Office 2007 LogoHacker has managed to develop a key generator crack utility for 2007 Microsoft Office system of Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise suite and Microsoft Office 2007 application program. The keygenerator (also commonly known as keygen in warez circle) will generate a valid but not genuine volume license product key (VLK) for Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise (MSOE) and its programs. Unlike retail product CD key or serial number, volume license key which issued by Microsoft to large businesses and corporations does not require further activation of installed copy of Microsoft Office 2007 to be activated online or via phone again, as Office 2007 continues using Volume Activation 1.0 technology, as in previous version of Office 2003 and XP.

Actually the need of Microsoft Office 2007 key generator is much in doubt, as if you download Microsoft Office 2007 binaries from P2P BitTorrent or ED2K network, the downloads will include a valid and working VLK volume licensing key or MSDN product key too for you to install Microsoft Office 2007 proper without activation. Thus you don’t actually need any key generator for Office 2007. Just that the leaked and public available product key will fail when validating against Office Genuine Advantage (OGA) when want to download Office Online templates, add-ons or updates. But the illegal Office 2007 serial key generated by the keygen is unlikely to pass the OGA validation too.

The Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise edition key generator has the names of Microsoft.Office.2007.Enterprise.Keygen.Only-MiCROSOFT which contains or simply msoe2007kg. While Microsoft Office 2007 Application key generator has the names of Microsoft.Office.2007.Applications.Keygen.Only-MiCROSOFT which contains or simply msa2007kg. You can download the keygens or key generators from P2P BitTorrent trackers such as, and by searching for the names of the keygenerator or simply “Office 2007 keygen”. Note the correct name and file size (should be around 200KB only) as there is incorrect files that impersonate as Office 2007 crack or keygen but actually is a virus or trojan. You can also search for “Office 2007 keygen” or the fila name in ED2K P2P network with clients such as BitComet.

Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Edition KeyGen
Microsoft Office 2007 Application KeyGen
Screen shot of Office 2007 key generator, with the MSOA 2007 keygen likely is for individual programs of Office 2007 system. Note on the windows that a Vista activation crack “Vista Offiline Activator” is coming soon.

The cracks or the keygenerators are designed by imitating the interface of Windows Live Search. Execute the keygen.exe and simply press on “Search” button and a legitimate working serial number or VLK product key is generated. Once you get the new product key, you can change your existing Office 2007 product key, or use it to convert the evaluation copy of Office 2007 or its programs.

Disclaimer: Please support genuine software by buying the application that you intend to use. My Digital Life does not endorse or promote piracy, and this article is for educational and informational reference purpose only. If you do not prepare to purchase Microsoft Office 2007, but still want to use a business productivity suite, check out the equally good that is free download, or you can use free online Office suites such as Google Docs and Spreadsheets.

Note: Download links removed due to complaint from Microsoft

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