Some fancy multimedia keyboards might feature a handful of media shortcut keys or buttons that you can use to control your media player, e.g. play/pause, next and previous buttons, etc. These easy access shortcut keys/buttons from the keyboard put you where you need to be at the touch of a button. Even though these multimedia buttons are useful and convenient, there is a limitation whereby some of these keyboards support only limited multimedia applications. If your media applications are not amongst the supported programs, probably you could consider Media Keyboard 2 Media Player (MK2MP), an interaction medium which can link up your keyboard and other popular media applications.

Media Keyboard 2 Media Player (MK2MP) gives some media players multimedia keyboard ability, which previously did not have such support, such as the play/pause button, next and previous buttons on multimedia keyboards. It intercepts the key presses of your modern multimedia keyboard keys and then sends the appropriate hotkeys to users’ (supported) media player. Users can choose to enable and disable common media-keyboard keys for each media player. Users also can decide whether to keep the program in the system tray or stays incognito.

MK2MP is currently in beta. It supports media players such as Xion, XMPlay, VLC Media Player, 1BY1, Winamp, Zinf, Freeamp, etc. Users who want to try it can download it via the link here. It is a freeware.