grandcentral.jpg Google Inc has initiated its first move to allow its users to manage their existing phones and voice mailboxes over the web via its acquisition of Grand Central Communications, the company based in Fremont, California,.

Grand Central Communications was founded in 2005 by Craig Walker and Vincent Paquet. This company provides an innovative web-based voice communications platform that allows users to manage their phones and phone numbers through one simple interface. Users can use this service to make voice calls over the internet while also working with regular phones. Of course there are other features such as checking messages by phone, emailing or getting online; keeping all messages online for eternity, etc. (Click here to read more about the features offered). However, one feature that allows users to upload their own audio tracks to create ringtones will now be limited to licensed music only.

The acquisition by Google will not disrupt services to all current GrandCentral customers and the beta test of the GrandCentral service will be continued. If you are interested in this service, do not miss the opportunity as GrandCentral is currently inviting a limited number of users to beta test its service. You can sign up for an invitation. Click here.