Facebook users should be familiar with postings of their friends of interesting stuff such as photos, videos, applications, games, quiz, etc to be shared. Users can click on the link to view the video, or play the games. User will also have noticed that underneath these shared materials there are options for users such as: “Comments”, “Like”, “Share”, etc. Users are free to post comments or choose “Like” if they like the stuff and wish to promote them to others. However, there is no avenue for users to show their disapproval if they think the shared item is crappy.

Users who are using the Firefox browser probably can try this interesting add-on, Facebook Dislike if they want to be a bit nasty or critical of their friends’ postings. With this add-on installed, users will notice an additional “dislike” under the shared link.

Original Format

Facebook Dislike is enabled

Users now is given additional option to express their view toward the items shared by their friends – “Like”, “Dislike” – or to post comments.