It is always a wiser and better practice to scan a file and double check online whether it is a security threat if you are uncertain of the sender’s source. To simplify the whole scanning process, Firefox user can actually consider adding in a useful security plugin such as VTzilla to their Firefox. VTzilla is a free Firefox plugin which is designed to expedite and simplify the process of scanning internet resources with VirusTotal, a free virus, malware and URL online scanning service.

With VTzilla added to the Firefox browser, Firefox users can quick scan files to be downloaded to their computer prior the downloading process by just right-clicking the context menu and clicking on the Scan option. It is not necessary then for users to go to the VirusTotal site for scanning with this plug in added to their Firefox browser. Without this plugin, users who want to use VirusTotal for scanning of selected files need to go to the website and do it online.

VTzilla technically is just providing free file checking with more than 41 malware scanners from different antivirus products. It can only scan on submitted files but cannot perform system scan on the users’ machine.

Install VTzilla Firefox plugin.