Apple Inc has been so successful with its iPhone products and not long after its third generation 3G S launching, you may wonder what could be the next technology breakthrough from this innovative technology leader. There are many speculations around such as the previously mentioned next generation Tablet PC and many more, now seems that Michael Pachter, a Wedbush Morgan analyst has just predicted that the Apple could be ready to launch its first game console by 2013.

According to him, Apple may have already started market research effort by gauging responses from all its handheld iPod and iPhone users and depending on the downloaded games, it can help to estimate the consumers’ willingness to get these loaded into their gaming consoles in digital home. Obviously, playing games on huge screen with surround sound effects can be far more interesting than on a tiny iPod or iPhone’s screen. Also, it foresees that Apple Inc may adopt the same open architecture App Store model so that consumers can easily get new games download directly with strong development teams support in global market.

However, nothing is firm out now and Apple Inc may just plan to integrate gaming capabilities into its next generation Apple TV. Either way, it will definitely good news for Apple’s fans that would like to see a totally new concept Apple branded entertainment and Internet hub in digital home.