The free and prominent 3D modeling program, Google SketchUp, has released its latest update SketchUp 7, along with its premium counterpart, SketchUp 7 Pro. SketchUp users will find the new Google SketchUp 7 improved with added tools and features to make this 3D modeling application more user friendly and powerful. Google has included architectural design, Google Earth, and a product design template in this release to help designers or modeling users.

Like its predecessors, Google SketchUp 7’s predesigned templates offer users an easier and quicker way to start their modeling masterpiece. With the aid of these templates, users can start designing their 3D model. They can do freehand draws, create objects, draw lines, etc. Beginners to this modeling application will be guided via a small “Instructor” windows at the right the template on the features of each tool available in this product. Users who want a quick and ready model to be imported into their project can also browse through the Google’s 3D warehouse. There are various models from different categories such as buildings, cities, people, etc which users can choose from.

Unlike Google SketchUp 7 which is available free, the pro version SketchUp 7 Pro costs $495. It has more features and functions comparatively. For instance SketchUp 7 Pro provides email technical support, and generates reports of all named entities in a SketchUp model with their associated attributes, etc. A new interesting enhancement to this new SketchUp 7 Pro is its dynamic components. Users can add intelligent attributes, relationships and behaviors to any component with this feature. Users can create a fence that adds picket as they scale it longer; build doors and windows that animate as they open and close or design a parking lot configurator that helps with site planning.

Generally, SketchUp 7 is an ideal tool for any users who want to learn modeling. No only is it free, its user friendly interface, simple tool, ready templates and resourceful 3G warehouse furnish users with all the necessary tools to start a modeling project. Of course if you are a modeling expert, the basic SketchUp 7 would not be able to cater to the modeling functions you look for; Google SketchUp 7 Pro would suit your purposes better.

Introducing SketchUp 7

Download SketchUp 7 and SketchUp 7 Pro.