Nowadays Mini DisplayPort is on the way replacing conventional output port to stream high definition media content on both consumer electronics device and computer system. In order to close the existing gap of Mini DisplayPort not supporting audio output, Apogee, the famous AV and computer accessories manufacturer has just unveiled a new Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters so that users can connect existing MacBooks to any HDMI-based display panel easily in digital home without running an additional audio cable.

Unlike HDMI that supports both audio and video streams at the same connector, the first generation of Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter is built without considering the audio output. Depending on actual usage, there are some consumers that have no concern but for majority of them actually prefer to have both audio and video support without the hassle to look for additional audio cable in 3.5 mm to RCA or etc.

While able to output audio signals on top of video signals, the new adapter will be compatible with version 1.3b as similar to its predecessor so that can be used in current systems widely deployed in today’s market. No pricing information yet, the new Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters will be commercialized by August 2009 under Kanex family that includes a full list of existing adapters for VGA, DVI and many more.