2009 is coming, are you ready? With a couple of weeks away from the New Year, many people should be busy planning their New Year’s resolutions, e.g. planning behavioral changes, career improvement, etc. To thank users for their support and usher in the new year with fun, Google wants to invite its supporters to do the countdown to 2009 by presenting daily tip and trick on how to use its various services and products.

Get some tips and tricks from Google. Join Google’s “Countdown to 2009” and Google will add in daily advice for users. For instance, on the 4th, Google introduced you how to convert between many different units of measurement with its search engine and on the 5th Google tell you how to limit your search to values within a specific numeric range.

This digital way of celebrating the New Year is quite delightful. As the clock ticks away the final minutes of the old year, users will be able to get some know-how of Google’s services besides enjoying the fun of counting down.