There are many web-based presentation tools that users can make use to prepare their presentation slides such as Zoho Show, Google Docs Presentations, etc besides Microsoft PowerPoint. Most of these web-based presentation tools are generally free and feature rich. To join the party, lately Adobe has also introduced a new web service, Presentations, an interesting platform which allows users to prepare their presentation slides. Besides the free service to registered users, this service also allows group editing.


Similar to other web-based presentation tools, Acrobat Presentations has most of the standard functions: insert image, insert video, built-in themes and layouts, built-in graphics, etc. But more than simply these functions, this presentation program allows a group of members to log in and edit the same presentation project simultaneously. The project creator can invite a group of friends to work together with him as co-authors. These people can add text, add graphics, change layout, etc together with the project manager. The program is smart enough to inform each and every member what the other members are currently viewing or editing.

Acrobat Presentation will be useful for people who are working on the same presentation project but physically located in different places. Due to logistics constraints, a web-based presentation program like this will be of great help. Although Acrobat Presentation is useful, there is still room for improvement. For instance, the program currently allows the project file to be exported as PDF format only but not other formats such as pps or ppt which are quite commonly used. Besides, the service also does not support audio input and embed option.

Users who want to try this free presentation program can log in to Acrobat Presentation via the link here. The program supports Windows Platform and works well with IE, Safari and Firefox browser. Users need to have Flash Player 10 installed before running the free program.