If you are having synchronization issue when trying to connect your iPhone to HP branded PC, you are not alone. Just recently, there are some hot discussions going on in online forum by quite a number of HP branded PC’s users and the issue is reported to be related to synchronization issue on their Core i5 or i7 based PC system running on Windows 7 Operating System.


The issue has been narrowed down to HP machine that being powered by Intel’s Core i5 and i7 processors and running on 64-bit Windows 7 Operating. And the affected models include dv6t, dv7t and dv8t as well as Envy notebooks that are already available in commercial market. Regardless of multiple attempts by its users trying to reinstall iTunes software, PC drivers and running it in XP mode, the symptom doesn’t seem to improve at all. While the actual root cause is still remained unknown, it is believed that the glitch could be related to USB compatibility issue on Intel PM55 Express chipset which only be observed on Windows 7 OS.

No official word from HP and Apple except Intel with standard advice to ensure consumers to have the latest drivers and BIOS update, these three famous PC and processor makers may already work something out with expected fixes in the form of software patch or firmware update soon. Meanwhile, if you are one of the victims and have figured out the workaround, kindly share.