During the recent AMD Embedded Forum held in Taiwan, AMD unveiled a series of new processors and chipsets targeted for embedded market. These series of new products are either high performance or energy efficient that has able to fulfill current market demand for various segments. AMD Turion 64-bit Dual-Core processors are high end models whereas its Sempron 3700+ will be able to fit into low TDP (Thermal Design Power) envelope which is crucial for certain applications such as digital signage and interactive clients.


Besides the processor series, AMD also announced new chipsets to be paired with for its embedded roadmap. Known as AMD M690E, it supports HD (High Definition) media decode and video playback with common interfaces such as memory and peripherals’ interfaces for external devices connectivity. When coupled with the latest AMD processors, it offers a complete platform architecture solution for OEMs that can further developed an end products based on specific usage models.

In order to assist customer in design, AMD plans to release new reference design kit based on COM Express form factor so that the development cycle and TTM (Time To Market) can be shorten without compromising the end product quality. We should expect more products to be released by its main rivals such as Intel and VIA Technologies in this competative market.