The venture-funded technology company, QTech has launched an innovative and interesting service, named as reQall, the flagship voice based tool that helps you remember your stuff whether they are calendar entries, telephone numbers of new contacts or off-the-cuff ideas, aiming to help consumers to remember all the big and little things in life.

reqall.gif“This is like a digital Post-it note. While people can use Blackberries to log reminders, we are now at a point where we count the number of clicks to do something. This service makes it very simple and convenient,” said Rao Machiraju, co-founder and chief executive of QTech.

What you need to do is just dial a toll-free telephone number to record your reminders. The free reQall service will then convert those voice reminders to text, which can be accessed via your Apple iPhone, iTouch, web and iGoogle, or you can have it sent to you by text message, e-mail as well as RSS feed.

“The simplicity of reQall belies the complexity of the problem it is solving. reQall helps us remember those things that really matter, by simply making a phone call,” said Peter Cochrane, advisor for reQall.

According to the company, reQall can be used via any phone and web browser and does not require any software downloads. Right now, the reQall service that only available in Canada, UK and US is still in trial.