Pico Projector is trending to be integrated into mobile phone but have you ever wonder that it could be one of the selling features even for Camcorder? 3M, the famous manufacturer has recently announced a new series of camcorder with such feature enhancement. Named as Shoot ‘n Share CP40 and as it implies, the device can capture HD video and project to the wall instantly without the need to transfer to PC first.

Basically, Shoot ‘n Share CP40 is a camcorder that is capable to record 720p (1280 x 720 resolutions) video and or even still image at 5MP resolution. With its expandable microSD slot max at 32GB (internally only 14MB), it can store up to 20 hours of continuous recording. And without the need to upload to PC first, users can easily share the HD media clips by projecting them directly onto wall with 65” diagonal size (at VGA resolution) so that everyone can view in distance ideal for group sharing, presentation or etc. In terms of hardware specifications, it features a RGB LED (lifetime up to 20,000 hours) with 14 and 12 lumens on both AC and battery mode respectively. Besides, it is equipped with HDMI output, Composite Video/Stereo Audio input, USB Mini port for battery charging and PC connection and many more.

No pricing and availability information yet, CP40 is measured merely at 125x62x24mm with weight of 160g which is a great mobile companion for all while traveling around.