Flickr is one of the most popular image hosting site on the Internet, where millions of photos and pictures been uploaded, hosted and shared from Flickr. As such, Flickr website may be blocked or denied access by companies, corporations and organizations in order to prevent employees from visiting Flickr during office hours, reducing productivity.

Thanks for purchase of Flickr by Yahoo!, there is an alternative URL to access Flickr, which potentially allows people who is been blocked or prevented from surfing Flickr to browse Flickr.

Normally, Flickr is accessed through the following URL:

With all photos’ link location starts with…/

The Flickr URL’s domain can also be changed to the following, which allows visitors to access the exact same web page:

Which means, the full URL takes some kind of…/

Flickr via

The alternative URL to access Flickr works on firewall that is programmed to block and filter traffic to Flickr via domain names like, * or*. However, it may not work if the content filtering algorithm stops all instance of flickr term in URL.