Not long after Acer recalled its Predator PC due to overheat issue, now seems that the Taiwanese PC maker has initiated another massive recall to its Aspire series Notebooks as a precaution measurement due to safety concern. Some of the affected Acer Aspire series include AS3410, AS3810T, AS3810TG, AS3810TZ as well as AS3810TZG.


The main culprit for the recall action is due to the microphone cable that could potentially overheat especially when excessive pressure is applied to the left palm rest where the cable is designed underneath it. As a consequence, the housing area could be deformed and eventually causes system malfunction and potentially pose safety risk end users. The affected batch only happened on those units that were manufactured before September 15th 2009 and in order to confirm if your units are belongs to any of those batches, users can either check for the 22 digits alphanumeric serial number or 11 digits numeric SNID printed on the white label at the bottom of notebook casing.

No exact information on how many units of notebooks are affected under this recall action, but this is considered a relatively smaller scale recall as compared to other much unfortunate incidents and glad to hear that the Taiwanese company has proactively taken this extra precaution to ensure consumers’ safety is guaranteed. For further information, users can go to Acer website.