Windows Photo Gallery is a photo management, image tagging and editing tool that comes free with Windows Vista. Windows Photo Gallery is the default association program in Vista that is configured to handle and associated with a few picture file formats and extensions, such as .bmp Bitmap Image, ico Icon, .jfif, .jpe, .jpeg, .jpg, JPEG Image, .PNG PNG Image, .tif, .tiff TIFF Image, and .wdp Windows Media Photo, and you can set the program as the default program for more image file types.

When displaying and viewing photos in Windows Photo Gallery of Vista, some monitors or LCD flat panel displays may have a strange problem in which the images will be shown with a orange or yellowish tinge in photos’ background, affecting the display natural color of pictures to become something like Sepia effect. The entire window on WPG appears to be colored in slightly yellowish tint, and is therefore appear darker, including the panels on either side of the photo display which which appear yellow on the desktop but are white in actual.The yellow tinted photos may also affect other default image viewer in Windows Vista. In some case, the yellow tinge problem goes away when the photos are viewed in slideshow mode, or in some other image manipulation tool such as Adobe Photoshop, Paint or Paint.NET or photo management utility such as Google Picasa.

The symptom is likely to occur after update of incompatible monitor driver, especially on Samsung LCD flat panel monitor driver update via Windows Update. The cause for the error is the usage of incorrect color profile for the monitor in Color Management setting.

To solve the problem and restore normal colors in Windows Photo Gallery, you can try one of the resolutions below. All actions will be done at Color Management tab, which is accessible by right click on Desktop, and select Personalize on the contextual menu. Click on Display Settings link in the Personalization menu. In the Display Settings window, click on Advanced Settings… button. Then click on Color Management tab, and finally click on Color Management… button. You will need to select (tick) Use my settings for this device to be able to remove, change or set new color profiles.

The first workaround is by removing any existing ICC or WCS color profiles that are been associated with all display devices or monitors. Else, you can also try to change the default color profile for your system’s monitor to sRGB IEC61966-2.1, simply by clicking on Add, and then select sRGB IEC61966-2.1 from the list of profiles installed on system. After adding, click Set as Default Profile button. Exit from all dialogs and reboot your computer, and the color problem on Windows Photo Gallery is fixed.

If your system doesn’t have sRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile under the ICC Profiles, you can download the color profile from Adobe. Unpack the zip file, the right click on each of the .icc files in the RGB Profiles and CMYK Profiles folders (or simply just the one you need to use) and click “Install Profile” on context menu to install the color profile to system.

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  • Rob Stanfield

    Didn’t work for me…Added the profile as you stated, it was in my profile list, made it default & made sure printer was set to generic pnp. Am I missing something?

  • Robert P

    Worked perfectly!
    Have been struggling with this problem quite a while now, was especially annoying when viewing photo’s i just edited that would’ve had white in them bet were yellow instead.
    Thank you very much for this solution!

  • AMeador

    The steps listed in the article did the job for me as well – Windows 7. Steps a little different, but worked great. Tried the reg edits in the first couple of posts, but thay did not work for me – changed color of side bars but not the image itself

  • Trevor

    The easiest solution is to change your monitor driver back to the generic PnP monitor.

  • Robert

    I tried another solution (win7/32x)
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindows Photo ViewerViewer]

  • Awesome. Thanks for this article. It finally fixed that yellow tint problem I’ve been plagued with for months. Alas, I use Windows 7 but the directions still remain the same.

  • Sean

    It really helped with a few issues I had to deal with after installing a new acer monitor. Thanks.

  • Ibo

    Excellent! helped with my second Samsung monitor. Yellow color / tint with Windows Photo Viewer.

  • Vivek Das

    Perfect! Worked like a breeze :)

  • Megan

    YAY! Thanks for this tip. This has been driving me crazy for ages.

  • rage

    Why is Samsung after Years still distributing this wrong colour profile?
    Even photoshop says, that it’s wrong.
    The bad support also says to delete it.
    So why do they make this error by intention?
    Too stupid to fix it?

  • eric

    thanks, the problem started after installing VLC

    it had nothing to lcd monitor only in picture view not all windows

  • Eniac

    Amazing tip! I knew my new LED screen couldn't be broken.
    Thanks ;)

  • manoj

    thanxx…a lot…helped me to fix d sepia(yellow) tint prob of win photo viewer on my win 7 OS !!….although u wont find advanced settings in personalisation>display… win 7 u have t type 'color' in search option n u'll get a list of of some prog's in that u may select 'color managment' n u shud delete all the profiles associated wid ur LCD device….n u will b done wid ya prob …..

