The free online music video maker tool, Animoto, has finally come out of Beta. Animoto is an interesting and creative product which can compile and convert your photos into a video. The effect is pretty cool and wonderful. It is not like the usual effect you get from other converters. This application will convert your photos into a movie trailer kind of snippet rather than just a normal slideshow. Many users have used the tool to create their wedding photo show, thank you card, birthday card, political montage, travel blog, summer retrospective, school presentation, concert memorabile, etc. Read more about this interesting tool via our previous post.

There have been more than 4 million videos created using Animoto since it was launched in August last year. The growth of registered users is fantastic. To improve its service and enhance users’ experience, Animoto has added a few new features on the Animoto site. Animoto now allows users to pick any image to be used as the cover of their video instead of using the typical green screen template. Users who use Mobile Safari can watch their videos via their iPhone. Last, Animoto now supports support logos, banners, panoramics, skinny graphics, and other “odd-sized” images. They are now properly featured in all their glory without getting cut off on the ends.