In WordPress Write or Edit Post or Page web pages, to the right of the editor is a column which by default just display and show some minimal objects, such as Preview this Post, Publish Status, set private post, schedule future post, publish a post, and related commands or administration pages. Bloggers who want to add and put more fields into the far right side of the page can do so easily with More Fields plugin.

More Fields WordPress plug-in is a flexible solution to adding additional fields available when writing a post. Any number of fields can be created in any number of boxes on the Write/Edit page, which hold additional fields that are to be associated with a post.

A box is one of the elements that appers on the Write/Edit page, either on the larger left column, or the narrower right column. This plugins adds any number of boxes, with any type of field, either to the right, or the left on that page.

More Fields plugin for WordPress can be downloaded form WordPress Plugin Directory, and its usage guide can be found at author’s site.