Facebook users enjoy reading their friends’ latest postings and keeping track of their friends’ updates. However, many Facebook enthusiasts will probably agree that sometimes it can be quite frustrating when you see an endless stream of annoying messages such as X has taken part in Quiz ABC, X has become a fan of Y, X become friends with Z, etc and other silly application spam messages flooding your Facebook page. If these messages really irritate you and you want to get rid and filter these messages, Facebook Purity (FB Purity), a Greasemonkey script is worthwhile to explore if you are using Firefox browser.

Firefox users who want to install Facebook Purity need to install the Greasemonkey add-on application to the browser first. Once you have Greasemonkey installed and running, users can install the script by simply clicking here: FB Purity. Users will be prompted a dialogue box and users just need to click Install button to install the script.

Generally Facebook Purity will hide application messages and also messages such as “Became a friend of”, “Joined a group”, “Became a fan of”, “Is attending event” type messages. These messages are referred to as “Extras”. Besides hiding these default “Extras” messages, users are also given additional optional type of messages to be hidden, e.g. “Commented on/Likes Status”, “Tagged in/Likes/Commented on Photo”, “Tagged in Album”, “Commented on/Likes Album”, “Commented on/Likes Link”, “Wall Comments”, “Group Wall Comments”, “Page Wall Comments” and “Posted an Event”. Users can easily edit the list of apps and messages which they want to block or filter.

Screenshot: Facebook Purity will indicate to users how many app message and Extras are hidden.