Google AdSense has improved significantly its monthly payment via using Western Union Quick Cash service. The Western Union is a United States based company which provides financial services and communications. The company has more than 270 thousand agents located over 200 countries and territories. Through Western Union, the payment made by Google will be faster and easier. You don’t need to give a bank account to Google for sending you the payment and it is safer as the money transfer to you is protected by Western Union safety system which has more than 130 years’ history.

By using Western Union Quick Cash payment, instead of receiving a cheque sent over to you via mail, you will receive your Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). What you need to do next is bring the MTCN and your identification card issued by the government to a Western Union office and redeem your payments. The Western Union Quick Cash payment will be made in US dollars. However, you can choose to receive your payment from the Western Union agent’s office in your local currency. Of course the conversion rates will be calculated according to the rate used by the Western Union Agent on the day you pick up your payment. If you are not sure where your Western Union agent’s office is, you can use the agent locaterto find it.

Currently Western Union Quick Cash payment service is only available in China, Malaysia, Pakistan, Romania, Philippines, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia. Google will be offering the service to more countries in near future.