Adobe’s Flash Player has penetrated well with almost 98 percent of them installed in X86 based desktop computers. Good news for those users that would like to see Adobe Flash 10 running on ARM based platforms. Now with the collaboration effort between Adobe and ARM, we should expect to see Adobe’s Flash applications to be compatible with ARM based processors, which had been widely deployed in mobile devices, set top boxes, GPS (Global Positioning System) and some other consumer electronics products.

Flash is one of the most important elements in web browsers that enable attractive animations with interactive graphics applications. While web browsing in the mobile platform has becomes more popular, both ARM and Adobe see the need to have better co-development work, as what being observed in its Open Screen Project. The effort will be continued with main focus concentrates on ARMv6 and ARMv7 which are used in ARM11 (such as Samsung ARM 1176 processor used to power iPhone) and Cortex A based processors.

The new ARM optimized Adobe’s Flash 10 will be available to developers by second half of 2009. It is expected to work well across various different ARM-powered devices inclusive Microsoft Windows Mobile devices, Google’s Android and even Apple’s iPhone.