  • s2me

    Damn microsoft. Delete monitor profile to solve problem with windows viewer is only solution?…. Thats could be useful, but some stupid. My profile for HP LP2475w was built with ProfileMaker and EyeOne and its completely correct. But windows viewer works incorrect. As for me, using of alt. viewer like XnView is better solution.

  • mel mccarthy

    Thank You. This fixed my problem.

  • hjk

    Tanks, very usefull info, my problem is fixed.

  • General

    Thank you! Fixed a problem that was bothering me for awhile now.

  • Riz

    Thnx so much! It fixed my win 7 yellow color issue! :D

    Thanks again!

  • PiPE

    Thank you.

  • Jay-Michael

    Thanks so much man your where a huge help i have a syncemaster 20" and it was making yellow tint with my nvidia card. not its all fixed. :)

  • Devillicious

    Thanks so much! You were a big help! I was wondering what the heck was wrong when I installed Windows 7 on two of my computers. The one has an LG Monitor but the other doesn't. I had no clue that had anything to do with why the one with an LG Monitor was yellow-tinted when I viewed pictures. Thanks a million. Oh and I didn't have to reboot my computer and it started working :P

  • hhghg

    fucking shit. Stupid amerikosy 7 WINDOWS

    PRICK your mouth TSEREZ pussy and elbow

    • Ra

      nothing to swear, just updated the monitor driver. Let windsurfing find it in the internet

  • Mike

    You are AWESOME!! Worked great. Thanks!!

  • Chris

    Thanks so much for this, it has solved a rather annoying problem!

  • Brak61

    Awesome! That worked like a charm!

  • LJX

    thanks a lot, this problem has been bugging me (and my photos) for quite some time! =)

  • Jan

    The download no longer works! Please reupload or send the file to my email.. :(

  • Martin

    Thanks a bunch! Worked for me 2. Samsung 2343 LCD

  • Hendra

    Thank You . It worked on my windows Seven AOC Monitor.

  • Yel

    Thanks man, worked a charm! Windows 7 Samsung LCD

  • Szipi

    Thanks! It works. Finally. (Vista Professional, Samsung monitor)

  • Hamish

    Thanks mate!! this has been driving me bonkers for weeks.. it works. I have a Samung LCD. and found you on the first search screen in google for "screen is pink windows 7" lol.

  • james

    Just wanted to also say thanks. This has been driving me nuts for weeks.

  • Claudia

    thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!, that worked for me , now i can see the real color of my pics.

  • Holly

    I'd just like to add my thanks to the chorus.


  • Mexito

    Perfect! This site is stellar. All solutions are practical and don't feel like hacks, just simple, legal solutions. Almost every obscure problem I've had has led me back to this site. Keep it up!

  • Chris

    Thanks a million! One Google search plus your excellent advice made this work on Win7!!!

  • Damage

    Changing to sRGB IEC61966 Worked a charm in W7. Thanks!

  • I fixed it by clicking on the 'Caliberate color' link from the display applet.

  • Lostdewind

    Thanks alot!

  • Richard


  • Martins

    Thanks a lot. I had the yellow only in the Win 7 default browser, and this tip works like a charm. I remember having downloaded an update of the driver for my LG monitor, but I wouldn't have imagined that it was the driver's fault.

  • SM

    Thank you very much! Just fixed my Win7 64x Samsung monitor issue. Interestingly enough, I have 2 different Samsung monitors hooked and only 1 exhibited that problem. I'm a happy camper now. Thanks again.

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  • Carsten D

    THANK YOUUU! Been looking for a solution for a LONG time!

  • cheetha

    thanks. your blog has been very useful.

  • A big thanks from me too!

    In Windows 7 the options to add or remove are grayed out, due to the security thing whereby even the admin cannot make direct changes.

    To get around this you need to adjust the settings for you, the user, ie YOUR profile as well as the computer's. If I could remember how I did it I'd explain but I've forgotten!

    I should add the yellowing was after downloading the latest monitor driver from Samsung, not Microsoft. The Microsoft one was fine. I only downloaded after mistakenly thinking a game was at its highest resolution and the monitor kept going blank – the list was actually upside down and I was running the game at its lowest resolution (and for that you can blame MS, as it was Flight Simulator X – why put the highest resolution at the bottom and lowest at the top? Crazy people!)

