Privacy awareness has become an important issue when logging in to a public computer or browsing the Internet. Users are more and more concerned about their private or personal information being left behind in a computer especially a public computer such as an office computer. They are particular that their data or information which is considered inherently special or personally sensitive will be exposed to other users, colleagues, hackers or data thieves. Hyper sensitive data if leaked out will create significant damage to the users. To assist users who always access private information using public computers, RingCube Technologies has introduced a security software, MojoPac, which can turn any USB 2.0 storage device such as portable hard drives, iPods, USB flash drives, USB-enabled cell phones, and USB-enabled digital cameras, into a portable computing environment. With this security solution, users can use their small portable devices to use any computer without leaving a trail of evidence on the public computers.

MojoPac can be installed on any portable USB 2.0 compliant storage devices. Once it is done, users can upload or install their own applications and files. They can just do what they would do on a normal computer which is running Windows XP. Every time they plug their MojoPac-enabled device into any computer running Windows XP, MojoPac automatically launches their environment on the host PC. So when they finish using and unplug the MajoPac-enabled device, their private and personal information will not be cached on the host PC. Personal information or data such as browsing history, applications history, files and personal settings, multimedia player history, etc will be removed as well. This security invention is very useful especially for people who always access sensitive and private information using public computers.

MojoPac is compatible with most programs such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, etc. Users can enjoy this unique security solution, MajoPac Virtual PCs, for free. Users can download the software from MojoPac.