Presenting your reports or articles in PDF format could be very monotonous and unappealing to readers. Readers need to scroll down or move the page to read the content. To make your writing more interactive and interesting, why don’t add some spice to it with Issuu, an online service that can convert your documents into an online publication format.

A favorite and popular service for advertisers, marketers, businessmen, designers, etc, Issue can convert PDF presentations to online distributed publication formats such as magazines, newsletters, catalogues, etc. The conversion process is pretty fast and most important, this service is absolutely free. Users who have registered to it can join a living library where they can share their publications with friends and get their comments. The converted publications can be posted on some social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, etc. Users can also embed their publications via Issuu’s non-branded standalone viewer or as a small preview.

Issuu has made some improvements and enhancements lately. In terms of presentation mode, Issuu is featuring full screen support. Users can enjoy full screen reading fun now rather than viewing the presentations as Flip magazines only in the earlier stage. Other than that, users can shift to paper mode to view the presentations or publications in the event their web browsers do not have the Flash plugin. Issuee has added a new online web based PDF reader that can work entirely without flash. Users can view the slides as regular images via this PDF viewer conveniently. Apart from the viewing ability, Issuu also allows users to change and customize the background color so that the article can blend in just right with the color scheme of their website.