If you are experiencing a preset alarm clock that doesn’t wake you up on time since the start of the new year, you are not alone. A recent online discussion in forum revealed that there are many users reporting a bug related to non-recurring alarm that will continue to stay silent, even though it was supposed to alert you on the first few days of 2011.

In order to have such symptom appeared on your iOS devices, the alarm clock must be set in non-recurring mode and the time must actually tick over from 11:59pm on December 31 of 2010 to 12:00am on January 1st of 2011, which may puzzle and trouble those iPhones’ users that rely on iOS device as their alarm clock. While waiting for the permanent fix, there is a quick workaround that users can try by setting the alarm to recurring mode. Meaning instead of putting it as a single alarm alert, just select a repeated mode by going to ‘Edit’ -> tap on the alarm time, and under ‘Edit Alarm’, choose Repeat to be either ‘Every Day’ or any specific day by tapping on them.

Apple Inc confirmed and acknowledged the non-repeating alarm issue and advice customer to follow the steps mentioned above for quick workaround. While no actual root cause been disclosed yet, the Cupertino-based company assures that all the alarms will work as usual starting from January 3rd 2011 onwards.