amazoncasualTry before you buy! Amazon is again tantalising gamers with more than 600 casual games to be downloaded from the site with only $10 per game. Users are allowed to download the game, try it for 30 minutes before deciding to purchase the full game. Game enthusiasts can scan through and choose their favorite games conveniently at home.

The Amazon Game Download is currently in beta version. Amazon Music Download and Movies Download have been offered for quite some time and received pretty good response. Amazon is confident this casual games download will receive positive response and become highly popular.

When asked why Amazon is focusing on casual games instead of going for an all-encompassing online store model like Valve’s Steam, the Vice President of Video Games and Software for Amazon, Greg Hart, explained that “Casual Games are a natural fit with our demographic. We have 88 million active customers who can appreciate the convenience of the true amazon shopping experience combined with the casual games experience.”

With the casual games service, both users and game developers reap the benefits. Users can enjoy inexpensive and quality casual games via a safe, fast and convenient medium while the game developers will be given a new platform to promote their products. Casual developers who have never released a retail box can now have the online equivalent of a big box retailer where they can display their ware.

Game enthusiasts can also take advantage of this new download center for Amazon by downloading the full version of some games like Jewel Quest II, The Scruffs and Built-A-Lot completely free of charge. This promotion is offered to customers in conjunction with the launching of Amazon Game Download and lasts for one week only.

Download games from Amazon Game Downloads.

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