A California-based startup company, Eye-Fi will launch its 2GB SD (Secure Digital) card with integrated Wi-Fi chip that able to directly uploads the valuable photos and pictures wirelessly to a host of destinations including home computers or even to photo-sharing web sites via a WiFi connection. This newly designed memory card is compatible for any SD-friendly digital cameras.


According to Eye-Fi CEO Yuval Koren, the idea of coming out with Wi-Fi-enabled SD cards for cameras came about from a wedding in 2004, where all the guests were clicking pictures. “Everyone promised to share them, but a year later, I still hadn’t seen the photos,” Koren said. It’s a really interesting and useful concept to help those people who don’t have the WiFi enabled cameras.

Would you spend about $100 for the technology that will enhance your photo-sharing experience? This WiFi enabled SD memory card is expected to ship this fall and the card with higher capacities may available in near future.