Notebook is light and portable to carry around but it is not as scalable or upgradable as compared to desktop PC. This is especially true when come to handle graphics intensive applications such as gaming with rich 3D multimedia capability. In view of such limitation, AMD (Advanced Micro Device) has able to achieve a new milestone by demonstrating an external GPU based enclosure box that can plug into notebook whenever there is a need for faster graphics processing.

The new prototype is designed by Acer with Mobility Radeon 5000 series running on it, even though it is capable to run 4000 series as well. In terms of hardware interfaces, it is featured with three DisplayPort adapters, DVI and HDMI output, two USB ports as well as a power input port. The demonstration was showcased during the CES event recently with Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.K running on Acer Ferrari laptop and being displayed on three individual displays and the results were compared with internal GPU (AMD Radeo x1270) originally. As expected, it showed significant improvement with smooth graphics display when running on external Mobility Radeon 5000 GPU via an ultra high bandwidth PCI-Express x 8 lanes to provide sufficient throughput to fully utilize GPU’s horsepower.

No pricing and availability of end product yet, this is no doubt a great solution targeted for those mobile users that can’t afford to do full system upgrade but still intend to stay up-to-date with latest gaming titles in mobile computing.