    Thanks again!

    Your blog is vastly more helpful than Samsung's "support"

  • OOps

    Thanks man, you saved my day! It was really annoying.

  • Spectralvortex

    Thanks a million!

    Finally a fix for this – great! ^^

    Fixed it on Win 7 using Samsung Syncmaster 203B, Syncmaster 710N and Syncmaster 173T.

    Aaaaah, I'm SO happy right now!

  • Brayan

    Thank you so much! I'm using Windows 7 and it was similar to this and it worked no more yellow madness!

  • vin

    thanks a lot!!! my samsung syncmaster 2333sw is now fixed! I haven't restarted my pc yet (windows 7) but it's all looking great already!

    thanks again!!!

  • msuna

    thank u! you've made me a very happy person!

    i don't trust the windows updates any more. they are set for me to decide what ones to install.

  • Derek

    Thanks!! Was driving me crazy!! Now all my programs are displaying the same colors!!

  • DevilyWan88

    thanks a bunch!!

    it fix my problem with my Samsung 2233SW on

    Windows 7 RTM 64bit. :-)

  • Johannes Jansson

    I can't tell you how greatful I am for this! I might say that I'm using Windows 7 and it works fine there aswell except you have to take another route around to find the settings, though I'm using it in Swedish so I don't know what it would be in English but THANKS again, this really saved me from hysteria!

  • mupet0000

    Nice one, this fixed my issue with a Samsung SyncMaster 2433.

  • Thank you very much for this article! It works.

    My problem's gone!

    (on 64Bit Vista and Samsung SyncMaster 2693HM)

  • Barry

    Hello, thanks for the article. Fixed the problem I was having with Windows 7 and my Samsung 205BW!

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  • Andrei

    Thank you!!! I have been sitting on this problem the entire day trying to calibrate the monitor – with different programs – until I realized it was the windows photo gallery that was at fault – fixed my dell SP2309W. Again thank you!

  • Thanks so much. The problem was drving me nut. Worked for my Dell monitor

  • Vlad

    omg, finally the prob is gone, thank you !!!

  • leeuniverse

    sRGB IEC61966-2.1 download is gone. When you go to the other download link at the bottom of the page, the above file is no long included in the download…. HELP

  • re

    Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!

    I had this problem for a very long time and finally got it solved today.

    So Happy~~~

  • Chris

    Thanks for this. Had a strange yellow tint in Photoshop & when viewing photos in WPG. Couldn't work it out until I stumbled upon this here.

    Thanks again!! :)

  • Alex

    Thankyou for helping me fix this curious problem =)

  • Thanks a lot, it worked for me!

    I prefer the second solution because I have an automatic windows update.

  • Wow, this fix rocks, I couldn't for the life of me figure out why it had that nasty yellow background and it was showing through screwing my white balance adjustments all up. I have a Samsung 225BW, Photoshop refuses it's color profile, now I see why.

  • steves2kool

    Thanks a bunch!!

    Worked like a charm.

  • Jenova Dairan

    My monitor displayed my photos in photo gallery with a sort of greenish tint as well as a 'video film' dusty sort of effect. But it disappears when playing it on slideshow.This problem arises only in Windows photo gallery and the live one. After a lot of searches this solution helped me. Everythings fine in a jiffy.

    Thanks a lot.

  • gtrdp

    thanks so much for this,

    i have problem with my LG LCD, and i confused with this,

    but it fix it, thanks

  • DaveLyds

    Perfect. Thanks so much for posting this. I didn't believe this could be a monitor specific problem – so I dragged the window over to the non-Samsung extended desktop display and the color was fine. Great help. Thanks Again.

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  • Mario

    Thanks Man!!! It worked

  • Hilmar

    wow, thought my monitor went bad. thanks for your post and help. glad I found your post.

  • Martín

    Working for me. Problem resolved. Thanks for the tip. Saludos.

  • James

    it seems like the problem is more or less a samsung LCD as i have a Samsung Syncmaster 931BF and every single post is claiming a samsung LCD monitor it would maybe help if someone could get a hold of samsung and tell them about this if they don't already know.

  • Thanks! you solved my problem i almost suicide!

  • vanti

    Thanks! Initially I thought it was an issue with the Win7 beta but when it was not fixed in RC and noone else had it I got suspicious. I do have a Samsung monitor..

