After a long await, Apple has finally officially announced that iLife 09 will be available on 27 January. There have major feature upgrades to iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand with breakthrough new ways to organize and manage photos, create movies and learn to play music.


The new iPhoto 09 has included the face detection, face recognition and GPS geo-tagging technologies that able to automatically organize photos into events by adding faces and places as innovative ways to easily manage the photo. iMovie also has expand on the revolutionary super fast movie creation which introduced in iMovie 08 by adding new precision editor, video stabilization, advanced drag and drop, and animated travel maps. Meanwhile, GarageBand 09 also introduced a whole new way to help the users learn to play piano and guitar with 18 basic lessons and optional lessons from several top artists such as Sara Bareilles, John Fogerty, Norah Jones and Sting.

As part of major upgrade, iLife 09 also includes iWeb 09 for authoring custom websites and iDVD 09 for creating DVDs. Beside that iWeb 09 also add new iWeb Widgets which include iSight video and photos, a countdown timer, YouTube video and RSS feeds. iLife also integrated with FTP publishing that allow users to publish their website to virtually at any hosting service and updates to the site can now be automatically added to user facebook profile.

iLife 09 will included in every new Mac and is available for existing users to upgrade through Apple Store or Apple retail stores with the cost of $79.