Running or walking alone might be a bit boring. You might not be able to tell the distance, time or even the amount of calories burnt. You used to get this info from a treadmill, but you can also get them now if you have an iPod nano, a Nike+sport shoes and the iPod Kit. With this combination set, you’ll also have music entertainment to accompany your workout!

Nike has collaborated with Apply to come out with the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit. The whole system is wireless and it allows Nike+ footwear to talk with your iPod nano, relaying information such as time, distance, calories burned and pace. The information is displayed in real time on the screen and audible feedback is also provided through the headphones.

How does the system work? The Sport Kit consists of an in-shoe sensor and a receiver that is attached to the Nano. A Nike+ option shows up in your Menu listings and you can choose a basic workout, or to work out based on time, calories burnt or distance. Workout status will be displayed on the nano’s screen. Additionally, if you have chosen a workout based on a specific goal, you will get an audio feedback at specific intervals so you can hear how close you are to the goals.

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