  • THANK YOU so much, i noticed the issue like 2 weeks ago and happened exactly as You said with MS update in my flat panel Samsung SyncMaster 732Nplus, now is fine!!

    u rock!!!

  • Johan

    I've got this problem within Windows Live Photo Gallery on XP and a Samsumg 245B 24" TFT monitor. Thanks for the fix.

  • Fixed for me too! LG Monitor. Thank you!

  • Alex Covarrubias

    I had this problem in Windows 7 RC and this fix worked like a charm! Thanks! Yo tenía este mismo problema con Windows 7 Release Candidate y estos consejos solucionaron todo. ¡Muchas gracias!

  • Tulio

    It worked!!! Thanks so much!!

  • Richard

    What if WLG truly handles the color management incorrectly ? I calibrated my screens (laptop & desktop) and printers using adequate equipment and obtained great results when working on pictures. When I open WLG, it displays thumbnails with correct exposure, gamma, contrast, etc but when the picture is fully opened, there comes the washing machine: exposure, gamma, tint, all wrong. I do not think the LCD calibration is wrong as all my results appear to be fine, I think that WLG handles the colors very anormally (taking in account the fact that Picasa do not show the same problem for example). I'd like to have the input from photographers…

  • Scott

    Thanks a lot for the fix – worked a charm!

    Also got rid of my "The monitor profile "Samsung – Natural Color Pro 1.0 ICM appears to be defective" problem!


  • Elvis

    Muchas gracias, me sirvio mucho. Un saludo

  • Viz

    Thanks for the info, it fixed my issue. Yes, I did update sumsung driver on windows update.

    Happy it solved it!!

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  • Gabe

    Hi, just wanted to say 'Thank you' my friend!, had this problem for a long time but now you've fix it, feels good being able to just click the picture and be done with it, lol; so thanks again.

  • zura

    thanks for the nifty info, much appreciated :D

  • Thanks a lot.

    The problem is solved and I'm happy :D

  • Thanks for the fix!

  • thanks a lot.. this thing worked perfect.. i was looking for this fix!!

  • Thanks works for me now!

  • Matt

    Thanks a lot for this, just set up a new samsung monitor. I couldn't fix the the yellow tint so I googled it, thinking nobody else would have the same problem. Glad I found this page!

  • lee byrne

    THANKS so much for this. Damn MS updates causing problems. Your advice here sorted me out straight away. I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out the problem.

  • Thanks, good writeup…

  • Thanks, I know I dealt with this problem in the past and it took me forever to find the solution. Your post helped me take care of the problem in under 2 minutes.

  • big thx

  • Ako

    Thank you so much! You saved me!

  • This works nicely in resolving the color matching on a Samsung SyncMaster 245BW running on Vista Business Edition by ATI x1900xtx 512mb.

    * Don't need system restart. Just restart Windows Photo Gallery; as mentioned in a previous post.

  • Thank you – this worked nicely in resolving the colour matching on a Samsung SyncMaster 204BW running on Vista Business Edition.

    Note: it did not need a restart to take effect, just restart Windows Photo Gallery as mentioend in a previous post.


  • Rogério

    Thank you so much

    Fixed problem in LG s730SH CRT monitor.

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  • MannY

    Great, thanks! Had this problem with my Samsung T220 monitor, and noticed that a B/W pic I just had worked with in Photoshop came out in almost sepia when viewing it in the Photo Gallery. Setting the right profile fixed it, thanks!

  • me

    This fixed the same problem on a Philips 190V LCD screen. BTW. you don't need to reboot, just restarting the Preview program is enough.

  • Erick

    Perfect!! Thanks! Worked great with a Dell monitor in case anyone is skeptical. (Unless they're manufactured by Samsung??)

  • Trina

    I don't want to reboot my precious computer. D: Years and years of hard work, sweat and blood gone down the drain if I DID reboot it.. any other solution?

  • Thanks! This solved the yellow tint problem on windows photo gallery. :D

  • Sunny

    Hi.. thanks it worked on Samsung 245BW monitor.. now i see right color

  • Many thanks!!!!!!

    When I opened pictures in photofilter or see them in a preview they were fine, but all wrong colours inside photoshop and window gallery. Changed the colour profile and its all sorted now. Many thanks again!!!!!!

