There are some rumors spreading around that AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is going to develop Tri-Cores Processors to fill up its product lines. The plan seems to be solid now and we could possibly able to get the tri cores processors in the commercial market soon. AMD has just launched Barcelona Quad core Opteron processor but seems there is not much surprise to the market. Hope this could be another ‘wow’ effect that helps to boost up its sale as nobody really hopes there is only single silicon manufacturer monopolizing the whole PC market.

There are few reasons that potentially push these new core numbers to the market. Firstly, AMD could manage its production yield better by fusing off any of the defective core during the Quad cores manufacturing. This is at least better than salvaging the whole unit or turns it into only Duo Cores processor. In this case AMD probably could sell it at higher price as compared to Duo Cores processor. Secondly, AMD offers more consumers choice in terms of performance and power that are targeted for different application. Most importantly, AMD could differentiate itself from hectic competition from Intel by moving to Tri-Cores product. It is believed that Intel will only able to make similar fuse off of its current SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) by September 2008 only.

Some may curious how much the performance per watt as well as cost delta among duo, triple or even quad cores processors. Regardless of what action they take, the end consumers will able to benefit more with various choice of the introduction of tri core processors.