Having difficulties to record your late-night YouTube session in a pitch-black room? It’s too dark to get better image! Anyway, don’t have to worry, just get an A4 Tech Night Vision FlexiCam PK-7MA.

The FlexiCam has a nice design. It has four infrared LEDs that help light up images captured in the dark. Its night vision capabilities feature automatic while balance and exposure controls to ensure clear and crisp images.

The FlexiCam is also able to capture instant photos with its 1.3-megapixel sensor. It can capture images in 360 degree extended view without limitations!

Unlike many conventional fixed-angle webcams, the FlexiCam is equipped with a flexible, stretchable, extendable, bendable, and portable body tube frame that allows the camera to capture images at any angle. The flexible stand allows the camera to capture images at any angle. The flexible stand allows the FlexiCam to be easily stowed away for travel.

FlexiCam also comes with a built-in microphone. You don’t have to get yourself an external microphone as the built-in microphone get you to experience clear sound and echo-free audio effect.

The FlexiCam generally get some good respond from users. The installation instruction is also quite simple. The only complaint on this product is the configuration with other device, e.g. connect the video to the internet to chat, etc. Slow respond from A4-Tech also another issue to user.

The FlexiCam is available at a retail price US$25.