Looking for other sources of usable energy to replace fuel sources is a critical global effort as cruel oil will inevitably dry up one day. However, you would be surprise to know that air can be used as alternative form of energy to fuel! The French company, Motor Development International, (MDI) has sensationalized the world by introducing the AIRPod car which can run on compressed air at the Geneva Auto Show 2009.


This modern design compact car seat 3 to 4 people and even has space for luggage. It has only three wheel and look like a futuristic covered tricycle. AIRPod can travel up to 140 miles on a single 46-gallon tank of air. According to MDI, AIRPod can be replenished the air supply by plugging it into an AC outlet for 8 hours, or just 2 minutes at a designated air station. Unlike those conventional cars, AIRPod is controlled by a joystick instead of a steering wheel. Drivers probably need to spend some time to familiarize the controlling system.

This “GREEN” car is priced starting from $7500, an affordable figure to consumers. This AIRPod car is suitable for city driving. It saves petrol cost and reduces pollution substantially.