Do you intend to have your own virtual desktop which allows you access from anywhere and anytime as long you have internet access? If yes, icloud could be a good solution for you. The icloud desktop is designed to have the same look and feel as traditional windows desktop application but one of major differences is it is running online in the cloud. It is based on today’s advance internet technology in order to meet the growing population of internet users and can be accessed via web browser or mobile PDA as long as they are connected to internet.

The main driver to have icloud technology is due to limitation of today’s conventional operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS or Linux. Some of the actual scenarios include virus intrusion on actual computer due to software download or installation, additional cost to purchase software, forget to copy important documents in USB device and bring along with you for meeting, can’t view each others’ calendar in Outlook and many more. icloud consist of a desktop with applications and files that are stored in the cloud. Since it is running in the cloud, it can offer you some very impressive features such as easy sharing and real time collaboration, built-in marketplace with availability of free applications and many more.

You probably wonder what is the internet OS used in icloud service. The OS used is an open source Xcerion XML Internet OS/3 (XIOS/3). It has been developed since 2001 by Xcerion and was launched as a beta service on 30th September 2007. XIOS/3 is well known and widely being used in worldwide application developer community. This means that you will have more and more free applications ranging from games, entertainment, personal finance tool, productivity tool and etc being offered in icloud service in short future. If you have programming background, another great thing is you can even modify the application by using the software modification in order to suite to your personal preference. XIOS/3 enables web browsers to run icloud applications without the need to install any plug-ins like Flash or JRE.

If you would like to get yourself the experience of using icloud desktop, try it today. Go to to register an account. The activation link will be sent to your email after few hours of the registration. Click on the link to activate the account followed by creating your preference username and password then just login to icloud by using the username and password you have just created.