Always VPNAlwaysVPN is a hosted virtual private network (VPN) that creates an encrypted link between client computer and Always VPN servers in order to route and forward all of Internet traffic through the virtual secure link. Similar to HotspotShield from AnchorFree, AlwaysVPN is always used as VPN to protect public WiFi hotspot session, but its usage is not limited for security Wi-Fi wireless connection.

When used as a VPN to provide secure encrypted environment for surfing the web, Always VPN prevents local eavesdroppers from listening in on the web communication at especially public WiFi wireless hotspot. Beside, as AlwaysVPN’s server is based in United States of America (USA) with IP address that translates to US or North America location, AlwaysVPN can be used as a workaround hack to watch full length videos and movies on Hulu, Veoh, CWTV, Full Episode Player, etc., or listen to Pandora and other geographically restricted services that normally available to viewers and listeners in United States only. Other use include hiding real IP address or bypass the download slot limit or waiting time imposed by various files hosting services.

AlwaysVPN has one advantage over AnchorFree Hotspot Shield – that it’s currently can be used without limit on traffic or bandwidth or speed, at least not yet. Hotspot Shield has a bandwidth limit of 3 GB over 30 days period, So AlwaysVPN can be used when HotspotShield quota is up without hack to reset Hotspot Shield bandwidth limit. Furthermore, unlike many other commercial VPN’s that may be blocked by firewalls, AlwaysVPN program is compatible and can work on any Internet connection that allows HTTP connection (able to browse web sites).


AlwaysVPN client program is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X and Linux (Ubuntu / Debian). The direct download links from are listed below:

Windows XP:
Windows Vista:
Mac OS X: (requires Tunnelblick VPN Client)
Ubuntu / Debian: AlwaysVPN_linux.tar.gz

Do note that AlwaysVPN is still in beta. And no free lunch in the world. To earn revenue to support the free service, a banner advertisement is displayed on top of web pages that users are viewing while using the AlwaysVPN network.