


    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

    SHA-1: 326327CC2FF9F05379F5058C41BE6BC5E004BAA7

    CRC32: 0x1F1257CA

    Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit

    SHA-1: 5395DC4B38F7BDB1E005FF414DEEDFDB16DBF610

    CRC32: 0xC1C20F76

    Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

    SHA-1: 50127304441A793EE51B3F501289F6599A559E9F

    CRC32: 502C42C1

    Windows 7 Professional 32-bit

    SHA-1: 697FA06554502FB21D30275273B25747299C020D

    CRC32: 578725D1

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    SHA-1: 336779EA6B65F63E11A609B4D021439C47AB315B

    CRC32: 56D954E4

    Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit

    SHA-1: CC9D8220B2179E784D85BF1EA98D2EE2190D534F

    CRC: 5DF6DBA0

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  • Kane

    Does anyone have the checksums for these (the Win 7 Pro 32 & 64 bit in particular). Thanks

  • Amitc87

    Until the Windows 7 Ultimate x86 and x64 download links come back up, here's your best alternative:

    If you want the x86 (32-bit) Windows 7 Ultimate, get the x86 Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional from the Digital River links. Then use the "Windows 7 ISO Image Edition Switcher" to patch it to Windows 7 Ultimate.

    Do the same if you want x64 (64-bit), except download the x64 version of Home Premium or Professional.

    Using Windows 7 ISO Image Edition Switcher will patch it to the same file you would have gotten if you downloaded the direct link to Windows 7 Ultimate. The hash files will be the same as well.

    More information about Windows 7 ISO Image Edition Switcher:

    Download Windows 7 ISO Image Edition Switcher:

  • Amitc87

    The unofficial downloads links for Windows 7 Ultimate, both x86 and x64, are down.

    The server it's hosted at ( to be down.

    Down for Everyone or Just Me confirms that: <a href="http:…” target=”_blank”>/

  • Why do the links say msvista????

  • Amitc87

    For Beginner's:

    These download links are not a cracked or pre-activated version of Windows 7. They are the official ISO installer. Meaning, this is the same thing you would get if you downloaded it from the Microsoft Store.

    If you want to get Microsoft Windows 7 for free, the first step is to download one of these legitimate ISO files and burn them to a DVD (you can also boot to a USB, Microsoft has instructions on that).

    Install Windows 7. While installing, you will see a place to put in your product key, and you will start freaking out because you don't have one. It's OK to leave it blank and continue with installation… you will have 30 days to put in a serial and activate it.

    Of course, if you didn't buy it and don't have a legitimate serial, you have to find a loader, which basically activates Windows for you. This is the unlegitimate and illegal part, of course.

    Here is the best Windows 7 loader at the moment, created by Daz:

    Use that, and you will have Windows 7 installed and activated for free.

    NOTE: Do not install the KB971033 update via Windows Update. This can undo any activation methods. Though it's not impossible to remove, it can be painful to once you already have it.

    NOTE: For those of you who are not planning on doing anything illegal with these ISO's, know that YES, downloading JUST these ISO's are legal and legitimate. Once you use a loader to activate Windows… that's when you get illegitimate and illegal.

  • hm

    the exact problem using the 64bit iso for home premium is "An error occured while attempting to read the boot configuration data."

    "File: BootBCD"

    "Status: 0xc0000225"

    I'm attempting an install from a USB. Did anyone else get this problem?

  • Jonathan

    Download these images, burn them to discs. Then use a loader to install an OEM certificate.

  • gigi

    the italian ?

  • rain

    thanks you

  • IVAN

    The only one I can say is… Thanks!

  • Dave

    Is this legal? Also these still need a key right?

    • admin

      Yes, still need the product key to activate the OS.