  • I've just put up with this for a few months and finally decided to look into it. Thanks for this info. The one thing I'd add is that you have to do it for all your monitors. I did it for the first one in the list and thought it wasn't working…

  • Daniel

    Thank you so much.. the dam thing was gone !

  • Thank you SOOOOO much! This has been driving us nuts for months!!

  • Thanks! Removing the ICC entry did the trick for me. It was so annoying as it was happening only on my second monitor.

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  • Iain

    Built a new PC with vista, couldn't understand why pictures had a pink border and yellow tint. Totally fixed now

    Thank you

  • Pravin

    thank you so much. i love vista. but i have this prob, which is very annoying. thank you once again. i can very well go back to vista

  • Wow. I hated Vista so much, and this one pissed me off so bad, that I installed XP on my old box (which took me WAY longer than it should have due to driver issues). Anyway, I just got a new PC, hooked it up and Vista did the same thing! I always thought it was some stupid bug in the NVIDIA drivers on my old box, but when I saw the problem again I knew something else was up.

    Then I found this post. THANKS!!!! Maybe this time I can hack up Vista to something slightly usable, so I will not have to install XP on my new Dell XPS 730 H2C box :)

  • Eric

    Like everyone else – I was totally annoyed with this, but I never would have thought it was a Samsung issue. Totally strange… I've actually avoided WPG for a long time and just use Irfanview. Thanks!

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  • murphx

    Great! Thanks! :) Pair of Samsung 225BWs, now running beautifully :) Didn't even need to reboot :)

  • seriously i was gettin crazy bcoz of this problem since so long… thanks a ton man.. thanks

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    Thank you so very much! This issue has been driving me crazy for months. I had given up on it, but recent was so irritated by it that I searched again and found this post. You rock!

  • Will

    i was starting to think that my Nikon D50 needed to go in for repairs.. lol, everything looked like the white balance was off.

    thanks for taking the time to publish this information. And umm.. i have a Dell monitor and this happened to me after upgrading my Vista from Business to Ultimate. Regardless, i'm a happy camper!

    Will in NOLA!

  • jouni

    I must just say that thanks. I was really wondering what caused this as all was working fine for few months. I guess some stupid auto update installed the Samsung profile! Damn you Microsoft :)

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  • me

    w00t! finally a solution

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    Thank you so much! The yellow tint was really starting to bother me. This worked like a charm.

  • Ralph

    Yessss!!! Awesome… I've been trying to get the colors right in Photoshop and the Vista gallery and got stuck. Googled for my problem and presto… I found this gorgeous piece of info. Thanks a lot for this priceless advice!!! It worked like a charm.

    Greetings from Holland.

    Keywords: Samsung Syncmaster 2032bw red tint

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    Thanks… this was really helpful!! :-) Glad I found this page!

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    Thanks! Had the same thing over here with the samsung LCD 22"monitor. Fantastic, worked like a charm!!

    Greetzz from Holland.

  • Jess B.

    Can someone post a link to this ICC profile Adobe's site sucks and I can't find anywhere yet and I am assuming others have had to do all this same work…sRGB IEC61966-2.1

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  • Trond

    Nice, but I'm not quite there yet as only one of my screens got good. And yes, thye problem screen is a Samsung 205BW

    Any ide how to fix this on both my screens?

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  • ian

    Brilliant 2 samsung screens on 2 different computers both now fixed

  • Ryan

    omg it worked wonderfully! haha i hav a samsung 932B plus and it disappoints to see the yellow tint.. i even hav that when i opened a new document on photoshop, the suppose-to-be-white paper appeared yellow! now it's all fixed.. thanks!

  • Bwana

    Fantastic! Worked like a charm…thanks so much! Samsung 245b.

  • Kevin

    Thanks so much I have been having trouble with this for months

    acer al2216w

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    Thankyou very much for this… I did wonder why it was displaying everything with a yellowish tint, and yes, I have a Samsung LCD monitor also!

  • Thanks..

  • Josh Weiland

    Thank you so much! Was driving me crazy on my Samsung LCD.

  • Muito, muito obrigado por escrever isso. Estava triste com o Vista por causa desse problema. Mas agora estou feliz. =)


  • apex2000

    I have had this problem since buying a Samsung LCD monitor and, despite asking on various forums, no one has been able to help – until now ;-)

    The advice above works perfectly; just use sRGB IEC61966-2.1 and everything is fine.

    Thanks very, very much for this.