adobe.jpgThe debate over digital piracy and video sharing could now be reshaped with Adobe’s first move to unveil its video player software which can allow consumers to play back video online or offline. The soon to be released Adobe Video Player builds on the leading design software maker’s Flash player, already the dominant technology used to stream video online by sites ranging from YouTube to MySpace to MSN to Yahoo Video.

This new Adobe Video Player will allow users to download and carry video from the Web to computers to mobile phones. At the same time, it ensures programmers can deliver advertising and track video usage. With this capability, it helps to ease the copyright and piracy issues by giving consumers a more convenient way to watch video contents while assuring media owners they can retain ultimate control over where the video ends up.

The release of Adobe Video Player will be a technology breakthrough. Rival video players such as Quick Time, Real Player and Windows Media Player run on a range of devices but have none of the offline tracking features.