Many people might not be bothered about the default page layout shown in the famous social site, Facebook, as long as they can log in and continue to enjoy the services and activities there. Having said that, there are still many Facebook enthusiasts who have different opinions and a lot to say about the default layout. Instead of waiting for the developer to change the page layout, a free Google Chrome extension, Facebook Styler, offers Facebook fans some options to personalize and customize the page layout to suit their needs and enhance the functionality of this popular social site.

With Facebook Styler added to Google Chrome, users can go to the application’s option page (Tools ->Extensions) to make some changes and customize the page layout. There are 8 feature tabs in the Option page which users can click on and do some changes to the Facebook page layout in Google Chrome: Extension, Sidebar Position, Transparency, Fixes, Filter, Colors, Hide and Changelog.

Users can click on each particular tab to help them customize their personal Facebook page. Amongst the changes users can do include:

  • Alter the sidebar position and set whether to have sidebar scroll with the page;
  • Hide boxes in sidebar;
  • Add Facebook Syler application update button in Address bar;
  • Link to options page in Facebook settings menu;
  • Set the transparency level for top/bottom menu;
  • Shorten title;
  • Highlight Today’s Events
  • Display large images on Hover;
  • Emotes shortcuts in the chat Windows
  • Change colours;
  • Custom filters to manage applications and groups;
  • Hide friend requests, mail, notifications, etc