Aero Snap is another new feature in Windows 7 that aims at improving user experience and enhances the concept of “Natural User Interface” GUI. In Windows 7, Aero Snap gives user ability to arrange, resize, snap or maximize the windows on desktop by just drag and drop.

For example, user can drag a window (in title bar) to the left or right side of the desktop (in any monitor for multiple monitor system) to snap the window (maximize window vertically to top and bottom) or drag and drop to the top to fully maximize the window screen. User can then drag the window back to the last position, and the last window size will be automatically restored. To visualize the concept, see the video below.

For Windows Vista and Windows XP users who want to use experience Aero Snap feature, AeroSnap is a simple free application that can port and enable the Aero Snap feature in non-Windows 7 OS. AeroSnap supports multiple monitor, and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher. Aero Snap is developed by, and is currently in beta.

Download AeroSnap freeware (current version 0.52.1): aerosnap_0_52_1_setup.exe