Moving away from one’s technology strength and investing in a totally new business is always a challenge as it involves risk taking and proper market analysis and huge investment. However, Intel co-founder, Andy Grove who is well known for his brilliant mindset has tried to persuade current CEO, Paul Otellini to emerge into new business – hybrid car battery that is totally new and non-related to this giant silicon maker.

Intel has been trying to align its strategy and roadmap tightly to its main core business and it is doing quite well in sustaining and increasing its market share in both microprocessor and chipset business. This can be evidenced when Intel decided to sell off its Xscale core processor business unit to Marvell back to 2006. No doubt, this is quite a good opportunity in view of current hybrid car battery technology is still in very premature stage and investing into it may potentially bring Intel to be the next leading technology provider and manufacturer in the field with its strong research and development support.

Currently there is still unclear if Intel CEO will follow his advice but if there is, it would definitely help to drive for much higher efficiency hybrid car battery in automotive industry.