Bookmarking your favorite websites is very effective and can be helpful whenever you need to quickly browse to the respective websites without memorizing the hard-to-remember and unique websites’ addresses. However, from time to time, you may have too many new favorite websites being bookmarked that some of them could be duplicated and eventually reduce the efficiency especially when the list grows significantly. If you are facing the same problem, here is a tiny utility, named as AM-Deadlink 3.3 that is able to help cleaning up some of the duplicated bookmarks for more systematic work.

Once download and install the utility, just launch the utility and you are ready to go. Without complicated setup, you can select the specific web browsers from the drop down lists such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla or Opera and it will list all the bookmarked links under them accordingly. In order to search for the duplicated links, go to ‘Bookmarks’, followed by ‘Find Duplicates’ and it will narrow down the duplicated copies with name, URL, Status and other details. Good thing is, it allows you to preview the website contents by highlighting the link before deciding to delete them without error.

On top of these, it added an extra feature that allow users to save all its favorite bookmarks in zip folders so that they can be easily shared or backup for further retrieval. Consumed at only 1.3MB, AM-Deadlink 3.3 works great for all famous web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox Mozilla and Opera.