Instant Messaging has become part and parcel for net users who frequently browse the internet. Besides offering a real-time chatting platform with friends, in fact there are more things that can be done via Instant Messaging. One of the best ways to boost your productivity with IM is via an added value program called IMified.

IMfied has been in existence for quite some time. IMified has currently revamped and introduced IMified version 2. It is a buddy for major IM networks, e.g. Google Talk, AIM, Windows Live and Jabber. It offers net users a direct connection to various web applications such as Google Calendar, Basecamp, Backpack, 30 Boxes, Remember the Milk, WordPress, Blogger, TypePad and Movable Type. Users could just add their appointments, reminders or to-do lists using Instant Messengers without launching their browsers. Users also can update their Twitter stream and even check an IP address. Everything can be done from your desktop in a faster and easier way.

IMified is a free service. To get started, users just need to add IMifield into their contact list. Depending on which IM service they are using, users can add Imified to their contact list based on the following email addresses for the respective IMs: AIM (IMified); MSN Windows Live Messenger (; Google Talk ( and Jabber ( Once users have added Imified to their contact list, they could just drop the Imified an instant message to initiate the registration. Users will get an activation link to officially activate their account at the IMified website. Once users have logged in, users could add a list of widgets to their IM account and they can start enjoying this service.