Firefox users generally can locate their recently visited web pages in the drop down box in Firefox. However, access to the relevant information is quite limited. For instance, users might not be able to see some sub-pages which they have visited. To locate the most visited or recently visited web pages and quick access them, Firefox users can try this new add-on for Firefox browser, TidyFox.

TidyFox is a free add-on to the Firefox browser which allows users to quick access the most recently visited web pages in Firefox. Once it is added to the browser, users will notice an additional two buttons appearing next to the browser’s header bar. Clicking on the first button will show the most frequently visited websites while the second button will show the most currently visited web pages. Both the most visited and the last visited web pages will be displayed in a long list format and they are sorted by domain names with sub-listings of all pages visited on the domain.

Some users might grumble that there is duplication in the list for both the most visited and last visited web pages list. However, this simple application, TidyFox, will definitely make tracking the browsing history more efficient and convenient, especially for absent-minded users.