To make you blogs or website more interactive and increase its popularity, probably you can think of adding an e-greeting card service to your site so that your visitors and readers can make use of the facility to send out electronic greeting cards such as New Year card, birthday card, wedding card, etc. If writing a program to come out with this service is a taxing task for you, the famous online free electronic greeting cards service provider, 123Greetings, now offers you an easier and simpler way to do so.

Users who are keen to quick add e-card service to their blogs or websites can join the free affiliation program offered by 123Greeting. This program offers registered users the opportunity to add an e-greeting card site to their blog and website without charges. Visitors or readers to users’ blog or website can utilize the added e-card site to send greeting cards.

How to get this affiliation program started? Firstly bloggers or webmasters need to register to the 123Greeting’s affiliate program. After the registration is completed, users will be given one line of HTML code. Copying and pasting the codes to users’ blog or website will trigger the e-card service in their site. Even though it is an affiliation program with 123Greetings, users as the blogs or websites owners will be given full control over the ecard program. Users can also personalize the e-card site with their own images, quotations, background, etc.

With the free e-card site added to your blog or site, it will enhance your site with additional features and thus improve the site’s traffic. However, if you are particular on privacy and indirect invasion, probably this affiliation is not a good idea.