The leading company in TV services for digital video recorders (DVRs), TiVo Inc. has announced that the TiVo subscribers with broadband-connected Series3 HD, TiVo HD, or TiVo HD XL now can download HD movies and television shows from Amazon Video On Demand, after one-time registration at


“Consumers are seeking affordable entertainment alternatives to an expensive trip to the movies. With HD downloads for movies and TV shows, TiVo and Amazon can transform any night into a memorable movie experience, all for a fraction of the cost of the theater,” said Tara Maitra, general manager and vice president of content services and advertising sales, TiVo Inc. “Our customers now have access to a new world of ultra high quality HD television and movie choices, many of which are available when the DVDs are released, something no other DVR, cable, or satellite company can match.”

HD episodes of current TV shows will cost at $2.99, while the new release HD movies are available to rent on TiVo DVRs for $3.99 to $4.99 from Amazon Video On Demand. In addition, most Amazon Video On Demand HD titles offers amazing sound quality of Dolby Digital 5.1, providing users a full surround sound experience.

“TiVo is enabling customers to access our unparalleled library of hit movies and TV shows, bringing them directly into the home where friends and family can watch from the comfort of the couch,” said Bill Carr, Amazon vice president music and video. “Together with TiVo, Amazon Video On Demand is excited to offer HD and increase the selection, quality, and convenience for the TiVo community.”