Windows 7During Professional Developers Conference (PDC) held on October 28, 2008 (see demo of Windows 7 features video clip), Microsoft has distributed a pre-beta build of Windows 7, which is also part of M3 (Milestone 3) code drop to the attendees. The alpha version of Windows 7 is contained inside a free 160GB external USB hard disk drive that also includes all the data bits from the PDC.

And the released Windows 7 pre-beta build with build version tag number of 6801.winmain_win7m3.081020-1655 has been leaked on Internet, via torrent to download via BT (BitTorrent) P2P network. The Windows 7 M3 build 6801 torrent has the size of around 2.75 GB.

Download the Microsoft.Windows.7.32Bit.Build.6801.DVD-WinBeta.torrent.

To torrent contains numerous RAR split files which when combined, will have generated the following DVD ISO image:


File Size: 2921580544
MD5: B73405672EC76FE5F473346AD18EF8A1
SHA1: B4D66917B942595EDD2A5221F34EFD268CD3217D
CRC32: 2325B4E9

Note: This DVD ISO image is 32-bit (x86) Windows 7 untouched unmodified original version, interested users can also download 64-bit Windows 7 pre-beta DVD ISO image.

The DVD ISO image can be burnt to DVD, or mount to virtual drive. For users who install the leaked Windows 7 build 6801, a product key is required to activate the Windows 7. While hackers working to crack and bypass the activation of W7 Users can enter blank (no entering) product key during installation for free 30 days evaluation usage, and then using rearm to extend activation grace period to 120 days while waiting for newer beta builds to be released, or now there is a hack to activate Windows 7 pre-beta with Vista beta2 or RC1 product key. The installation procedure for Windows 7 is pretty much the same with Windows Vista. For more details on Windows 7 features, check out the Windows 7 Reviewer’s Guide.

Install windows 7

Windows 7 Installation

Windows 7 Product Key Entering

Actually, Microsoft is demonstrated Windows 7 build version 6933.winmain.081020-1842 during the PDC, however, the newer build of Windows 7 is not been released yet. The 6933 version of Windows 7 features a new desktop interface, a new taskbar and many new features.

Update: Windows 7 Build 7000 (Beta 1) is available for download.

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