There are so many things you may want to do with the images you view and access from the Internet. When working with the Firefox web browser, you have the option of utilizing an add-on to modify or manipulate the individual images displayed on the browser. View Image Plus, an add-on to Firefox browser is a basic image viewer that enables you to do panning, rotating or zooming with the images you see directly on the browser itself without needing to save the images to another image editing application.

Once View Image Plus is activated, right clicking on individual images will produce a drop down menu of a list of functions. You can view the images in actual size, fit images to the window, flip images horizontally or vertically, and rotate images in different directions. You can also zoom the images by scrolling with your mouse. At the same time, the add-on detects Lightbox image links and automatically displays the large version of the images when viewing thumbs.

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