360desktopEver wondering why you don’t have a bigger desktop workspace? Limitation on the resolution of LCD display? Not anymore. Even without additional monitor, 360desktop, a revolutionary virtual desktop manager in Desktop 2.0 era (in connection to Web 2.0) can transform Windows desktop into a panoramic workspace, extending the desktop area with almost unlimited desktop space.

In Unix and Linux operating system, most distros have built-in support for users to open and use multiple desktop environments. In Windows XP and Windows Vista, one may enable multiple desktop feature with Virtual Desktop Manager powertoy or VirtuaWin. However, the virtual desktop workspace ‘jumps’ from one to another, unlike panoramic desktop scrollable and loopable in three dimensions that created by 360desktop.

360desktop able to create more desktop space or room for all programs, applications, windows and widgets. The widgets can displayed anywhere on 360desktop, and best of all, can be created from web contents, web pages, RSS feeds, web gadgets, games, videos and etc. 360desktop also introduces the concept of stunning 360⁰ panoramic wallpaper, which will surely bring desktop to life.

When using 360desktop virtual desktop environment, a pull-out 360 Manager slider box in the upper-right corner of the screen that always in view will notify user where exactly on the 360 degrees desktop area the monitor is currently showing. And user can use the scroll button on the mouse to move around the desktop rapidly. Another tip is that, to pan an application window, do not maximize the window to full desktop.

Have no idea what 360desktop is? Watch the following video demo of 360desktop for an idea on how you can use it to ‘shock and awe’ your friends.

Download 360desktop. There is also 360 panoramic wallpapers available for download.